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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²Lorne tries to organise the Wolfram & Hart Halloween party despite a distinct lack of enthusiasm from everyone else.²²----²²* ADayInTheLimelight: For Lorne²* BadBoss: Angel to the rest of Wolfram & Hart, who are worried that Angel is going to axe them. Literally.²-->'''Angel:''' OK, look, hey, I haven't...OK, look, I may have...killed a couple of them. ²* BaitAndSwitchComment: A drunken Fred apparently going to say she's attracted to Wesley, when she actually confesses to him about liking Knox.²* BelligerentSexualTension: Lorne notes the SnarkToSnarkCombat between Eve and Angel and tells them to GetARoom. Cut to the two of them bursting into Angel's office, snogging passionately.²* BoomHeadshot: Fred shooting Lorne at pointblank range in the forehead with the emotion gun.²* BrickJoke: After things have returned to normal...²-->'''Gunn:''' Don't sit in [your chair]. I already called Janitorial.\²'''Angel:''' Why can't I?\²'''Spike:''' You pissed in the big man's chair? That's fantastic!\²'''Gunn:''' Spike, can you please turn off that warm fuzzy?\²'''Spike:''' What, the Lorne thing? Wore off. I just think that's bloody fabulous. ²* TheCanKickedHim / GoryDiscretionShot: Artode gets splattered by Hulk!Lorne while doing his business.²* CantHoldHisLiquor: Fred and Wesley, [[EurekaMoment until they realise they haven't actually imbibed enough for them to get drunk]].²* ChekhovsGunman: Archduke Sebassis becomes important at the end of the season as a member of the [[AncientConspiracy Circle of the Black Thorn]].²* TheComicallySerious: Lorne is annoyed to find Angel hiding in his office instead of helping the party flow.²-->'''Angel:''' I'm brooding.\²'''Lorne:''' You're watching hockey!\²'''Angel:''' Yeah, but my team is losing. ²* ComfortingComforter: At end of the episode, Angel spreads a coat over Lorne who's sleeping on his couch.²* CoveredInGunge: Our hero makes his entrance covered in green blood from a Thraxis demon. Which kinda burns. Which naturally leads to a gratuitous ShowerScene.²* CurseCutShort: Team Angel catching their boss sleeping with the enemy.²-->'''Gunn:''' Angel, what are you doing with that--²-->'''Eve:''' Hey, watch it pal!²* [[AliensMadeThemDoIt Demons Made Them Do It]]²* [[DistractedByTheSexy Distracted By The Sex]]: Angel barks out orders to his team to resolve the situation.²-->'''Angel:''' And, Eve, you stay here with me, and we'll have more sex.²-->'''Eve:''' I'm on it. ²* DramaticShattering / BigShutUp: Lorne tries to shut up his mirror self by breaking the mirror. It doesn't work.²* DynamicEntry: Archduke Sebassis and his mooks bursting into Angel's office.²-->'''Spike:''' What a ''fantastic'' entrance!²* EnemyWithout: Hulk!Lorne is his repressed subconscious.²* FanNickname: The Archduke's slave has been nicknamed "Pee-Pee" by fans after his first line of dialogue.²* FeetFirstIntroduction: Lorne and his beleaguered assistant at the start of the episode.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Mention is made of the Fell Brethren, who become important in "Time Bomb".²* FunnyBackgroundEvent: At one point Gunn can be seen in the background, unzipping his pants, only for Wes to run over to him, shaking a finger.²* GenuineHumanHide: A demon disguises himself as a "[[{{Pun}} Human Bean]]" for the party by dressing in human clothes and putting on a human "mask". And when the guests of honor arrive...²-->'''Lorne:''' Artode, welcome. Welcome. Love the jacket, by the way.²-->'''Artode:''' It's Pylean.²-->'''Lorne:''' Oh, made in Pylea. Ha. My home dimension.²-->'''Artode:''' Not made in -- made from. I skinned it myself. Anybody you know? ²* GetOut: Angel to Spike. He agrees, just this once.²* HalloweenEpisode²* HandOrObjectUnderwear: Angel uses a couch cushion to cover his privates after his InterruptedIntimacy.²* HypotheticalCasting / DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: Lorne is on the phone, discussing a movie deal.²-->"I'm pretty sure Henry Fonda's dead, honey..."Bring him back to life"?!" ²* HypocriticalHumor: Angel denies that he bottles up his emotions, then punches a supposed demon the moment the elevator doors open. It's actually one of his employees carrying a huge demon head for the party. No wonder workplace morale sucks.²* ItDoesntMeanAnything: Angel tries to talk to Eve about what happened last night.²-->'''Eve:''' Angel, it's not like this is the first time I've had [[KissingUnderTheInfluence sex under a mystical influence]]. I went to U.C. Santa Cruz. ²* INeedAFreakingDrink: After the events of the episode, Fred decides she needs to have a drink for real. [[ShipTease With Knox]].²* InterruptedIntimacy: Team Angel burst into Angel's office and catch their boss doing it with Eve behind the sofa.²* KneelBeforeZod: All the {{Professional Butt Kisser}}s do this the moment the Archduke enters the room.²-->'''Sebassis:''' Yes. Fine. Sycophants, [[PitifulWorms worms]]. Don't writhe all at once. It's sickening. ²* TheManInTheMirrorTalksBack: Lorne's mirror reflection starts talking to him. From his reaction this isn't new.²* MindOverMatter: Sebassis has some minor telekinetic abilities. Either that or his hidden weapons caché has some kind of motion detector that activates with his hand motion.²* MonsterLord: According to Lorne, Archduke Sebassis is a member of "bona fide royalty" down below. He certainly acts like a pompous aristocrat.²* MusicalisInterruptus: Lorne in TheTeaser entering his office, where he [[MoodWhiplash immediately drops his joyful persona]].²* MrExposition: Wesley recaps what happened for the audience at the end.²* TheNicknamer²-->'''Lorne:''' Harmonica!²-->'''Harmony:''' [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Lorney Tunes!]]²* NotHimself: First Lorne is acting stressed out, then everyone in Team Angel starts acting strange.²* OnlyOneName: Angel starts making out with Eve, despite Angel's protests that he doesn't even know her full name. ²-->'''Angel:''' I mean, do you even have a last name?²-->'''Eve:''' Do you? ²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Wesley, Fred, and Gunn realize they're all behaving odd and start to wonder if some sort of enchantment is behind their actions. Then they see Spike acting all happy and chipper, which outright confirms it for them.²* OvercomeWithDesire: Angel and Eve²* PostModernMagik: Fred's [[HolyHandGrenade magical hand grenade]], which apparently didn't work on the Thraxis demon. Wes and Knox get into an argument over whether the technical or magical components failed.²* PowerAtAPrice: Lorne getting his sleep removed -- rather than just reading destinies he starts affecting them. And his subconscious self goes on a rampage.²* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: Hulk!Lorne to Angel.²* RecycledInSpace / TheTriple: Lorne making a movie deal.²-->"It'll be fabulous. Believe me, Jerry. Yes. It's ''Literature/TheGrapesOfWrath'' in outer space. Uh-huh. Oh, it's got heart. Yes, it's got laser battles. It's got a timely message of interstellar poverty."²** For a bonus reference, he's clearly pitching Whedon's recently-canceled show {{Series/Firefly}}.²* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: The Archduke's slave [[SelfRestraint breaks his chain]] and runs off at the sight of Hulk!Lorne.²* SexyShirtSwitch: After she and Angel "GetARoom", Eve is wearing his shirt.²* ShipTease: Angel/Eve, Fred/Knox.²* TheSleepless: Lorne thanks to a Wolfram & Hart operation.²* SnarkToSnarkCombat²-->'''Sebassis:''' So... this is the mighty Angel. I've been told many things about you. Bit of a restless frog, hmm? Making lots of waves in your little swamp.\²'''Angel:''' Yeah, well, I'm just trying to keep the fly population down.\²'''Sebassis:''' Yes. Though I do prefer the tales of your counterpart Angelus. Ah, [[VillainCred you had flair back then]], child.\²'''Angel:''' Well, I guess we all mellow in our old age.\²'''Sebassis:''' Your contempt is fragrant.²* {{Squick}}: Archduke Sebassis drinking the blood of his slave.²* TrapIsTheOnlyOption: Lorne can't get any Wolfram & Hart clients to turn up to the Halloween party because [[NastyParty everyone thinks Angel intends to slaughter them]]. Archduke Sebassis eventually turns up for exactly that reason, thinking it will make things interesting.²* UncomfortableElevatorMoment: Fred and Wes waiting for the elevator in silence, until they belatedly realise they haven't pushed the button yet.²* UnwantedAssistance: Knox revealing [[NoodleIncident what happened at the last W&H Halloween party]] while Lorne's trying to convince Fred to attend.²-->'''Knox:''' They took a bunch of cows and put them in a giant wicker effigy of Krishna, uh, doused it with sambuca, and it-- (Lorne shakes him off) [[ShuttingUpNow Uh, well... anyway, it's a hell of a good time]]. ²* UrineTrouble: Lorne advises Gunn to "mark out his territory". He starts pissing all over the place.²* WalkingShirtlessScene: Angel steps out of the shower to talk to Eve, who [[EatingTheEyeCandy doesn't appear bothered by this in the least]].²* WallOfWeapons: Sebassis has one behind the usual sliding door.²* WasntThatFun: In the end the W&H employees and the Archduke Sebassis decide they quite enjoyed the mayhem.²* YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe: Spike's reaction to Harmony offering to dance with him.²* YouNeedToGetLaid: Eve implies this re Angel. She ends up taking care of the problem herself.²* YouTasteDelicious: Lorne to Pee-Pee, after he's obliged to swill down some of Sebassis' favorite beverage. ²* YourDoorWasOpen: Eve gives this excuse for [[CovertPervert walking in on a showering Angel]]. She changes that to "your door was unlocked". Then she admits she has a key. Which Angel wordlessly takes off her.


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