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1--> Mister Trouble never comes around,²--> When he hears this mighty sound!²--> "[[CatchPhrase Here I come to save the day!]]"²--> That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!²--> Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right,²--> Mighty Mouse will join the fight!²--> On the sea or on the land,²--> He gets the situation well in hand!²--> So though we are in danger,²--> There's no need to despair!²--> For when we are in danger he is there!²--> On the land! On the sea! In the air!²--> We're not worrying at all!²--> We're just waiting for his call!²--> "[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Here I come to save the day!]]"²--> That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!²--->- The classic theme song to ''Mighty Mouse Playhouse'' (by Philip Schieb and Marshall Barer).²²--> Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse...²--> Coming to vanquish the foe with a mighty blow²--> So don't be afraid anymore²--> 'Cause things won't be like they've been before!²--> "Here I come to save the day!"²--> Thank goodness Mighty Mouse is on his way!²--> So let the trumpet players play²--> For Mighty Mouse is here today!²--> Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse²--> Just like a bolt from the blue²--> With a heart that's true²--> Fighting evil, fighting crime²--> And always there in the nick of time!²--> Here he comes to save the day!²--> And he will prove that crime will never pay!²--> So let the trumpet players play²--> For Mighty Mouse is here to-'''DAY!'''²--->- The no-less inspiring ''Mighty Mouse - The New Adventures'' theme.²²²-->'''[[,13690/ Ralph Bakshi]]''': I had a car accident[...]I needed a show to sell to get going again. So I pulled a small crew together, with [[Creator/JohnKricfalusi John]] and a few different guys who worked for me before and who I really loved. We developed many shows, and ''Mighty Mouse'' was not one of them. I brought the shows up to Judy Price at Creator/{{CBS}}. She turned down all the ideas John and I had developed, [[WhatCouldHaveBeen including]] ''[[WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow Ren And Stimpy]]''. Then at the end I said, "[[BlatantLies I have another idea. I own the rights to ''Mighty Mouse'']]." [[AssPull I did not own the rights to Mighty Mouse]], but I had worked with Terrytoons as a young man on Mighty Mouse, and I knew Mighty Mouse wasn't around anywhere. She said, "I'd buy that show tomorrow. That's a perfect hit show." So I said, "Okay, call my agent, make a deal." And as she was calling, I was trying to find out who owned the rights to ''Mighty Mouse''. I found out Viacom had bought all of Terrytoons' work, so I ran over to them, and they said, "Please, do something with this crap. We don't know what to do with it." So we made a deal just in the nick of time, as Judy was finishing with my lawyer. I told Judy the story and she said, "I knew you didn't have the rights, Ralph, but I knew you'd get them." And we did what we felt was right for Saturday morning. We didn't do anything wrong. We had a hit show"²--->-Ralph Baskhi, explaining to The Website/AVClub how the ''The New Adventures'' came to be.


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