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1->''"Enjoy your deception, Vuel," Gerrard said as Volrath's features melted from the dead shapeshifter. "I'll count this one as practice."''-->--''MagicTheGathering'', [[ Scapegoat]]->'''ComicBook/{{Deadpool}}''': Hey! Hey! Hey, Summers. Was that the big problem you needed help with? Because I just took care of it. (LIKE A BOSS.) (Huzzah.)\'''ComicBook/{{Cable}}''': Wade, that wasn't-\'''Deadpool''': [[VictoryFakeout Serious, roll credits. We're done here!]] (credits roll)\'''Cable''': '''THAT WASN'T SINISTER, THAT WAS A CLONE!'''-->-- ''VideoGame/{{Deadpool}}''->''It's a fair question. Why ''do'' they look like me? Doesn't it create the possibility that I am one? That Doom may, at any moment, be a mere machine? That I am not myself? Of course it does. That is how I wish it. I once let Arcade strike a match on me, just to maintain that confusion. Think, boy. If I am ever defeated, or dishonored - if I ever act in ways unworthy of myself...if I ever die...The word goes out: "[[ArmedWithCanon It must have been a Doombot.]]" And the reverse is true. My robots often fool my foes-- I may be a robot now, speaking these words. How would you know? How would I?''-->-- '''ComicBook/DoctorDoom''', ''ComicBook/LokiAgentOfAsgard''->''"After a while, {{Wrestling/Edge}} got bored and decided to let {{Wrestling/Kane}} come and take [[Wrestling/PaulBearer his father]] back... only for it to end up being a ruse every single time. There was the flat-bed truck incident, then the impostor Paul trick, as well as the times he pretended to Zach-Gowen Paul [[StaircaseTumble down a flight of stairs]], crush him, and run him over. All the while, fans at home were surely wondering whether Edge was using the same spare wheelchair and dummy every week, or if he had a stockpile of them that he took on the road with him."''-->--'''''{{Website/Wrestlecrap}}''''', [[ "Kane Vs. Edge - Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twenty Times, Shame on Me"]]->You ''idiots!'' These are not them! You've captured their ''stunt doubles!''-->--'''Spaceball Officer''', ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}''->And how do we know you're even the real Winslow Schott? I've seen one of your robots before -- no, two of them. One here in Gotham, the other on ''Comicbook/NewKrypton''. And that one had a part in my world's destruction. A small part, sure, but an important one. Your work is very well made. Impossible to tell apart from real, live human beings, even with my X-Ray vision. So please. Answer Ms. Grant's questions, or else another outburst like that will lead me to believe you're one of Schott's automatons... and I'll start probing to make sure you're real.-->--'''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}''', ''ComicBook/Supergirl2005 : Day of the Dollmaker''->'''Grey''': That voice... No way... Master Albert!\'''Model A''': So who was it that [[spoiler:[[TheStarscream Prometheus]]]] defeated...!?\'''Master Albert''': That was a decoy. A dummy body that worked as one of the Sage Trinity in my stead. I am DAN-000, the "Original"... This "me" is the genuine article, the ''real'' Master Albert!-->--''VideoGame/MegaManZXAdvent''----


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