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1[[quoteright:274:]]²[[caption-width-right:274:Clockwise from top: Chris Antista, Brett Elston, Mikel Reparaz. Art by Tdar fan Graboids/Bryan Ward]]²->''"Talk Radar, we're the house that [[RefugeInAudacity Abe Lincoln's boners built]]!"''²-->--'''Brett Elston'''²²%% One quote is sufficient. Please place additional entries on the quotes tab.²²''Talk Radar'' was a weekly video game podcast from It focused on video games but tended to go on long hilarity filled tangents. Anyone looking for an entertaining, if filthy, circus of a podcast, will enjoy it. On top of that it also provided an insight into the field of games journalism, and frequently gave advice on how to get into the industry, even if the hosts complained that that was the most-asked question on the podcast. ²²The podcast was split into three segments: The Top 7 (where hosts discuss the website's weekly Top 7 list), New Releases (covering that week's new releases, as well as other relevant gaming, and often non-gaming, news) and Community (comprising of a segment on Game Deals, Question of the Week for the site's forum dwellers to answer and phonecalls to the ''Talk Radar'' hotline). For four months beginning from Episode 150, after three years of late nights and nervous breakdowns, the podcast was split in two, one on Tuesday containing the Top 7 and New Releases and another on Friday with News and Community stuff. That didn't go well and four months later, the podcast reverted to its weekly format.²²Within the breaks between segments, old commercials, interviews, community stuff, sketches either made by the hosts themselves or other people, ridiculously inappropriate promos shilling the podcast to the people already listening or just any old funny nonsense was played. More often than not, any attempt to curb the podcast into a relatively professional course was derailed by free-flowing booze.²²You can find the podcast [[ here]] but for some reason only reaches up to Episode 147. This podcast also has [[TheWikiRule its own dedicated wiki]] [[ here]] where it links to the much later episodes.²²After a number of hosts left the podcast for brighter horizons, they started up a second podcast called Laser Time. Previously teased as a "joke podcast" where Tyler Wilde would answer questions in a suave and strange voice, Laser Time has actually become a beautifully dirty cast-pod for old and new cartoons, 80's and 90's nostalgia and generally whatever the hosts find funny and interesting. It can be found at²²Unfortunately, after series of employee layoffs and restructuring of the website (including closing the forums) [=TalkRadar=] has essentially ended after Episode 198. Games Radar will apparently have a new podcast at some point, but it is unlikely that it will be called [=TalkRadar=] or truly resemble the original podcast. Thankfully, [[ Laser Time]] is still going strong and they hosted an unofficial "200th" [=TalkRadar=] (they did not call it that, specifically, but nearly the entire original cast reunited) [[ here.]]²----²!!This podcast uses the following tropes:²* AbusiveParents: Chris Antista was raped with the same cricket paddle his father beat him with. Episode 23.²* ADateWithRosiePalms: Masturbation is a frequent topic, usually instigated by Chris, who unententionally learned to masturbate by watching WesternAnimation/EekTheCat.²* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: The podcast went from about a two hour weekly podcast two a one hour twice a week podcast.²** Episode 138 was an odd example, with regular host Chris Antista trading hosting duties with the site's other podcast's host, Carolyn Gudmunson who runs Pokemon Monday. The only difference was that there was a female voice and there was less belching.²* AnyoneRememberPogs: Most of the hosts, having grown up in the late 80's/early 90's will wax lyrical on ancient shit they obsessed over.²-->'''Chris''': When I collect all the pogs it will be my birthday forever!²* AprilFoolsDay: For April 1, 2011, which was a Friday, the weekly release of the podcast, the entire format was flipped backwards, with Community going first and Top 7 going last, even with the usual opening theme used as the closing theme. The hosts tried (badly) to paper over the obvious joke by referring to events that happened "earlier" in the podcast. Also came with some creepy rewound sound effects and music.²* AwesomeMcCoolname: Logan Decker, editor-in-chief of PC Gamer, is held up as an example of an incredibly cool name. ²-->'''Chris''': He's part Wolverine and part Blade Runner!²* BananaPeel: One of many sound effects used, especially when jokes go bad. ²* BerserkButton: Do not question their integrity or claim all they write are {{Fanservice}} articles.²** From the Ocarina of Time [[LetsPlay FAPs]], don't accuse Brett of being a bad Zelda player; he'll go on a tirade about how the game controls poorly and the [[CameraScrew camera often chooses a bad angle.]] Also complains about how Link often clumsily falls down after a hit, and can't slash a pot when it's near a wall (because his sword keeps hitting the wall instead).²-->'''Brett''': "Hero of Time", my ass.²* BilingualBonus: In Episode 148 Mikel and his wife go on a swearing spree in Italian and Spanish.²-->'''Mikel Reparaz''': Me cago en la Santa Virgen!!²* BadImpressionists: The Hosts (and the callers) usually do impressions that turn from pretty good to hilariously awful or just down right shitty.²* BitingTheHandHumor: The Hosts tend to badmouth their employers when things go badly.²* [[BreakoutCharacter Breakout Feature.]]: Easily the most popular feature on the website if only because it gets the most fanart.²* BrutalHonesty: ''Talk Radar'' 10 E3 2008.²* ChildhoodMemoryDemolitionTeam: Chris once talked about how he watched a building he spent a lot of time at during his childhood be torn down, which was followed by watching a dog shit on its own balls.²* ChristmasEpisode: The 2009 Christmas special was acted out in the same vain as an old variety show flashback episode. In 2010, they did an Christmas Carol parody, all about the true meaning of [[spoiler: motion controls.]]²* ClusterFBomb: Happens frequently, most often in the third segment, as the hosts are usually a bit buzzed or more by then.²* UsefulNotes/ConsoleWars: Chris Antista and Shane Patterson attempted to end the current one between [[ the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.]]²* CouchGag: Several every week.²** An opening clip from any medium (movies, television or skits) that will be relevant/irrelevant to the week's show.²** An ending song to finish off the podcast which most of the time, as above, are relevant/irrelevant to the show.²** A secret sound effect at the very end that most fans don't even bother to hear.²* CrossCulturalKerfluffle: Always a chance of happening whenever the hosts refer to their colleagues across the pond, Gamesradar UK. This happens mostly when that particular week's Top 7 was written by an editor from the UK. ²* DeathIsCheap: Hosts tend to die when they don't appear on episodes, and come back to life in the next one.²* DiggingYourselfDeeper: Chris Antista puts himself in this position more than anyone else by saying something wrong factually or chronologically and being corrected by Mikel Reparaz or Brett Elston.²* DontExplainTheJoke: ²--> '''Brett''': "#2 is vinyl! A record player! Kids, they're like big laser discs!²--> '''Charlie''' "I don't think kids know what laser discs are..."²--> '''Brett''' "That was the joke!"²* EmbarrassingNickname: Chris Antista was often told as a child that he smells like pizza.²--> '''Everybody''': Chris Antista smells like pizza!²* MrFanservice: Chris Antista. [[ You know it's true.]]²* FiveManBand²** TheHero: Chris Antista (Episodes 1-183)²** TheLancer: Brett Elston (Episodes 1-176) ²** TheBigGuy: Mikel Reparaz²** TheSmartGuy: Charlie Barratt/Tyler Wilde (Episode 1-156)²** TheChick: Carolyn Gudmundson/Lizzie Cuevas ²** TheSixthRanger: Henry Gilbert ²²* From 183 onward - ²** TheHero: Mikel Reparaz²** TheLancer: Chris Antista ²** TheBigGuy: Henry Gilbert or Michael Grimm (Laid off by Episode 196)²** TheSmartGuy: Hollander Cooper²** TheChick: Diana Goodman/Reparaz or Carolyn Gudmundson (Laid off by Episode 196)²** GuestStarPartyMember: Brett Elston/Chris Antista (technically)/Tyler Wilde.²²* GiverOfLameNames: The infamous [[ Norweigan King of Names.]]²* AGoodNameForARockBand:²** Otterpop Afterbirth (from the Mountain Dew taste test in Episode 5)²** Gangbang Genocide (and probably a few others), from [[ this discussion in Episode 148]] ²* GRatedDrug: Alcohol tends to be called Sarsaparilla, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, or Goof Juice. ²* GratuitousItalian: Chris is very Italian, and he isn't afraid to point it out with stereotypes.²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Very few words are taboo on ''Talk Radar'', with rape, fag and the N-word being the most prominent. Musclefucking was, briefly, used as a codeword for the 1st. The R-Ape character was also created. It was then bleeped for awhile, but now it's nearly always uncensored and not very taboo anymore. ²* GuestHost: ''Talk Radar'' has had many recurring guest hosts throughout the years. Often they are editors from other publications under Future Publishing like ''Official Xbox Magazine'' or ''Playstation The Official Magazine,'' mainly because they're all conveniently in one building.²* IAmTheNoun: ²--> '''Mikel''': I AM THE DICTIONARY!²* IBangedYourMom: Dan Amrich said this to Chris Antista in Episode 20.²* IncrediblyLamePun: Puns are made out of the hosts name (mainly Chris) by the listeners every week. ²* InsistentTerminology: Henry Gilbert, regular host!²--> '''Brett:''' Are you changing your name to that?²* LargeHam: Most of the regular hosts.²--> '''Mikel:''' [[Film/{{Inception}} Don't be afraid to talk bigger darling.]]²--> '''Brett:''' I CAN TALK BIGGER! '''I CAN TALK BIGGER THAN ANYONE IN THIS ''ROOM!!!'''''²* MilestoneCelebration: For their hundredth episode, they pulled out all the stops: a '''''six hour long podcast''''' commemorating the show, all the crazy events and milestones along the way, with over a dozen special guests and clips from previous episodes. In many ways, it also serves as a Greatest Hits compilation of the podcast.²* MistakenForGay: Happened to both Tyler and Chris. Tyler, while apartment hunting and Chris, who took a ride home with a stranger while drunk one night. Both incidents ended very awkwardly and uneventfully.² * NoodleIncident: The incident that caused Chris and Tyler to hate each other [[spoiler:later revealed to be a lie because Chris wanted to quiet down the users asking for Tyler.]]²* NostalgiaFilter: Averted rather hard as while most of the hosts can wax lyrical about their childhood obsessions, they were not afraid to point out any criticisms of them.²* NWordPrivileges: Chris jokingly becomes angry when the Italian slurs "wop" or "dago" are used. ²-->'''Brett''': *reading off a list of words you can not use in Mortal Kombat 9* "...whore, wop. Wop Chris!"²-->'''Chris''': "Oh what the fuck! Calling this whole podcast off."²* OnlySaneMan: Brett Elston and Mikel Reparaz²* OverlyPrePreparedGag: Brett Elston mentions jokes he sat on for a week if not a month for jokes on ''Talk Radar''. ²-->'''Brett''': "Mario Karty, I saved that one for a month"²* PornStash: Used quite often when discussing porn.²* PutOnABus: Pretty much the entire podcast after a series of layoffs and crucial contributors leaving the website. Coupled with a [=GamesRadar=] manager pretty much canning the show after hearing the content, [=TalkRadar=] has pretty much been decommissioned. ²* RuleOfThree: The show is done in three segments: Top 7, New Releases/News, Community. This has also been used in different quotes. Also it is the minimum number of people needed to have an episode.²-->'''Chris''' There are [only] three things I love in this world: Drinking, games, and vaginas.²* RunningGag: [[ A full list can be found here.]]²** OverusedRunningGag: Quite a few have been overdone which is a given for a show that has exceeded a hundred episodes. Often, running gags are made and overused in the same episode.²* SelfDeprecation: Chris Antista tends to be a big fan of it²-->'''Chris''': Because I'm a loser and everyone hates me I spent all night looking up where to find Falkore²* SeriesMascot: For a short period of time, the [[ Gamesradar R-Ape.]]²* ShoutOut: The hosts often make references to The Venture Brothers and several to anything nineties related.²* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Despite having female editors in, they don't appear frequently in the podcast and when they do, only one shows up at a time, with the male-to-female ratio usually at 3:1. The only time the podcast has had two females at the same time was in Episode 70 with Cheryl Del Rosario and AJ Glasser formerly of Kotaku.²* SignatureSoundEffect: Some sound effects and voice clips have become synonymous with segments of the show ([[Wrestling/RandySavage PHONECALLS ARE READY]]) with some hosts having sound effects directly related to them like A Current Affair to Mikel Wikiparez or Brett's Baby Laugh. ²* SoUnfunnyItsFunny: Much of the tangents that would occur on the show. In episode 75 Chris Antista spammed the soundboard about Splash's response to a QOTW about his girlfriend dying and it somehow became funny.²--> '''Brett''': User Splash says his girlfriend died-²--> '''Chris''': HOPE IT WASN'T PAINFUL!²* StayInTheKitchen: Chris Antista has often made many a (sarcastic) derisive comment about his now ex-girlfriend, mostly in the vein of her being as dumb as a sack of hammers. Due to the incessant retweeting of these quotes out of context to his girlfriend, Chris as stopped making such comments.²* StockSoundEffects: Due to heavy abuse of sound effects, the podcast has garnered some frequently used ones that almost appear every qeek, even ones for specific hosts. Sometimes, ''specific hosts'' become sound effects. ²* StupidStatementDanceMix: [[ Don't put hot sauce on your penis.]]²** [[ Boner. Boner. BonerBonerBoner.]]²* SuicideAsComedy: Chris often talks about wanting to die. ²-->'''Chris''': All I can taste is the barrel of a gun.²* TooMuchInformation: All hosts are prone to this, ''especially'' Chris and Lizzie.²-->'''Chris''': I bet I could piss two pounds right now, and I don't even have to go.²* TestosteronePoisoning: A flaw Chris Antista had as a child where he was ruled by his dick. Mentioned in Episode 148.²* ThemeTune: Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi²* UnusualEuphemism: From [[TearJerker Episode 176]], [[SandInMyEyes "action figure dust"]].²* UrineTrouble: Chris Antista piss on his shirts and drawers in the first episode. He also mentioned he pissed the bed right after E3 in Episode 107 which he told his girlfriend it was the dog's fault.²* YourMom:²--> '''Shane:''' Joke's tired and old like yo momma.²--> '''Chris:''' WOAH!²----


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