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Context Recap / BullS2E13KillShot

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1'''Season 2, Episode 13'''께Directed by Creator/AaronLipstadt께Written by Creator/VeronicaWest, Creator/SarahKucserka, Creator/SarahHHaught, Creator/MarissaMatteo, & Creator/HPark께!! Kill Shot께A widow hires Bull when the police decide she is a suspect in her wealthy husband's death.께----께* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:The husband, after gambling away his wealth to the point where he could no longer provide for his wife and daughter, arranges a hit on himself so they can collect insurance money.]]* EvilTeacher: Chunk is trying to study law, but his teacher has no respect for Trial Science, and continuously gives him C grades regardless of the effort put into Chunk's papers.


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