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1Quotes from the ''WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012'' episode "[[Recap/LittlestPetShop2012S1E12SoYouSkinkYouCanDance So You Skink You Can Dance]]."²²'''"Gotta Get to the Studio" Lyrics'''\²Music by Daniel Ingram\²Lyrics by M.A. Larson (as Mitchell Larson)²²-> '''Vinnie''': Well, we gotta get to the studio.²-> All my friends cheering for Blythe will be groovy-o.²-> I'll teach her dance moves like she never knew-io.²-> When we get to the television studio.²-> Come on!²²-> '''Vinnie''': Yeah, we gotta get to the studio,²-> If it's the last thing we're ever gonna do-dio.²-> I got some fly new friends in my crew-dio.²-> Gonna get me to the television studio.²-> Let's go!²²-> '''Vinnie''': Well, we gotta get to thay studio.²-> I got my confidence back and my groove-io.²-> And my moves got me feeling good too-dio.²-> I can't wait for the television studio!


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