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1->''Better stay away from him\˛He'll rip your lungs out, Jim\˛Huh, I'd like to meet his tailor''˛-->-- '''Music/WarrenZevon''' - "Werewolves of London"˛˛->''I will shoot from a distance\˛It will kill you in an instant\˛Not a drop of blood on my suit''˛-->-- '''Vio-Lence''' - "Kill on Command"˛˛->''"Promise not to bleed on my suit and I'll kill you quickly."''˛-->-- '''The Spy''', ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2''˛˛->''As in life, anyone in a black suit is a professional. Professionals will shoot [[ISurrenderSuckers even at gunpoint]]. They can [[RuleOfCool also see in the dark]], why not.''˛-->--'''''{{VideoGame/Gunpoint}}'''''˛˛->''"What's the well-dressed professional assassin wearing nowadays? Clothes that reflect his own essential traits of cruelty and ugliness, his abberant values and black dead heart - that's what! You might not be a hired killer, but with the Dorcus line of Jackal Jackets you can stride onto the tarmac with a look that says: Women fall at my feet. Granted, they are usually bleeding heavily from the exit wound, but that's your style, tiger.."''˛-->-- '''James Lileks''', [[ "Selections from the Dorcus Collection"]]˛˛->''(after taking a direct hit from a missile [[MadeOfIron and surviving]])'' "That was [[MyFavoriteShirt my favourite suit]] you [[WardrobeWound just ruined!]] [[ScreamingWarrior RRRRAAAAAARRGGHHH!]]"˛-->-- '''The Gate Guardian''', ''WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack''˛˛->'''Tom Servo:''' Haggar action slacks!\˛'''Crow:''' Whole actions suit there.˛-->--''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E22MasterNinja Mystery Science Theater 3000]]'', "Master Ninja"˛˛->"Sorry it took me so long. I had to go get my power suit."˛-->-- '''Lex Luthor''', ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague''˛˛->'''Lorne:''' Uh, Angel, you should know there's a very tall, well-dressed...[conversation continues until Hamilton arrives]˛->'''Angel:''' Damn. He is well-dressed.˛-->-- ''Series/{{Angel}}'', "Underneath"˛˛->''"It's damn-decent of him to fight in a suit coat; kind of adds a touch of class to the proceeding."''˛-->-- ''Podcast/{{Rifftrax}}'' on ''Film/TheMatrix''˛˛->'''Warden:''' They're terrorists? They look more like investment bankers to me. ˛->'''Agent Donnelly:''' Well, warden, three of them may be. But one of them is the most dangerous criminal I've ever pursued.˛-->-- ''Series/PersonOfInterest''˛˛->"You look good. And for a second I feared you left all this behind.."˛-->-- '''Charlie the cleaner''', ''Film/JohnWick''˛˛->'''Angelo''': Is this for a formal event or a social affair?\˛'''John''': Social.\˛'''Angelo''': And is this for day or evening?\˛'''John''': I need one for day and one for night.\˛'''Angelo''': And what style?\˛'''John''': Italian.\˛'''Angelo''': How many buttons?\˛'''John''': Two.\˛'''Angelo''': The trousers?\˛'''John''': Tapered.\˛'''Angelo''': How about the lining?\˛'''John''': [[BulletProofVest Tactical.]]˛-->--''Film/JohnWickChapter2''˛˛->"They work in an office, then dress up like cowboys. Civilians. I even see puke faggots wearing camouflage on the streets. Total mystery to me."˛->"They're bored," Blancanales replied. "They wear suits during the day, so they want something different. Like you, you're not in uniform. You're wearing a suit."˛->Pardee grinned. His smile looked like the fixed grimace of a skull. "Suit's just another uniform to me. You wouldn't believe how many suits I've ruined with other people's blood."˛-->-- '''Sgt. Pardee''', ''Literature/AbleTeam #3: Texas Showdown''˛˛->'''Blueno:''' You know, in the earlier days of our training, I often questioned how practical it was to be dressed professionally when we were out on the job.˛->'''Kalifa:''' I remember that, and they always gave us plenty of plausible answers. Covering more of your form leaves less opportunity to drop a trace of yourself.˛->'''Kumadori:''' While at the same time testing you to ensure that you can execute without staining yourself. There is also the fact that the World Government would never have any employees of significance dressed otherwise while on the job.˛->'''Kaku:''' And the fact that limiting our mobility is supposed to give us constant training, in life and on the job. All valid reasons… and none of them the real one.˛->'''Rob Lucci:''' The real reason... [[RuleOfCool is that it's just so much more satisfying to hand someone their head if you look good doing it.]]˛-->--''Fanfic/ThisBites''˛----


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