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1* Attempting to aim at a wide range of demographics, the commercials for M&M's in the past decades feel very PG or almost PG-13 and this trope runs rampant.* An Australian advert features Red and Yellow in a game of strip poker. When Yellow loses, he mentions quietly that he doesn't want to show his "peanut" in public.* M&M's adverts have frequently gotten away with stripping and other sexual innuendos. Such as the one where a stagehand accidentally walks in on a naked Ms. Green in her trailer.* There's also this gem involving Creator/PatrickWarburton.--> '''Red''': Aww, man. "Plain" is the worst name ever.--> '''Warburton''': No, that would be "Dick".--> ''{Red is visibly taken aback.}''* The instances of [[DoubleEntendre phrases]] like "Eat me!" and "Bite me!"* An ad campaign where Red and Yellow quit their jobs through a strongly worded letter to Brown. Among the things they want to do with their free time are "breaking down in public and going into rehab". The letter ends with "Go fondue yourself".* The "Bare All" promotion and [[NakedPeopleAreFunny the sequences that follow]], complete with scenes where Yellow [[HandOrObjectUnderwear covers his midsection]]. Then there's [[ this advert]].* There's also the one with ''Series/{{Glee}}'' cast member Creator/NayaRivera. Red sings "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" as he is subjected to things such as being baked into a cookie, and slathered with frosting. Then at the end, he is being bitten by Naya and two other hot girls, and he shouts, "It hurts but I kinda like it!" * On one occasion, Green flips out at Dennis Miller for seemingly trying to imply that the rumors about her (i.e. that green M&M's are aphrodisiacs) were true.* Speaking of Ms. Green, she sure liked [[DoubleEntendre working the polls]] [[ during the Australian Election campaign]].* As noted on the main page, the M&M's Premium adverts play up Ms. Green's MsFanservice role to a ridiculous degree, which is lampshaded by Red, Blue, and Yellow's reactions. One advert ends with them [[LustfulMelt melting]], while Ms. Green's performance in another makes [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything the bulb on Blue's stagelight explode]].* A scenario promoting M&M's Ice Cream Treats shows Red and Yellow trapped in a frozen wasteland that is revealed to be the inside of a grocery store freezer. Yellow then notices his 'M' is much smaller than usual.--> '''Yellow''': Hey, what happened to my 'M'?--> '''Red''': It's called "shrinkage".* The Masterfoods "Wheredafungo" promotion features advice to insert fun into one's work, such as funny words in a business call.--> '''Yellow''': Our numbers indicate that sales are way up in Lake Titicaca.* Ms. Brown's debut advert showed her annoyance with people assuming she's naked because her shell is brown. Cue Red walking in, declaring "[[APartyAlsoKnownAsAnOrgy So it's that kind of party]]!" and stripping off his shell while dancing to "[[{{Music/LMFAO}} Sexy and I Know It]]".* "Devour" and how it plays out like a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything rape scene]].* A 2013 Super Bowl ad featured Red singing Music/MeatLoaf's ''I Would do Anything for Love''. The end of the ad featured him being licked by multiple women, accompanied by this [[SarcasmMode gem of a line.]]--> '''Red''': [[NotHelpingYourCase It hurts, but I kinda like it!]]----


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