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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:''Hello, my Sexy Subjects, this is Radio Molly~'']]˛˛Years after ''Blog/AskPrincessMolestia'' (and its [both literally and figuratively] sister blog Ask Gamer Luna) ended, mastermind behind the original [[ Ask Princess Molestia dubs]] ''[[ MindlessGonzoJam]]'' decided to reboot the concept of a lusty Celestia, this time, in sonic format. And thus, ''Radio Molly'' (formerly ''Audio Molly Replies'') was born.˛˛The show airs on Friday and Saturday weekly [although if problems come up on the Princess' end, either one of these shows will be cancelled], on either 8PM or 9PM EST, and continues the adventures of Princess Molestia, this time, painting her as a radio host, either interviewing people or taking in calls by her so-called "sexy subjects", and giving her more company than just her gaming sister, [who still shows up, time and time again, for ''Late Night Luna'', which is pretty much Luna playing games on her sister's channel] in the forms of Gonzo himself, who delivers the news, Kiba Kush, Jay Lucker, and Amaretto, who all co-host the show with her, and many more characters.˛˛˛----˛!!Tropes:˛˛* GamerChick: Luna keeps her "gaming" character from the original APM blog, and it even earns her a bonus side-show called ''Late Night Luna''.˛* HalloweenEpisode: Try a whole Halloween ''arc''. The entire month of October 2016 was dedicated to the ''Molestia Horror Radio Show'', where Molestia (and a corrupted Nightmare Moon) interviewed Halloween figures like Dracula, Frankenstein, and even ''Satan himself''.˛* LovableSexManiac: Much like her sister keeps her character from the original blog, Molly is still as much of a sex addict as she was last time.˛* MoodWhiplash: Given that this ''is'' a hotline, it's bound to happen a lot. One second, there'll be someone singing about white power, the next someone will be talking about wanting to kill themselves, and the next someone will be talking about clothes...˛* RunningGag:˛** Amaretto frequently being misintroduced, being called something else, such as Chicken Alfredo, Pistachio, and Danny Devito.˛** "''Did you just assume my fucking fruit!?''"˛** Molly constantly lusting for Gonzo, often asking him to the prom, which he rejects.˛** Lucker falling victim to Lyra's obsession for hands.˛----˛''Remember: Stay you, stay wonderful, stay beautiful, and stay sexy.''


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