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Context Recap / EarthFinalConflictS1E5OldFlame

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1During the unveiling of a new Taelon conservatory, Boone runs into Elyse Chapel, the only human who has mastered the Taelon musical instrument known as the Tubes. Elyse and Boone were in love years ago, before he met his wife, and meeting her against rekindles his feelings. Meanwhile, a shipment of plutonium is hijacked by a group of thieves. Boone, Sandoval, Lili, and the D.C. police are looking for them. Boone has trouble focusing on the job because of his intense feelings for Elyse and suspects his CVI may be amplifying them. When the police get into a shootout with the plutonium thieves, one of them takes Elyse hostage. In a fit of rage, Boone disintegrates the thief with his Skrill instead of stunning him. He and Elyse spend the night together, but she tells him that she feels strongly that the Taelons are up to no good. Suspicious, Lily goes to Augur and has him check Elyse out. Augur discovers that Elyse is an FBI operative. Lily brings the evidence to Boone. Boone and the police manage to lay a trap for the final thief and catch him trying to flee the city. Boone uses the CVI to compare his memories of Elyse to his photo albums and notes from the time period they were together. He discovers that Elyse isn't in any of his pictures and isn't mentioned in any correspondence. He confront her about it, and she admits that they have never met prior to that night at the conservatory. Boone was her third assignment, but she claims to have genuinely fallen for him. Boone turns Elyse in to Sandoval for anti-Taelon sentiments and then reveals to him and Da'an that he knows that the implanted memories of Elyse were a quality control measure for all CVI recipients. Da'an is impressed that Boone is the only "implant" to ever figure it out.----* AlienArtsAreAppreciated: Taelon music, heavily reminiscent of New Age music, proves to be a big hit among the D.C. elite.* FakeMemories: All memories of Boone being with Elyse many years ago were implanted along with the CVI as a way to test the implant's ability to override Boone's moral imperative. While the function itself has been disabled by Dr. Belman in Boone's implant, she didn't catch the fake memories.* InLoveWithTheMark: Elyse claims to have genuinely fallen for Boone, even though she's only known him for a few days. Despite this, Boone turns her in for her anti-Taelon sentiments.* LuredIntoATrap: In order to catch the final thief, Boone has the cops loosen the security on several checkpoints out of the city. His police friend then tells him that someone called and asked which checkpoint was the easiest to get through. When the thief tries to get through, Boone recognizes his watch from the shootout and helps the cops grab him.* SecretTestOfCharacter: Boone meeting Elyse and the plutonium theft were all a part of a test run on every CVI recipient to make sure the implant is working properly. Boone is upset that this test caused him to kill a man, but Sandoval simply tells him that they did not anticipate how strong his emotional reaction to Elyse would be.* SpotTheImposter: Boone confirms what he knows about Elyse by asking her if she remember what they told each other after visiting the Statue of Liberty. She says she does, at which point Boone tells her that he's never been to the Statue of Liberty.----


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