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1->Viewers complained that, since there are many treatments available for leprosy, itís unlikely someone in the developed world would have such an advanced case, and also that this isnít how leprosy actually works, and also that even if it did work that way, it certainly would not make someone good at being a detective.≤-->-- ''Encyclopedia of Hypothetical Police Procedurals'' #005, "[[ Out on a Limb]]"≤≤->'''Pauling''':What happened? I thought we all....≤->'''Medic''': Died? Ha ha ha, heavens, no! [[VerbalBackspace Well, yes.]] But only momentarily! Your hearts barely had time to stop beating! The robots merely drained out all of your blood. So! I just put the blood back in!≤->'''Pauling''': I ''refuse'' to believe it's that easy.≤->'''Medic''': I ''know!'' Ja, why do people even go to medical school?≤-->--''Videogame/TeamFortress2'', "The Naked and the Dead"≤≤->''Even if based on proven medical knowledge from 1918, ''Vampyr'' sometimes takes liberties when establishing possible links between scientific theories and supernatural creatures, for theatrical purposes. In other words, [[DontTryThisAtHome do not try to cure any disease with any of the recipes shown in this videogame]]. And [[NoAnimalsWereHarmed no rats were harmed]] during the making of this game.''≤-->-- Opening disclaimer for ''VideoGame/{{Vampyr}}''


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