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1->''"Oingo Boingo is the best part of any death fantasy."''˛-->-- Damien Wilkens˛˛''Tranquil Tirades'' is a Parsec Award-nominated and five-star iTunes-rated monthly podcast (as well as a written series of reviews) created specifically for the purpose of covering and critiquing horrible movies (and on rare occasions, other media). ˛˛Where this podcast differs from other movie review podcasts and videos is that the Tirades' format follows a beat-by-beat coverage of the entire movie in question from beginning to end, analyzing (re: trashing) every single scene. Episodes can be downloaded for free from iTunes or from [[]] and written reviews can also be read at the website. The hosts are Atlanta natives, James Deaux and Damien Wilkens. Together, they have recorded over 60 monthly episodes to date.˛˛The show's official website is a wiki with over 1,200 pages documenting all of the movies the hosts have reviewed over the years, as well as pages for all the "notable" characters in all of the movies, pages explaining running gags and in-jokes uttered on the podcast, and various other hilarity. The hosts have also created their own series of tropes commonly found in terrible movies. A link to the Tranquil Tirades Wiki can be found [[ here]].˛˛----˛!!'''This show provides examples of:'''˛˛* AccentuatetheNegative: Zigzagged. Usually, the films they cover do actually tend to be as bad as they proclaim them to be. However, the hosts have admitted that sometimes, they do tend to go a ''bit'' overboard. ˛* AGoodNameForARockBand: There's a running list of every great band name that comes up in the show on the wiki.˛* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: Four times, actually. ˛** First, the April Fools episode, which was nothing but James, Damien and Mike having some normal conversations.˛** Secondly, and more expectedly, was the review of the ill-fated ''Heroes of Wrestling'' PPV. ˛** The last two times were the end-of-the-year clip shows. ˛* AprilFoolsDay: Episode 5 of the show was a huge trolling of the listeners. The hosts claimed beforehand that it would be a review of ''Film/TheRoom'', but because the episode was slated to be released on April Fool's Day, they spent one hour, one minute and one second (1:01:01--"lolol") purposely just talking about random stuff. They would go on to actually review ''The Room'' the next month in Episode 6.˛* AudienceParticipation: The feedback section of the show. Generally, this is for when James and Damien take emails sent in to the show. ˛* BerserkButton: The Transformers films, for both James and Damien. ˛* BileFascination: The hosts have this with a few films, like ''{{Film/Zardoz}}'' and ''{{Film/Santas Slay}}'', to name but a few. Usually, it's with films that are of a SoBadItsGood quality. ˛* BreatherEpisode: The purpose of their Farva episodes.˛** The Heroes of Wrestling special episode was ''supposed'' to be this, but due to the nature of the PPV, it ended up being much more painful than initially intended. ˛* BrickJoke: A one-off references made to nanomachines being implanted in both of the hosts (yes, really) in the 2013 Retrospective is [[spoiler: used by the Transformers to track down said hosts in order to kill them in the Santa With Muscles episode.]] ˛* CallBack: Constantly, to the point where it's to be expected nowadays.˛* CatchPhrase: "Where taste in cinema comes to die," among others. ˛* ChristmasSpecial: Every December episode, the hosts cover a cheesy, Christmas-themed episode, as a gift to themselves.˛* ClipShow: Two of them, one for 2013, the other for 2014. ˛* DeadpanSnarker: Both of the hosts.˛* TheDeterminator: James and Damien can qualify, due to the nature of the show and the length of time that it's been running.˛* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Hoo boy, where to start?˛** First off, their show was originally a segment on the main podcast.˛** Secondly, there was a third cohost, Michael Cole, from episode 0.2 (''{{Film/DOA Dead or Alive}}''), to episode 14 (''{{Troll 2}}'').˛** Thirdly, the show has gone through a number of different theme songs, the current being "Cynics and Critics" by Icon for Hire.˛** Before the ''Film/HighlanderIITheQuickening'' episode, James and Damien didn't have a set schedule of films that they would do for a given year. ˛* {{Headdesk}}: At various moments due to extreme idiocy in movies. ˛** Literally, in Damien's case, during the Twilight: Eclipse coverage.˛* MilestoneCelebration: The 36th, 50th and 60th episodes have all been milestone celebrations, usually celebrating how long the show has been going. ˛* OneSteveLimit: Averted. Michael David Sims, Michael Cole, and Cole Hurley. ˛* RealLifeWritesThePlot: Frequently.˛** Most notably, Michael Cole exiting the show in early 2012 after a series of undisclosed negative events between himself and James.˛** More notably, scheduling conflicts and technology have frequently impacted on the show. ˛* RunningGag / InJoke˛** A joke for three people, wherein one of the hosts references something on the more obscure side. Usually, Damien makes them.˛** Courtney: Their name for any character given screen time in a movie, but that has virtually zero bearing on whatever the plot is supposed to be. These characters sometimes aren't even named in the film.˛** Fireball: One of two ways that can be used to describe how an unexplainable event in a bad movie occurred. (The other is orbital wobble.) The joke is that there is no explanation given at all. All that is said is "Fireball" and the hosts move on. The origin of this is the movie, ''Film/StreetFighterTheLegendofChunLi'' where Chun-Li is able to create a fireball with no explanation as to how.˛** Flower-giving protocol˛** Guy Banter: A catch-all term the hosts use to describe a male character that represents the worst that the male gender has to offer. ˛** "How will my face?"˛** Iridium˛** "No one will like your character just because..."˛** Orbital wobble: The second of two phrases the hosts will use to get past mammoth plot holes in bad movies. The joke is that because the plot hole is so bad that there is no possible way they could ever try to explain it, one of the hosts will simply say "orbital wobble" and they will move on. The origin of this term is from ''Film/HighlanderTheSource'', where Methos tells Reggie Weller that planets leaving their orbits and hovering towards Earth is just the optical illusion known informally as "orbital wobble." Basically, it is so utterly stupid, the hosts had to adopt it into their terminology.˛** Quarter-Star Moment: The hosts do not use a traditional movie rating system because the assumption is that all movies they review deserve zero stars in such a system. However, James will often say that if a Tiradesverse movie had done some hypothetical thing, or added a hypothetical line, he would have given it a quarter of a star in a traditional movie rating system. The sentiment being that it would have been a really awesome bright spot that earned it that fraction of a star in an otherwise atrocious movie.˛* ReferenceOverdosed: Being a podcast about bashing bad films that's hosted by two self-admitted nerds, on a nerd website, this is bound to happen. ˛** To name but a few things they give recurring Shout Outs to:˛*** Website/GiantBomb˛*** Dana Carvey˛*** Penn Jillette ˛*** ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''˛*** ''{{Film/Zardoz}}''˛*** ''VideoGame/{{Xenogears}}''˛*** ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''˛* ScoringPoints: An odd example, but because every film the hosts cover is assumed to be bad, a numeric scoring system simply did not work. Therefore, they created The Final Word to "score" each film. They sum up the entire film they just reviewed with a single word (or noise).˛* ShooOutTheClowns: Downplayed. While there is still a lot of comedy in the show, there has been much more of a shift towards a critical analysis after Michael Cole left the show.˛* TakeThat: Frequently, usually from Damien. Past films, Creator/UweBoll, Michael Bay and Star Wars are the victims of them.˛* UniverseBible: The hosts claim that all bad movies ever made and that ever will be made exist in a universe called the "Tiradesverse." The Wiki is the "Bible" in this instance.˛* TheVerse: The Tiradesverse, the universe wherein all bad media is placed.˛* WeaponsGradeVocabulary: Several of their Final Words.˛** Circumbendibus˛** Exasecond˛** Floccinaucinihilipilification˛** Laminitis˛** Tyrotoxism


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