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1->In this episode, [[Creator/StudioGainax GAINAX]] tells us that Toji Suzuhara is [[{{retirony}} three days from retirement]], that he always carries [[FatalFamilyPhoto a photo of the girl back home whom he's going to marry]] as soon as this is all over, and that he's [[BlackDudeDiesFirst the black guy]]. And then they sit back, smiling, and give us ''plenty'' of time to worry about the implications.-->--'''[[ Shadowjack]]''' on episode 17 of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''->''"Word of advice, if the will says [[OnOneCondition you need to spend the night]] in a {{haunted house}} you better hope everybody else there are [[BlackDudeDiesFirst black guys]] and [[DeathBySex sluts]]."''-->-- '''Liz''', ''Series/ThirtyRock''->''"Surviving a war story is actually pretty straightforward. The less poignant the death would be, the more likely a soldier is to survive. Only characters devoid of motives or attempts to humanize them in the downtime between battle scenes have any chance of making it until the end. Being sympathetic is a surefire way to die."''-->-- ''WebAnimation/TerribleWritingAdvice'', '''[[ WAR STORIES]]'''----


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