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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:"Let the game begin!"]]˛˛->'''Matra Magna:''' "Welcome, child, to my magic dimension!"˛˛''Pinball Magic'' is a 1995 [[PhysicalPinballTable arcade pinball game]], the first table from Creator/{{Capcom}}'s pinball division. It was designed by Bryan Hansen and Rob Hurtado, with art by Hugh Van Zanten and Jeff Busch.˛˛In ''Pinball Magic'', the player is an aspiring magician who must prove his skills before a group of seven famous mystics, all under the leadership of the mysterious Matra Magna. As she waves her wand over the playfield, impress the Masters by performing the linking rings, transforming beasts in the Morph Chamber, riding the magic carpet, escaping from a locked trunk, and numerous other acts. When it's time, take the Stage and Silence the Critics by levitating the pinball. If you manage to complete all three rounds of the magicians' trials, you might discover the secret of Matra Magna's eternal youth...˛˛''Pinball Magic'' is widely considered to be a respectable debut from Capcom, though pinball fans often get into heated arguments when comparing it to ''Pinball/TheatreOfMagic''. ''Pinball Magic'' is widely agreed to be for expert players, as its linear gameplay requires precise shots to advance, and proceeding through all 21 tricks is a challenge for even the best players.˛˛----˛!!This pinball demonstrates the following tropes:˛˛* AllThereInTheManual: Much of the background for Matra Magna and the Society of Masters is only available in the operator's manual.˛* DrosteImage: The pinball machine shown in the backglass is ''Pinball Magic'', complete with a pinball machine on its backglass.˛* EscapeArtist: One of the tricks is for the player to escape from a locked trunk.˛* GameOverMan: Basically all the mystics as you're leaving the "theater"... ending with Matra Manga laughing at you as the door closes.˛* HelpingHands: Magna's disembodied hand is on the playfield, holding her MagicWand.˛* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty: Matra Magna, who appears on the backglass as an attractive woman in her mid-twenties.˛* MagicalIncantation: Parodied with this incantation on the playfield:˛-->"Hocus Pocus preparatus,\˛Play this pinball apparatus!"˛* MagicalSociety: The Society of Masters, the panel of magicians and mystics reviewing the player: Nostradamus, a Shaman, The Great Hansen, Mr. Mystique, Kenzo, Jadugar, and Matra Magna.˛* MagicCarpet: One of the tricks.˛* MagiciansAreWizards: Matra Magna.˛* MagicWand: There's one on the playfield, which Matra Magna uses to conjure balls at the player.˛* NoImmortalInertia: What happens to Matra Magna if you defeat her.˛* PublicDomainCharacter: Nostradamus, one of the seven mystics.˛* PullARabbitOutOfMyHat: Inverted; the SkillShot requires the player to loop the pinball ''into'' the top hat.˛* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Matra Magna.˛* SawAWomanInHalf: Used in the match sequence.˛* SkillShot: Shoot the ball into a loop and let it drop into the top hat.˛* SpellingBonus: MAGIC increases the bonus multiplier.˛* StageMagician: The player.˛* StunnedSilence: "Silence the Critics", the first challenge from Matra Magna.˛* TimedMission: Some of the tricks have time limits.˛* WizardMode: This is the final challenge of the third round, against Matra Magna. As you make all of the main shots, her illusion of youth is removed, revealing her true age. Complete the challenge to shoot her with a pistol and turn her into a skeleton for 500 million points.˛----˛->'''Matra Magna:''' "Well, that's showbiz!"˛----


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