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1'''Basic Trope''': Catholic schoolgirls aren't as innocent as they look.²* '''Straight''': Margaret attends Our Lady of Tropes High School, and has more sexual knowledge than would be expected from someone whose sex-ed class was abstinence-only. She's also on the Pill (her mom thinks it's to regulate her periods or ease PMS, but her boyfriend knows better.)²* '''Exaggerated''': ²** Margaret wears a fetishized uniform, and has had sex with [[ReallyGetsAround at least half the boys]] (and a few girls) in her class. (Not to mention, she made [[SexyPriest Father Martin]] forget all about his vows of celibacy.)²** The school uniforms are all the fetishized version (bare midriff, cleavage, thigh-high stockings, short plaid skirt), and the classes are taught by NaughtyNuns.²* '''Downplayed''': Although she has never had sex herself, Margaret [[CovertPervert secretly]] reads women's magazines, erotic books, {{Yaoi}}, etc. to store up information that will one day help her in bed with a boyfriend.²* '''Justified''': ²** Teenagers are prone to experimenting with sex, whether it's approved of or not. This is especially so when (non-marital) SexIsEvil and therefore kind of a ForbiddenFruit.²** Margaret ''isn't'' a HighSchool girl of any kind (Catholic or otherwise), but she's a stripper/porn star/prostitute/other sex worker who caters to that particular fetish.²* '''Inverted''': Margaret is TheIngenue and maybe even a bit of a [[AllWomenArePrudes prude.]]²* '''Subverted''': ²** Margaret is on the Pill, but it really is for health/wellness reasons, not for contraception.²** Margaret wears her uniform properly, and she's wholesome and prayerful.²** Margaret's parents transfer her to public school specifically to avoid the goings-on at Our Lady of Tropes.²** FreakyFashionMildMind²* '''Double Subverted''': ²** But she's secretly excited about (theoretically) not needing to use a condom when the time comes.²** But she's NaughtyByNight.²** Margaret is boy-crazy.²* '''Parodied''': Margaret grows up to be a NaughtyNun.²* '''Zig Zagged''': ???²* '''Averted''': ²** Margaret goes to a catholic school but doesn't wear a uniform or date around.²** Margaret does not attend Catholic school, and does not dress in that style.²* '''Enforced''': "Mmm... [[WomensMysteries mysterious Catholic girls]]..."²* '''Lampshaded''': "Everything you've heard about Catholic schoolgirls is true!"²* '''Invoked''': Margaret wants to get her crush's attention, so she [[BeAWhoreToGetYourMan starts acting and dressing more seductively.]]²* '''Exploited''': ²** Margaret married her high school sweetheart, and puts her uniform on (even after all those years, some of which included pregnancies and nursing, it still fits!) for her husband.²** A bunch of boys from the public school drive to Our Lady of Tropes High School and try to ask out the girls (or at least lure them to MakeOutPoint), on the basis that "Catholic girls are easy."²* '''Defied''': Margaret knows he wants a girl who is respectable enough not to embarrass him, and [[NoGuyWantsToBeChased doesn't just throw herself at him]]. She wants to be an actual girlfriend, not a sex object.²* '''Discussed''': "I wonder where a NiceGirl like Margaret learned to ________ like that!"²* '''Conversed''': "Oh, puh-leaze. Every time we see a Catholic schoolgirl on TV, she's a total slut! They can't all be like that!"²* '''Deconstructed''': May lead to problems (TeenPregnancy, [=STDs=], [[DefiledForever undesirable reputation]]). Also [[RaisedCatholic guilt may be a factor.]] It could also (especially if Margaret is [[FilleFatale a very young teenager]]) be a sign of sexual abuse, especially if accompanied by hypersexual behavior. Also, [[ContractualPurity she could be expelled]].²* '''Reconstructed''': Margaret uses protection, and strikes a good balance between sexy and outwardly "respectable." (She's more of an EthicalSlut.) She also selects her partners carefully, rather than screwing AnythingThatMoves. If she's been abused, she seeks help from a professional.²* '''Played For Laughs''': Margaret doesn't have the right body type to make her uniform into {{Fanservice}}; it comes across more as FanDisservice. She's a total {{Gonk}}.²* '''Played For Drama''': ²** Margaret is like this because her PedophilePriest [[PromiscuityAfterRape abused her]].²** Margaret receives [[RapeAsDrama the wrong kind of attention]]. And [[CassandraTruth no one believes her side of the story]] because of her behavior and manner of dress, or they think she was "asking for it."²** MyGirlIsNotASlut ²* '''Gender Inverted''' Catholic School Boys Rock: Michael attends Our Lady of Tropes High School, and has more sexual knowledge than would be expected from someone whose sex-ed class was abstinence-only. He wears his tie loose with the top two (sometimes three) buttons on his shirt undone and is pretty skillful with the ladies.²----²Back to CatholicSchoolGirlsRule²----²%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:²%%²%%* '''Implied''': ???²%%* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': ???


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