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1'''Basic Trope''': A creator's body of work starts out fairly neutral, but then it turns into a long AuthorFilibuster about some real-life topic.²* '''Straight''': Midway through ''Chronicle Quest Genesis'', the heroes are suddenly prevented from continuing their mission by the CorruptChurch of CrystalDragonJesus. The story shifts focus to the main characters disproving religion and having the church shut down, with the original ending being more of an afterthought.²* '''Exaggerated''': Soon after the church intervenes, every character is retooled as either a StrawCharacter or "one of the correct ones".²* '''Downplayed''': The church's interference is a minor subplot that only occurs late into the book.²* '''Justified''': One of the heroes is a SingleIssueWonk on the topic of religion and refuses to let the plot carry on until everything is sorted out.²* '''Inverted''': As the book goes on, it gets DenserAndWackier and drops any serious symbolism it may have had.²* '''Subverted''': The church turns out to not be so bad after all, removing the political subtext.²* '''Double Subverted''': And then the story turns into an aggressively pro-Christian story. ²* '''Parodied''': The author [[CutShort ends the story in the middle of a sentence]] to devote the next [[{{Doorstopper}} 500 pages]] (supposedly) to explaining why ReligionIsWrong and detailing [[RefugeInAudacity the various ways in which he'd like to decapitate religious leaders.]] He writes one paragraph before he gets bored and decides to "go yell at some of them carolers."²* '''Zig Zagged''': ???²* '''Averted''': Denouncement of religion is the underlying theme throughout most of the book, the church showing up only makes the message more clear.²* '''Enforced''': The producers demand the writer include more political messages in his work. ²* '''Lampshaded''': "Why do we care about this church all of a sudden?" "I dunno."²* '''Invoked''': ???²* '''Exploited''': ???²* '''Defied''': One of the characters manages to calmly convince the church officials that what they're doing is right.²* '''Discussed''': ???²* '''Conversed''': ???²----²Back to FilibusterFreefall²----


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