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1When Linda's parents have a layover at an airport nearby, Bob and Linda attempt to turn it into their annual "visit".˛----˛* AnAesop: Just because someone is family doesn't mean it's okay for them to inconvenience you, especially if they disrespect practically every aspect of your life.˛* AllForNothing: The Belchers drive an hour and a half to bring Al some itch cream for his eczema. While he does use it during the layover, the TSA agent makes him throw out what's left of the cream before he gets on the plane.˛* BlatantLies: Bob claims he loves Linda's parents.˛* BrokenAesop: From Linda's perspective: it's okay to allow your parents to inconvenience you, step all over you and disrespect your husband because you love them.˛* CouldHaveAvoidedThisPlot: Gloria wants Linda to bring itch cream for Al's eczema at their layover, thinking they won't have it in the airport. Much later, a TSA agent tells the Belchers they could have just bought the cream at the airport the whole time.˛* EveryoneHasStandards: Linda is willing to count the airport as their annual visit because it was ''that'' crazy.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: When the Belchers arrive at the airport, Linda notes that there's a store just for neck pillows. When Al wanders off, Bob remembers that he kept complaining about his neck and realizes he went to the pillow store.˛* GlobalIgnorance: Louise claims that she and Gene are going to Montana in their first plane ride to get free wing pins from a pilot. When asked what they're going to do there, they answer "see the ocean", not realizing that Montana is landlocked.˛* GreenEyedMonster: Gene and Louise's plot is about getting wing pins from pilots after learning that Tina got hers when she was a baby, even though she barely remembers it.˛* HatedByAll: Besides Bob's usual hatred of his in-laws, it's also made clear here that the kids are never dying to see them either. Coupled with Gayle's previously-established poor relationship with them, it seems that Linda is the only one who genuinely likes them.˛* {{Hypocrite}}: For Christmas, Gloria gave the kids a single book that was about something completely useless to them (retirement), which ''also'' happened to be a regift, showing how little effort Gloria puts into her grandkids. Now recall that [[Recap/BobsBurgersS8E10TheSecretCeramicsRoomOfSecrets a previous episode]] started because Gloria made such a big stink about the kids giving ''her'' crappy gifts.˛* ImagineSpot: Louise imagines going to school with her wings pin, being the envy of students and teachers alike, and then the pin giving her actual golden wings which she uses to fly Andy and Ollie around. Gene imagines using his wings pin to get extra tater tots from the lunch lady.˛-->'''Tina''': So you would just get more tater tots? I mean, Louise thinks they'll make her fly.\˛'''Gene''': Don't make Louise feel bad that she didn't think of the tater tot thing first.˛* IsItSomethingYouEat:˛-->'''Gene:''' I want to try mahjong. It sounds delicious.˛* NeverMyFault: When Bob calls Gloria out on stealing Linda's charger, Gloria not only denies it ([[ImplausibleDeniability even after it falls out of her bag]]) but makes ''Bob'' apologize for accusing her.˛* ObnoxiousInLaws: Gloria is at her absolute worst in this episode, constantly demanding Linda do things for her, stealing things and lying about it, and being an overall inconvenience to the Belchers. Al is better due to not being rude, but his overall (literal ''and'' figurative) flakiness understandably gets on Bob's nerves.˛* PlotAllergy: Teddy eats Bob's daily special "Eggplant One on Me" even though he's terribly allergic to eggplant, on the justification that he can "eat eggs just fine". When he calls Bob to remind him to pick up a snow globe, he's in an ER with his throat almost too swollen to speak.˛* ProperlyParanoid: As usual, Bob is far from excited to see Gloria and Al, and this episode shows that every single previous grievance he had with them (including not wanting them to live with him) is justified due to their constant neediness and overall obnoxiousness.˛* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: In a subversion of how airport workers are usually depicted, the ones here are surprisingly helpful to the Belchers and pose no obstacle to them. The TSA agent in particular goes out of his way to check the surveilance tapes with the family to see what happened to Al, drives them around with an electric cart, and after the kids' attempts to get wing pins from the various pilots they keep running into end in failure, he lets them help themselves to a boxful of them in the lost and found as well as letting Bob have a snowglobe Teddy was asking for, even though he was saving it to give as a gift to a girlfriend if he ever managed to get one.˛* ShoutOut:˛** Two in the PopCulturePunEpisodeTitle -- one to The ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' franchise, and one to ''Film/TermsOfEndearment''.˛** The van in the opening credits is for [[Film/WomenOnTheVergeOfANervousBreakdown Vermin on the Edge of a Nervous Beatdown]] Pest Control.˛** The airport store Bob and Al stay at is [[Film/SnakesOnAPlane Snacks Off a Plane]].˛** “Eat your heart out, Music/PaulMcCartney, ‘cause we’ve got Music/{{wings}}!”˛* ASimplePlan: The Belchers were just supposed to meet Al and Gloria at the airport food court, but Gloria first gets herself lost following people to a shuttle; then the shuttle leaves them on another terminal, forcing the Belchers to go there; they find Al, but Gloria decided to go back to the plane to get her magazine, not realizing they were at the wrong terminal; and finally, just when Linda finally finds Gloria, Al wanders off while Bob was distracted and now they have to find him.˛* SpiritualSequel: To "[[Recap/BobsBurgersS6E4GayleMakinBobSled Gayle Makin' Bob Sled]]". Both episodes are about the Belchers dealing with Linda's family, and both show Bob's in-laws at their most demanding and obnoxious. Bob discovers Gayle's been faking her leg injury to get attention, and Linda's not bothered because she's used to Gayle doing such things all the time. Gloria and Al get Linda to drop everything she's doing to get them anti-itch cream for Al's eczema, and then Linda's forced to run around the airport looking for Gloria before Al wanders off. Bob then starts arguing with Gloria over the phone charger she clearly stole from Linda, with the butt that Gene drew on it before she stole it making it even more obvious. Both these episodes have Bob revealing how much he dislikes Linda's family, and both episodes have Linda reveal she puts up with it and is fine with their terrible behavior simply because they're family and she loves them.˛* TakingAdvantageOfGenerosity: Bob's main grievance with Gloria is that she frequently calls upon the Belchers for the sole purpose of having Linda do something for her and Al.˛* TooDumbToLive: Teddy has the Burger of the Day, the Eggplant One on Me Burger, despite being allergic to eggplants. He apparently didn't correlate having eggplant in the name with it being in the burger itself, and thought they were the same as eggs. When he calls Bob later, he's at the hospital being treated for an allergic reaction, his throat swollen up so much he slurs his speech.˛* TookALevelInJerkass: Continuing from [[Recap/BobsBurgersS10E10HaveYourselfAMailyLindaChristmas her last appearance]], Gloria completes her transition from obnoxious but well-meaning to absolutely horrible, with Bob's dislike of her going from comically exaggerated to disturbingly justified.˛* UngratefulBitch: Bob cites Gloria and Al's status as this as why he dislikes them so much. Linda doing things for them would be different if they actually ''appreciated'' it.˛----


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