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1!! God Stalk˛˛->''Very few men are ever going to give someone as fragile-looking as you her due in anything.''˛-->--'''Darinby''' to Jame˛˛->''Have I got a sign on my back that says, 'Kick me, I'm Highborn?'''˛-->--'''Jame''', to Bane˛˛->'''Melissand''': In fact, come back no matter what you decide.\˛'''[[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Jame]]''': M'lady, you'd only be disappointed. Contrary to popular opinion, I am '''not''' a boy.\˛'''[[LipstickLesbian Melissand]]''': My darling goose, whoever said you were?˛˛->''At that point, it didn't matter to Jame if this was a god, a hallucination, or the local form of street sanitation; she was out of the alley the way she had come before the creature had turned the far corner.''˛˛->''Overhead, an enormous, grotesque creature scuttled along the walls, leaving a phosphorescent trail and, at intervals, triumphant proclamations in schoolboy Kessic that "Edolph the Bat-Wing was here... and here... and here."''˛˛->''That's not a woman, it's a natural disaster!''˛-->--'''Prince Ozymardien's Chamberlain's assistant''', referring to Jame˛˛!! Dark Of The Moon˛˛->''We trained you well, Jamie. Some good does endure, it seems.'' ˛-->--'''Tirandys'''˛˛˛!!Seeker's Mask˛˛->''Your friend Marc warned me that I would probably find the Riverland reduced to rubble and you in the midst of it, looking apologetic.'' ˛-->--'''Torisen''' to his twin sister Jame˛˛->''It '''is''' you! Oh, how splendid! Maybe now things will start happening again!'' ˛-->--'''Lyra'''' to Jame˛˛->'''Brier''': You don't know what you've done.˛->'''Jame''': I seldom do, but I do it anyway. This is what I am, Brier Iron-thorn. Remember that.˛˛->''That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.''˛-->--'''Kirien'''˛˛˛!! To Ride A Rathorn˛˛->''You do come up with interesting ways to kill people, Knorth.'' ˛-->--'''Gorbel''', to Jame˛˛˛->''Now, did I or did I not request that you not break any more instructors?'' ˛-->--'''Sheth Sharp-tongue''' to Jame˛˛----


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