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1''Series/{{Community}}'' features several short series of webisodes:²²* [[ "The 5 A's"]] is a series of informational videos extolling the high points of Greendale, hosted by Dean of Admissions Pat Isakson.²* [[ "A/V Department"]] is a series of student films by Abed, specifically "Six Candles" from "[[Recap/CommunityS1E03IntroductionToFilm Introduction to Film]]" and two episodes of "Community College Chronicles", an [[LifeEmbellished amateur sitcom featuring caricatures of the study group]].²* [[ "Office Hours"]] provides a peek into the life of Dean Pelton outside of the study group as he provides other students with advice during his office hours.²* [[ "The Spanish Video Assignment"]] is a two-parter featuring Abed and Starburns's video project for their Spanish 101 class. Starburns plays Starburns El Star Prince while Abed plays Starbrows in a quirky, kitschy sci-fi movie. Senor Chang fails the pair for not hewing closely enough to the prompt, but allows them to shoot a sequel for make-up points--provided Chang gets to star as antagonist Señor Tigre.²* "Study Break" is a [[ three]]-[[ part]] [[ series]] of mini-episodes showing the group's activities during 90-second study breaks mandated by Annie. These were included on the Season 1 [=DVDs=].²* "Abed's Master Key", a series of animated shorts taking place over the season 3 hiatus.²* [[ "Community Airing Someday"]] is a short video made by the Community cast as a special present for the fans. It was put online after Community's scheduled air date of October 19th was put off and the series was put on an indefinite hiatus (although a February 7th airdate was scheduled before too long).²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "The 5 A's" provides examples of:²* BadBadActing²* CreatorCameo: Isakson is played by Creator/DanHarmon.²* CringeComedy: There are certainly some elements of it.²* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: "Higher education at the cost of a fancy meal? Bawn appetut!"²* LaughingMad: Dean Isakson engages in a bit of this, although it's all on the cutting room floor.²* LoopholeAbuse: Apparently Greendale is so affordable (a maximum of $64 per credit-hour, to be precise) that one of the interviewed students is somehow making a profit simply by attending.²* MoodWhiplash: In the outtakes Dean Isakson yells for at least a full minute straight about how he thinks everyone but him is screwing up the entire affair, then transitions back into his fake enthusiasm for another take without missing a beat.²* NoodleIncident: Dean Isakson makes a vague mention of court settlements, and one of the interviewed students brings up "increased security since the Accident."²* PunnyName: The a capella group is named the Tune-ition Payments.²* ShowWithinAShow²* StepfordSmiler: Dean Isakson is hiding some real issues.²* StylisticSuck²* TeenPregnancy: One of the interviewees had one, it seems.²-->'''Young mother:''' The value made Greendale an...unexpected compromise.\²'''Young father:''' ''(lame shrug)''²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "A/V Department" provides examples of:²* BadBadActing: The actors Abed got to portray himself and his friends aren't very good, though in different ways and to various degrees. True to form, Britta is the worst; her actor speaks in a stilted way and completely fails to emote -- Abed is almost as bad, as his actor radiates awkardness and over-pronounces everything. The rest of the actors are slightly better, but tend to overplay.²* CharacterExaggeration: This version of the characters are pretty exaggerated caricatures of their normal selves, almost to the point of {{Flanderization}}. ²* LifeEmbellished: The first episode of "Community College Chronicles" is simply a somewhat badly-performed and exaggerated abridgment of "[[Recap/CommunityS1E08HomeEconomics Home Economics]]". The second episode involves [[SkepticismFailure lycanthropy]].²* MarySue: Invoked. Abed is one in "Pop Quiz," [[spoiler:reversing the werewolf curse put on Troy and the "awkward sexual tension" put on Jeff and Annie]]. Annie even calls him "our favorite character"²* ShipTease: Played UpToEleven with Jeff/Britta in "My Hobo Days" and Jeff/Annie in "Pop Quiz". The latter is lampshaded by Abed, who goes on to state that it was the work of another Spanish curse.²* SkepticismFailure: "Pop Quiz" involves Britta using a working curse to turn Troy into a werewolf.²* SpecialEffectFailure [[invoked]]²* StylisticSuck²* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: Frequent for Britta -- presumably because her actress can't actually ''show'' the emotion in a believable way.²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "Office Hours" provides examples of:²* CountryMatters: in "Hair Piece".²* ADateWithRosiePalms: Implied to be the ending of "Hair Piece".²* ADayInTheLimelight²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In "Hair Piece", Dean Pelton has unknowingly purchased a vaginal hairpiece called the "Merkin of Venice". At the end of the episode, Pelton asks his assistant to [[ADateWithRosiePalms let no one in for ten minutes as he reaches toward his own crotch.]]²* InnocentInnuendo: Dean Pelton's assistant misinterprets his texts regarding a hole-punch. [[invoked]]²* SamusIsAGirl: [[spoiler:The Greendale Human Being in "Pamphlet Serious".]]²* StalkerWithACrush: The Human Being for a cheerleader.²* TeacherStudentRomance: Dean Pelton's independent study assistant in "Independent Study Assistant" propositions him due to a string of dirty texts. Turns out Pelton was talking about a literal hole-punch.²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "The Spanish Video Assignment" provides examples of:²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Lord Diablo and the princess he kidnapped, surprisingly enough.²* BadBadActing²* ButLiquorIsQuicker: Senor Tigre attempts to liquor up Amanda, Starburns's ex-wife.²* DawsonCasting: Inverted with the princess, who turns 15 during the story but is played by a Greendale student, meaning she's likely at least 18.²* ADayInTheLimelight²* DivineParentage: Starburns is a demigod.²* DontExplainTheJoke: Starburns and Lord Diablo fight by shooting Spanish antonyms at each other. Abed-as-Starbrows sits on the sidelines translating said words for the audience while pointing out that they're opposites.²* EyeBeams: Senor Tigre develops this power out of anger and heartbreak.²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin²* GratuitousSpanish²* HalfHumanHybrid: Senor Tigre is half-human, half-tiger.²* {{Jerkass}}: Senor Tigre.²* MayflyDecemberRomance: Lord Diablo (played by Leonard) and the princess, who is barely 15.²* ShowWithinAShow²* SpecialEffectsFailure [[invoked]]²* StylisticSuck²* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Starbrows has the power of observation.²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "Study Break" provides examples of:²* BigNo: Pierce choosing "Truth" in a game of Truth or Dare elicits this response from Annie. Abed's question of "What's something you're ashamed of?" prompts everyone to have this response.²* BookEnds: Not done with plot elements, but with plugs for an on-demand service offered by Comcast.²* CriticalResearchFailure: Invoked with Pierce's Film/JamesBond parody, James British - He's completely unaware of Film/AustinPowers & Film/JohnnyEnglish, two spoofs of the Bond character that share a similar appearance or name to Pierce's character.²* DontLookAtMe: Troy after Abed demonstrates a wrist block on him.²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin²* TheGenerationGap: "The floor is lava" vs. pinochle. Jeff & Britta fall in the middle.²* HereComesTheScience: Annie buys "hydronically fortified" bottled water.²* IAmVeryBritish: Pierce's aptly named character James British.²* InherentlyFunnyWords: Pinochle²* LogicBomb: The group ask Annie when she read about the need to take these 90 second study breaks, and pull this when when she admits she read about it on her last study break.²* LudicrousPrecision: Abed can silently count down 90 seconds.²* NotSoDifferent: Jeff's speech about every generation having stupidity.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Jeff invokes this when he asks if they can't just study for the 90 seconds & be done quicker.²* ParlorGames: Truth or Dare.²* PottyEmergency: Subverted - Shirley tries to get to the restroom, but gets halfway before realizing the 90 second study break isn't long enough.²* ScheduleFanatic: Annie.²* ShipTease: Britta/Troy when he's asked in Truth or Dare "Would you?"²* TimeStandsStill: Abed, upon being told to take a 90 second break, [[LiteralMinded literally freezes in place for 90 seconds counting the time in his head]].²----²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "Abed's Master Key" provides examples of:²* UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash²* ActorAllusion: The Dean's stance at one point alludes to Jim Rash's "Angelina Jolie stance" at the 2012 Oscars.²* AnimatedAdaptation²* ArtShift²* BrokeEpisode: Budget cuts have forced Greendale to rent out its furniture, including the study group's table. It's the Dean's fault for [[spoiler:not submitting online students to count for state funding]].²* TheCameo: The story is really only about Abed, Britta, and the Dean; the other main characters are reduced to this.²* CannotKeepASecret: Pierce lets the entire study group know Abed is handing out favors.²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Britta incorrectly believes she is this for Kyle.²* DrunkWithPower: Britta convinces Abed he has been corrupted by his power.²* FourFingeredHands: Lampshaded.²* LastSecondWordSwap: Fun Dean.²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall:²** Part 1:²--->'''Annie:''' Dean Pelton, you seem extra-animated this morning.²** Part 3:²--->'''Abed:''' Welcome back, table. It's been a long hiatus.²* MediumAwareness: Jeff and Troy.²* MistakenForSubculture: Britta assumes Kyle is homeless.²* MonochromaticEyes²* NoodleImplements:²-->'''Dean:''' There's a complicated hazing process, but we had to slash our pickle budget.²* PopCulturalOsmosisFailure: Britta mistaking the plot of ''Literature/LordOfTheFlies'' for ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''.²* RealitySubtext: Not counting "online students" causing financial difficulties mirrors how "online viewers" are not counted in ratings.²* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Kyle and Britta argue the legality and morality of stealing from a vending machine.²* SpitTake: Troy, with his own fists that he had earlier stuffed into his mouth.²* ToonPhysics²²!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' webisode series "Community Airing Someday" provides examples of:²²* AudienceMurmurs: Troy and Abed's chatter at the very start. Troy's filler chatter of choice is "red leather, yellow leather".²* BitingTheHandHumor²* ContinuityNod:²** Chang is wearing one of the Evil Goatees.²** Annie identifies as a long-time viewer, some time co-host of "Troy and Abed in the Morning".²* EveryoneJoinTheParty: The study group members agreeing with the October 19th mindset. First Troy and Abed, then Shirley, then Annie, and finally, the rest of the cast.²* {{Flashmob}}: Chang, apparently.²* HopeSpot: "Troy and Abed airing someday!"²* InsaneTrollLogic: The Powers That Be and their struggle ''where'' to put October 19th, followed by their explanation that October 19th is a state of mind rather than a date.²* NotSoAboveItAll: Jeff and Pierce join in with the "October 19th" saying in the end.²* TakeThat: ²** Really, the entire clip is just one to NBC for pushing the show from it's scheduled premiere date until mid-season.²** "What powers that be? It's just the two of you pretending to have a show." This sort of reminds you of how NBC treats ''Community'' and its staff.²** The Dean saying, "Guys! Annie's Boobs wanted their own show and I said yes!" is a definite TakeThat at NBC for their show ''Animal Practice''.²* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Somehow, Chang is back at Greendale & on friendly terms with the Dean & Study Group, despite his attempted takeover of the school & nearly killing everyone when he tried to burn down the Records Room..


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