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1->"Wow. It's like the soul crushing pointlessness of seventh grade."
2-->--'''One of Maggie's [[EmoTeen Emo Tween]] friends''', commenting on Luan's mime performance in ''WesternAnimation/TheLoudHouse''
4->'''Skinner''': (To TJ, dressed as a punk) Hello, son! I notice you're not lined up with the other students!
5->'''[[CheerfulChild TJ]]:''' [[TeensAreMonsters That's because I reject you, man! You, and everything you stand for!!]]
6->'''Skinner:''' Well, that's fairly disturbing...
7->'''Prickly:''' W-well that's just TJ Detweiler, sir! He's just joking around! (shoves TJ aside, brings Gretchen forward) Ahhh, here's the intelligent and courteous [[ChildProdigy Gretchen Grundler]]! Say hello to the very important man, Gretchen!
8->'''Gretchen:''' (dressed as a {{Goth}}) [[TheEeyore Greetings are depressing. Life is pointless.]] [[StrawNihilist Leave me now to grapple with my own irrelevance as I confer to young adulthood...]] Man!
9->'''Vince:''' (desperately grabs Prickly) I know I gotta make weight, but I can't live on Ginseng and egg whites forever!!
10->'''Mikey:''' (Covered in zits) I'm breaking out!!! Yet another sock hop spent alone with my regrets...
11->'''Gus:''' (blandly) I have [[DaddyIssues father issues]].
12->'''Skinner:''' By Jove, Prickly! [[ShownTheirWork These are just the types of problems you'll be encountering in Middle School!]] It's the perfect opportunity for you to show off your one-on-one counseling skills.
13->'''Prickly:''' Oh...well, certainly, sir! (To TJ) You, back off! (To Gretchen) You, cheer up! (To Vince) You, eat something! (To Mikey) You, cut back on the fried foods! (To Gus) You, mow the lawn!
14->'''Spinelli:''' (Dressed up as a cute ValleyGirl) You are ''so'' dreamy!
15->'''Prickly:''' ([[AbhorrentAdmirer backs off with a yelp]]) Get a hamster!
16->'''Skinner:''' Prickly! What decisive handling on those children's strange problems!