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1->''"When you think of minimalism in games, thereís a good chance that conjures up images of atmospheric experiences with limited interactivity. [[Videogame/DevilDaggers Devil Daggers]] is minimalist in a different way. The essence of any first-person shooter is movement and shooting, which is exactly the focus here. Thereís no alternate stages, thereís no weapons, no ammo, no reloading, there isnít even much enemy variety, especially if you canít survive for long. On paper, lacking so many things is a big problem, but in practice, I gladly put more hours into [[Videogame/DevilDaggers Devil Daggers]] than I have for many more content-heavy first-person shooters. Everything feels the way it should, and that laser-precise focus on mechanics means you can just turn it on and get straight to the action. The magic of those first few hours, figuring out how to get that little bit better and seeing new enemy types with regularity, will never come back, but Iím still happy to have made that deal... '''[[NotSoStoic WITH THE DEVIL.]]'''"''≤-->-- '''Matthewmatosis''', ''[[ Devil Daggers Review]]''


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