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1->''Imagine you walked up to a man -- let's call him Johnny -- and you cut off his leg. You know. Regular stuff. And then you take his leg and say "this is Johnny". No, you idiot poopface. That is not Johnny. That is his leg. This [Marluxia] is not Lauriam. This is his Nobody. This is a part of Johnny -- his leg. This is a part of Lauriam -- his Nobody.''˛-->-- '''WebVideo/JustAPancake''', "[[ Explaining the Lauriam-Marluxia confusion]]"˛˛->Kaylo researched "Channeling Capacity: What The Hell Is It" in parallel with the progress on sifting workings. His descriptions of what the hell it was didn't make a lot of sense to Talyn. "It's a ''hole''," Kaylo kept explaining excitedly, scribbling notes on new analysis spells he was developing to get a better look at it. "But it's not a hole ''in anything''. The hole is the only thing there. Like - like - okay, the summoning circle isn't actually the least bit like it, but imagine if it was, it's a place you can go and go ''through'' from one world to another, but there's not a ''barrier'' between them, so that would be a hole in nothing if that were how it worked and it isn't and that's a terrible analogy, don't actually think of it like that. But it's a hole!" ˛-->--'''Literature/{{Elcenia}}'''˛˛->'''Emperor:''' I like to think of it as descending into a well.\˛'''Mercy:''' Teacher, it is the River. There is a perfectly good water metaphor waiting for you.\˛'''Emperor:''' Well, I want the idea of two depths, and I don't want to confuse them with the idea of speed where none--\˛'''Mercy:''' --it's the ''River'', which perfectly well lets you say, ''Imagine the River''--\˛'''Emperor:''' Mercy, either you don't like my previous, perfectly good river phrasing, or you do. Pick one.\˛'''Mercy:''' I will not help you to make ''[[{{Neologism}} hyperpotamous travel]]'' happen, thank you for the option, my lord.\˛'''Emperor:''' In that case, despite ''hyperpotamous'' being a perfectly good word that both catches the ear and does what it says on the tin, let's deviate. I'll use Cassiopeia's.\˛'''Mercy:''' Oh, no, the ''lava''.\˛'''Emperor:''' Girls, imagine a rocky planet with a magma core beneath the mantle. Travelling overland from point to point might take a year. If you understood your journey and the relative spaces well enough, you could instead drop into the magma, which would carry you to your destination in an hour.\˛''[beat]''\˛'''Ianthe:''' [[HyperspaceIsAScaryPlace Teacher, the River is an enormous liminal space formed from spirit magic, populated with ghosts gone mad from hunger]].\˛'''Mercy:''' [[{{Metaphorgotten}} The magma metaphor falls apart from here]].\˛'''Emperor:''' Let us imagine the magma is full of unkillable man-eating magma fish. Two problems arise. The first is that beings made of flesh and blood immediately die in magma. The second is our vulnerability to man-eating fish.˛-->-- ''Literature/HarrowTheNinth'' (second book of ''Literature/TheLockedTomb'')˛˛->"A little visual aid here to show where things stand, and how much stupid nearly came out of your mouth." She pointed to the reservoir pond for the irrigation system. "That pond? That's Twilight Sparkle's status as an Anchor. The mare needs to lose weight."\˛Silver Spoon surprised herself at the semi-hysterical giggle at the snide remark. Gilda continued, "Each tree is someone in Equestria. Get enough water from Lake Twilight and you start [[GroundhogDayLoop looping]]." A talon pointed at the Zap Apple orchard, the largest and oldest trees on the farm. Gilda started naming them, "Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash. My best friend."\˛Ignoring Silver Spoon's squeak Gilda continued pointing at trees, moving out to younger and less water hungry varieties, still naming them. "Princess Celestia. Princess Luna. Twilight's brother Shining Armor. Princess Cadence, her sister-in-law. Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. I'm about there and Tiara is right next to me." The talon finally pointed to a row of freshly planted saplings "And you are right there. I figure the gap between me and Dashie is larger than you and Tiara."\˛Silver Spoon hardly noticed Gilda letting go, or the colour flowing back into her again as the filly flopped to the cloud. "How do you ever catch up?" she asked in despair.\˛Gilda shook her head, "It ain't a question of catching up chick. Let me guess, you feel like your buddy left you behind?" At Silver Spoon's nod the griffin sighed, "Brutal Honesty is my schtick. So here it is. One of the curses of Looping is feeling like you are leaving everyone you care about who isn't Looping behind. The feeling sucks worse than a downdraft. We hope our friends join us, and fear them doing so for how experiencing that will make them feel. You'll get it quick, because..." Gilda pulled an apple from, somewhere, and bit deep into it. The bite nicked the core, exposing some apple seeds. "Remember when I was pointed out trees?" The griffin pointed to two seeds, "These are your parents."˛-->-- ''Fanfic/TheMLPLoops''


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