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1!! Quotes from others²²-> ''"Wrestling/TerryFunk once said that Wrestling/VinceMcMahon is the most hardcore man in the business, because he had the financial protection of having all of the money [[AwesomeDearBoy and yet still felt the need to do some crazy spots]] unlike wrestlers who did it because they had to. With all due respect to the Funkster (who I love by proxy, as he is a hero to my boy Mick Foley), I humbly submit that [[ItRunsInTheFamily Vince's son is even crazier than him]]. That's because Shane [=McMahon=] wasn't a standard wrestler whenever he got into the ring: It would appear Shane-O-Mac [[{{Acrofatic}} wanted to be a high-flying luchador in another life]]. Not only did Shane stuff his arsenal with a multitude of aerial assault-based moves, he also looked money while he did it. [[ShockingMoments He makes a coast-to-coast missile dropkick look easy. He was willing to take a superplex off of a ladder onto a multitude of tables courtesy of Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels himself.]] My only question is… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Why did he feel the need to do that? Any of that? [[UnskilledButStrong He wasn't trained as a wrestler, so his body wasn't nearly as deadened to the sensation of aerial moves that regular guys might be.]] If he made a mistake and lost his life as a result, that would be a catastrophe not seen since the death of Wrestling/OwenHart. The son of the boss being let to play around with the big boys, and an accident happening.\²\²Here's the thing: Shane is the only [=McMahon=] (with the possible exception of Linda, I think) [[EnsembleDarkhorse that the IWC almost universally loves]]. We would have loved him if the only thing he'd given us was [[Awesome/KingOfTheRing that match with Kurt Angle]]. Or one coast to coast dropkick. And the wrestlers would have respected him forever if all he'd done was one of the things he ended up doing. (Reports are [[Heartwarming/{{WWE}} he was given a standing ovation after the match with Angle]]. You know the one.) Instead, here was a millionaire kid who could have lived the rest of his life with a silver spoon in his mouth, but instead decided to [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething go out and show that he was gonna earn at least a small part of the massive fortune bequeathed to him]]. It was all completely needless, and he did it anyway. You know what? I'm starting to see why he wanted to [[StartMyOwn leave WWE to try his luck with his own fortune]]: [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat when you survive half the shit that he's put himself through]], [[NighInvulnerability you start feeling like you're damn-near invincible]]. And when it comes to Shane [=McMahon=], I believe that he is, wholeheartedly."''²-->-- '''[[Website/CageSideSeats GrecoRomanGuy]]''', ''[[ "The Art of the Finisher: Taking to The Skies"]]''²²-> ''"Shane [=McMahon=] is a lot like Simba: he's the crown prince of a huge tribe of meaty beasts and he's returned to rule the kingdom after an extended period of time in the wilderness. The only difference is that Vince [=McMahon=] cannot be killed by a trivial thing like a stampede of wilder beasts, he would eat them first."''²-->-- '''[[WebVideo/WhatCultureWrestling Adam Blampied]]''', ''[[ "10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Shane McMahon"]]''²²!! Quotes from the man²²-> '''Shane:''' ''You know, you just... you had to do it, didn't ya? This is the straw that broke the camel's back, and that's why I'm back here. The "Vincent J. [=McMahon=] Legacy Of Excellence" award. Phenomenal idea! Amazing! And should be bestowed upon someone who's a worthy recipient.'' [To Stephanie] ''And that's not you.'' (*Pop*) ''Hello, Stephanie. I'm sorry, but it's not.'' (Stephanie looks astonished)\²'''Vince:''' ''Be nice, okay? You and I, we need to talk backstage, you know, we'll need to talk there. This [[CutShort is-]]''\²'''Shane:''' ''Oh, you had your chance. We could have done that days ago. Now you're always telling me to, what was that when I was a little boy? "You gotta man up", "you gotta do things face to face", and you always said "well, why not doing it out in front of the arena? Why not do it in this very ring?" So that's what we're gonna do it tonight. It's all getting done it right here, tonight!''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''It's like I'm not even standing here, Shane. This isn't about you! This... this isn't your moment, this is my moment!'' (*Boos*) ''That is my legacy! Yes! That is my legacy, Shane.''\²'''Shane:''' ''All due respect. You haven't earned it.''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''What would you know about earning every-anything, Shane? You haven't even been here in the past six or seven years! Is real convenient to watch from home and say what you would do with business, okay? Let me tell you something, my husband and I have been sucessfully running a billion-dollar business with our blood, sweat and tears, whether this people appreciated or not!''\²'''Shane:''' ''Before I address that... sh-sh... she doesn't know, does she?'' [[{{Beat}} (*beat*)]] ''Ohohohoh... you don't know! You don't know, huh? Well, let me tell you this, Stephanie. Uhm, was just saying, you and your husband, Wrestling/TripleH, have been really running this company into the ground.'' (*Pop*) ''Let's take a few indicators: let's look at the stock, let's look at ratings, let's look at the plethora of talent injuries, all under your watch, under your auspices, down into the ground! [[SarcasmMode Great job!]]''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''You're saying this in front of this packed house here in Detroit, right? Ok, because you don't know what it means to be a success, Shane, how would you? You're nothing more than a quitter! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Now get the hell! out of my! ring!]]''\²'''Shane:''' ''Number one, it's your father's ring. And, let me, since, you know, actually, understand what's going on here.'' [To Vince] ''Do you wanna tell her, or do you want me to?''\²'''Vince:''' ''I don't think this is the time or the place [[CutShort to-]]''\²'''Shane:''' ''Oh, I think... I'm not going to get into the gory details, but this is the time and this is the place!''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''Yeah, let's get this out here, what is it?''\²'''Shane:''' ''Several years ago, your father messed up big-time. Huuuge! And who was there to save the day? Me! So this is what happen, 'cause you don't know. Your father and I, we cut ourselves a little deal. And in that deal I was able to do lots of things that I wanted to do: I was able to take some time off, I was able to build some businesses, but one thing's for sure, Stephanie, I never lost my place in line.''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''This is awful and ridiculous! Nothing happens in WWE's business that I don't know!''\²'''Shane:''' ''Oh, what, actually, I understand this is a tough pill for you to swallow, and, believe me, it's a tough spot, but you don't know what you don't know, but know this: the reason you've been able to climb so high this far is because I let it happen.''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''Preposterous, dad! Tell me this isn't true! There's no way that this is true! None of it!''\²(Shane places his arm on Vince's shoulder. Crowd: [[Wrestling/BryanDanielson Yes! Yes! Yes!...]])\²'''Vince:''' ''Let me... let me have a word with Shane, alright? Just let me have a word with Shane.''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''You know what? This is absolutely insane, okay? We have a little something called Wrestling/WrestleMania coming up, so Shane, if you feel, like, showing up this year, then maybe I'll get you a ticket. I won't exactly be ringside, but, you know, I'll do my best.''\²'''Vince:''' ''So, on that note, thank you, I want to have a word with Shane, okay? Would you want to talk later? A little later conversation on.''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''Is it true?''\²'''Vince:''' ''We'll have a conversation [[CutShort with-]]''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''Is it true? Dad!''\²'''Vince:''' ''We'll have a conversation-''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''[[VillainousBreakdown IS THIS TRUE?]]''\²'''Vince:''' ''And the award will be presented to you backstage.''\²(Little chit-chat between Vince and Steph)\²'''Shane:''' ''Is it true?''\²'''Vince:''' ''There's some true to it, okay? But we need to talk about, get [[CutShort your-]]''\²'''Shane:''' ''It's all true. You know what it was, Stephanie? At the time it was... [[BorrowedCatchphrase best for business!]] Let me hold the ropes for you! Bye-bye!''\²'''Stephanie:''' ''[[ItsPersonal I will never! Forgive you! For this!]]''²-->-- '''Wrestling/MondayNightRaw''', February 22, 2016


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