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1->'''Wayne:''' Now, if you were studying buffoonery and idiotic behavior, ''that'' is something we're experts on.->'''Wayne:''' You said you hadn't brought a gun.->'''Waxillium:''' I didn't bring ''a'' gun. You know me better than that, Wayne. I never go anywhere with just one.->'''Wayne:''' I thought of you happy in a comfy bed, resting and relaxing, spending the rest of your life sipping tea and reading papers while people bring you food and maids rub your toes and stuff...->'''Waxillium:''' And?->'''Wayne:''' And I just couldn't leave you to a fate like that. I'm too good a friend to let a mate of mine die in such a terrible situation.->'''Waxillium:''' Comfortable?->'''Wayne:''' No. ''Boring.''->'''Wayne:''' Seemed like you two were having some kind of 'smart people' moment. Didn't want to interfere.->'''Wax:''' Wise of you. Your stupidity can be infectious.->''He became as heavy as a boulder, [[UpToEleven then as heavy as a building]], [[SerialEscalation then heavier.]]''->'''Waxillium:''' Two tripwires, rigged with explosives. Nothing else dangerous that we could find. Other that Wayne's body odor.->'''Wayne:''' That's the smell of ''incredibleness!''->'''Marasi:''' Wayne?->'''Voice from the darkness:''' He is dead, young lady. I am sorry for your loss.->'''Marasi:''' ''[gasp of horror]''->'''Voice from the darkness:''' Yes, he was simply too handsome, too clever, and too immensely remarkable in all aspects of his existence to allow to live. It took a hundred men to bring him down, and he killed all but one. His last words were "Tell Wax...that he's a total git...and he still owes me five notes."->'''Marasi:''' ''Wayne!''->'''Wayne:''' Oh, Wax has always been solemn. But when he's at his best, there's a smirk underneath."''Survive''"->[[spoiler:-Kelsier]]-----


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