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1'''Season 5, Episode 2'''²²Directed by Creator/MichaelWeatherly\²Written by Pamela Wechsler²²!!The Great Divide²Chunk agrees to defend Lily Knowles, who is being sued for wrongful death in a case brought by the wealthy Evelyn Waters. Waters' daughter Claire and her boyfriend were killed by a collapsed beam in a dilapidated building used by struggling artists as a place to squat and work. Lily is accused of encouraging artists to stay there, despite being told that the building was unsafe. As Chunk is surveying the building with Claire, Benny shows up with Evelyn. They bring the conflict of interest concerns to Bull, who initially says TAC must defend Lily because Chunk was first to line up his client. Benny argues that Chunk's client is pro bono while Evelyn can pay, and TAC desperately needs a paying case. Bull then says they must try to get the judge to agree to TAC representing both sides, which she does after accepting their terms. Benny has Danny and Marissa work for him, while Bull and Taylor work for Chunk. As the case moves along, Chunk confides to Bull how much he needs to learn from Benny, whose tactics appear to be working. The jury indeed finds Lily responsible for the two deaths, but they award damages of only one dollar. As the episode closes, Benny is approached by an ADA, who tells him the current District Attorney is embroiled in controversy and will be stepping down. He wants Benny to run for DA in a special April election.²----²* ComicallySmallDemand: Ultimately, this is what the jury decides is the most fitting; it acknowledges that Lily had responsibility for the lives of her fellow artists, while also making sure that the clearly-penitent young girl that's already just scraping by isn't forced into an impossible debt.²* CueTheFlyingPigs: Chunk states at much when Benny, who's embarrassed over the conflict of interest but still wants a paying client, first suggests that TAC represents both sides and that he can convince Mrs. Waters to go along with it.²* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: Benny has some initial difficulty convincing Mrs. Waters to go along with the idea of keeping him as her attorney while Chunk represents the defense pro bono...until Benny accurately predicts the exact actions Chunk will make during the initial hearing, and boasts that no other lawyer would figure out Chunk's strategies that easily. The rest of the case then becomes a chain of both Chunk and Benny's teams using their knowledge of each other, as well as mimicking each other's plans, in order to gain the upper hand.²* InterserviceRivalry: The main plot concerns Benny and Chunk establishing a mostly-friendly one.²* LonelyRichKid: Although the majority of Lily's "tenants" were indeed {{Starving Artist}}s, Claire Waters had full access to her family's funds but preferred socializing with the commune.²* StarvingArtist: Lily planned to organize a group of these, but because she was also lacking in funds, she couldn't afford to rent a safer building.


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