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1In the Pantheon/TropePantheons, the following were chosen:''[[AC:Fahrenheit]]''* '''[[VideoGame/{{Fahrenheit}} Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles]], Gods and Goddess of [[HowUnscientific Out-of-Genre Occurences]]''' as an Intermediate God and Demideities in the Hall of Pantheon/NarrativeGenres (House of Pantheon/{{Narrative}}).''[[AC:Heavy Rain]]''* '''[[VideoGame/HeavyRain Ethan Mars]], God of {{Stern Chase}}s''' ([[TheScapegoat The Origami Killer]]) as a Lesser God in the Hall of Pantheon/PlotPoints (House of Pantheon/{{Narrative}}).* '''[[VideoGame/HeavyRain Madison Paige]], Goddess of [[DamselOutOfDistress Badass Damsels]]''' (Mad, [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Madison Page]]) as a Lesser Goddess in the Hall of Pantheon/CharacterRoles (House of Pantheon/{{Characterization}}).* '''[[Videogame/HeavyRain Norman Jayden]], God of {{Functional Addict}}s''' as a Lesser God in the Hall of Pantheon/MedicalConditions (House of Pantheon/HealthAndDiseases).* '''[[Videogame/HeavyRain Scott Shelby]], God of [[DetectiveMole Detectives who Turn Out To Be The Culprit]]''' (Scott Sheppard, Scottie, The Origami Killer) as a Lesser God in the Halls of Pantheon/CriminalActions (House of Pantheon/{{Crime}}) and Pantheon/TaintedLaw (House of Pantheon/{{Justice}}).''[[AC:Beyond: Two Souls]]''* '''[[VideoGame/BeyondTwoSouls Jodie Holmes and Aiden]], Goddess and God of {{Psychic Link}}s''' (Jodie: Elizabeth North, [[InkSuitActor Elliot]] [[Creator/ElliotPage Page]], [[spoiler:Jodie Gray]] | Aiden: The Entity) as a Lesser Goddess and borderline Intermediate God in the Hall of Pantheon/SpiritualAndMentalPowers (House of Pantheon/{{Power}}).


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