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1[[quoteright:350:[[WesternAnimation/OlafsFrozenAdventure]]]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:During the holidays, [[Franchise/{{Frozen}} Queen Elsa]] uses a touch of snow white fur to look even more like Literature/TheSnowQueen.]]˛˛Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in animated films.˛----˛* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Animalympics}}'' one of the Russian gymnasts is a lady elephant, and there is a shot of her in a Russian lynx coat and hat.˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}'' has a few, like the fur-trimmed coat she wears [[AtTheOperaTonight to the opera]], and her grandmother's fur wrap worn there as well.˛* The Queen and Princess of heart in ''WesternAnimation/TheCareBearsAdventureInWonderland'' wear capes with white ermine trim, and the queen's cape even has [[SymbolMotifClothing red hearts embedded in the fur]].˛* At the end of ''WesternAnimation/BarbieInAChristmasCarol'', Eden wears [[PimpedOutCape a red hooded cape trimmed with white fur]] over her red HappyHolidaysDress.˛* Belle wears a fur-trimmed cape the middle of ''WesternAnimation/BeautyAndTheBeast'' (during the "Something There" number), and wears and fur-trimmed skating jacket and fur-trimmed skirt in ''WesternAnimation/BeautyAndTheBeastTheEnchantedChristmas''. Both of which are fancy clothes from the castle that happened to fit her.˛* ''Franchise/{{Frozen}}'':˛** ''WesternAnimation/{{Frozen|2013}}'': Anna is forced to find some winter clothes after Elsa made an EndlessWinter, and the only [[StylishProtectionGear suitable clothes]] left at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna conveniently fit her (but being the princess of the kingdom, she easily affords it), and include a cape and cap each lined with white fur.˛** When Elsa was going to be the villain, many of her potential costumes included white fur in some way, including a LiveMinkCoat of ermines.˛** In "WesternAnimation/OlafsFrozenAdventure" Anna wears a fur-trimmed coat as part of her Christmas outfit, with goats and bells patterning her skirt, and Elsa wears a dark blue HappyHolidaysDress with a white fur collar and dark blue ice train, that actually makes her more like the Snow Queen of [[Literature/TheSnowQueen source material]].˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheIllusionist'' Alice has a coat with a white fur collar.˛* The first part of ''WesternAnimation/MelodyTime'' is the "Once Upon a Wintertime" skit, and most of the ladies, including Jenny, are wearing white fur muffs.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/MickeysChristmasCarol'' Isabelle wears a [[GracefulLadiesLikePurple purple outfit, including a fur cape]].˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheNutcrackerPrince'', Clara's [[PinkMeansFeminine pink winter coat]] is trimmed with white fur.˛* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'':˛** Tiana imagines wearing a white dress with a huge white fox wrap during the "Almost There" sequence, and an illusion puts her in the same outfit [[spoiler:in TheFinalTemptation scene]].˛** Some of Charlotte's dresses have fur trim.˛* Artist Minkyu Lee [[ did some concept art]] for a possible animated adaptation of ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}''. Among the designs include [[ some ladies wearing fur muffs]] in the Emerald City, and [[ Galinda wearing a fur muff]] when she first arrives at Shiz.˛----


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