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1In the Pantheon/TropePantheons, the following were chosen:* '''[[Characters/ReZeroSubaruNatsuki Subaru Natsuki]], God of [[GroundhogPeggySue Reliving Time Loops To Save Loved Ones]]''' as a Demigod under Pantheon/ParadoxesAndTimeLoops (House of Pantheon/TimeAndSpace).* '''[[Characters/ReZeroEmiliaCamp Emilia]], Goddess of {{Mystical Waif}}s''' as an Intermediate Goddess under Pantheon/CharacterRoles (House of Pantheon/{{Characterization}}).* '''[[Characters/ReZeroEmiliaCamp Puck]], God of {{Familiar}}s''' as an Intermediate God under Pantheon/SupportMagic (House of Pantheon/{{Magic}}).


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