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1->'''Jason''': By the way... [[{{Narm}} Did I forget to mention I have a thing for]] [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday women]]?\(slams Dialla against the prison bars)-->-- '''Escape''', Part three of ''VideoGame/TheTrappedTrilogy''->U-Ban was already exposed, about to throw himself upon her.\[[ComicBook/PowerGirl She]] focused her heat vision on full power and let him have it.\"AHHHHHHHHH!" U-Ban screamed, looked very, very surprised, and grabbed his crotch. The very air was steaming around it. Not enough to injure him, probably, but damned well enough to make him hurt.\"Pull up your pants," said Kara, getting to her feet. "You look ridiculous."-->-- ''Fanfic/AForceOfFour''----


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