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1With the [[Pantheon/{{Dimensions}} TV World]] in the Pantheon, every deity is known to have a Shadow in there. Several Gods have come to terms with their darker or benign impulses, turning their shadows into Personas, but most of those continue to live here anyway. Listing every single one of the Gods' Shadows would be a terrifying task, but listing Personas might not be as hard. This list is made for that purpose.께NOTE: There is no real way to determine a name for Personas of non-[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Persona]] deities, so maybe you make up a name that would fit them.께Because of the nature of Personas, it's '''''incredibly rare''''' for an evil person to successfully acquire one, as they would usually have to give in to their Shadows to be evil, ergo they can't get a Persona after that. What few evil Persona users exist gain their persona thanks to a god's backing (i.e. Izanami for Tohru Adachi).께There are a few differences the Pantheon's TV World has from the original one in Inaba. It's been theorized that [[Pantheon/PersonalityMisc Philemon]] [[AWizardDidIt has a hand in this]].께[[foldercontrol]]께[[folder:Pantheon TV World Differences]]# Normally, Personas acquired in the TV World (Philemon, Izanami, [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} the Dark Hour]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona5}} the Metaverse]], traumatic awakening, etc. are other such ways, though the TV World is the easiest) cannot be used outside it, but that's not the case in the Pantheon for deities from the ''VideoGame/{{Persona}}'' universe(s).# It's a common misnomer (thanks to Teddie's claim) that children cannot manifest Shadows because ChildrenAreInnocent, but 11-year-old Ken Amada already disproves that, though his traumatic circumstances are a special case. Regardless, children manifest Shadows in here and are as eligible for Persona-acquisition as the adults or any other sentient being.# Normally, due to the nature of Shadows, when a Shadow of an individual goes berserk by its owner's denial, the owner passes out as a result, only waking after the Shadow has been significantly weakened. Here, there's a chance it might not, allowing the owner to engage with their own Shadow without requiring allies (i.e. the Investigation Team) to subdue it on their behalf.# The fog doesn't need special glasses from Teddie to see through, courtesy of Izanami. Regardless, successful acquisition of a Persona will earn the client a complementary pair as a badge of honor (later or immediately depending on whether or not Teddie was present in the trip). If the client is lucky, they may also receive the limited-edition pair with a built-in nose guard.# Normally, Personas revert into Shadows and will try to kill its owner when denied by them or if their owner has experienced extreme psychological stress, as Yu Narukami can attest to, but consequentially become stronger upon becoming a Persona again. Here, they simply become un-summonable until the Persona-user has psychologically recovered, after which they are available once more.# In Inaba's TV World, Shadows attack Persona-users ''only'' (unless it's foggy in Inaba [[spoiler:courtesy of Izanami]], in which case they'll attack whomever). In the Pantheon's, they hold no such restrictions.[[/folder]]께When you plan on going on a trip here to acquire your Persona, whether or not you're a deity, there are some ground rules to follow.께[[folder:Pantheon TV World Guidelines]]께# You must be accompanied by more than one member of the Investigation Team, and one of them has to be a 'leader'. In the event Yu Narukami is not available, the following will substitute as 'leaders' for excursions to the TV World: Yosuke Hanamura, Rise Kujikawa, and Naoto Shirogane. While on the excursion, their word is final: should they decide to pull out and come back another time for whatever reason, they are not to be argued with.# In addition to that, at least one of the following must be available to serve as intel provider, in order of priority: Rise Kujikawa, Teddie, Fuuka Yamagishi, Futaba Sakura, Mitsuru Kirijo, (Insert Name Here), previous clients with Sensor-type Personas.# It's generally advised to have only one non-Persona user (including the 'client') at a time during an 'expedition'. Doing otherwise runs the chance of the non-client's Shadow appearing in the middle of the dungeon, though certain limitations means this chance is negligible. One case of this happening was during the Investigation Team's exploration of Yukiko Amagi's dungeon. Because Chie Satonaka뾟eing a non-Persona user at the time뾲agged along, the Team ran into ''her'' Shadow, and were forced to pull out afterward after getting her Persona due to the post-fatigue that comes with it. Later situations reveal that this is more likely to occur depending on how close/related the two non-Persona users are, although as demonstrated with Chie and Yukiko, being close friends is enough to grant a high enough chance (though just a ''chance'', not a guarantee) for this to occur.# Do not come expecting to fight alongside them: your transforming Shadow exerts an odd effect on its original self, draining your energy and knocking you unconscious (and while it's no longer a ''certainty'' that will happen, there is still a ''chance'' it would). The best thing you can do is keep out from under their feet and let them do the fighting: they'll fight to the bitter end to keep you safe and step back when the Shadow is properly pacified.# The Investigation Team will not be held accountable for any injuries or trauma incurred if you take a trip without any of them, even if you are accompanied by previous clients of theirs who have become Persona-users. But if you ''do'' manage to acquire a Persona despite that, good for you.# Warning: Physical exhaustion comes in the aftermath of beating up a Shadow, whether or not it gets accepted in the end. # All who have cleared their own dungeons get a magic card they can summon just like all TV World Persona-users, but only those who acquired Personas can summon them with these.께[[/folder]]께However, in order not to destabilize reality becuase of the different rules of each individual universe, Philemon has to set further limits as to who can acquire Personas. While the Pantheon may be more flexible, how these powers and rules interact is still delicate.께The real reason however is so that Nyarlathotep cannot pull off [[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} what he did in Sumaru City]]. They're kept low-tiered due to fear of Nyarlathotep or other malevolent deities creating {{Evil Knockoff}}s of higher tiered deities via their Shadows. Nyarlathotep is an especially dangerous case as when in his dominion, or a rumor spreads far enough, he can manifest someone's Shadow from their Persona, making them into a red-eyed EvilCounterpart. Worse than normal knockoffs is that these are completely real, and should these Shadows die, their users can be left an EmptyShell or suffer a mental shutdown.께[[folder:Persona Regulation Criteria]]께# Acquired Personas are only usable within certain domains (e.g. TV World, Dark Hour-affected areas, the Metaverse, etc.), so it's pointless if your reason for going is just for a power-up. Only deities who come from/appear in the ''VideoGame/{{Persona}}'' universe(s) (e.g. [[Pantheon/{{Persona4}} the Dojimas]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona5}} Ren's Confidants]], [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} Vincent Brooks]]) are exempt from this rule.# For most "clients", the EnemyWithin has to be a '''canon''' EnemyWithin. Otherwise, their issues have to pertain to events within the Pantheon.# Personas can only be acquired for Intermediate Gods and lower.# For canon Enemies Within, The requirement for negative emotions to manifest should be if they manifested in a physical way in canon.# Brainwashing and Demonic Possessions do not count as eligible Persona material.# Corollary to Rule 5: if they get bad enough, are filed under the conditions for Rule 2.# [[EnemyWithout Enemies Without]] depend on how they were handled in their home canons. If the {{Enemy Without}} becomes an independent character (i.e. Dark Marik), they cannot be used for Personas.# Alternate versions and clones do not count as Persona material.# If peace was made with the Enemy Within/Split Personality, then it cannot be used as a Persona and must follow that universe's rules.# Both the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts have the right to refuse you if they don't find you deserving of a Persona.께[[/folder]]께With the [[Pantheon/{{Persona5}} the Metaverse]] coming into play thanks to the ascension of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a new means of Persona-unlocking is now available, though other requests can be made for them. And with it are a different set of ground rules for excursions there.께[[folder:Pantheon Metaverse Guidelines]]께# You must be accompanied by more than one member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and one of them has to be a 'leader'. In the event Ren Amamiya is not available, either Makoto Niijima or Morgana will substitute as 'leaders' for trips to the Metaverse. If Morgana has to lead, he has to be accompanied by another member of the Phantoms, as the Metaverse Navigator is required to even ''enter'' the Metaverse. While there, their word is final: should they decide to pull out and come back another time for whatever reason, they are not to be argued with.# In addition to that, at least one of the following must be available to serve as intel provider, in order of priority: Futaba Sakura, Rise Kujikawa, Fuuka Yamagishi, Teddie, Mitsuru Kirijo, (Insert Name Here), and previous clients with Sensor-type Personas.# To even begin a trip, you need to supply your catalyst's name, their location, and the distortion the form of their Palace is based on. The catalyst here would be the person/people/group that has been oppressing you. ('''Example:''' Name: Junya Kaneshiro. Location: The entire Shibuya district. Keyword: Bank. Kaneshiro sees the entirety of Shibuya as his bank, and its people as [=ATMs=] to withdraw money from.) Of course, there's also the chance that your catalyst's Shadow is in Mementos, which will be checked first, but it pays to be prepared.** However, if you're not looking for a Persona, the catalyst can instead be a target of choice, but the Phantoms still have to unanimously agree before accepting.# Unlike the TV World, non-Persona users who aren't clients are permitted to join a heist, but they must also follow the Phantom Thieves' instructions.# Be prepared to fight alongside the Phantom Thieves, and ensure that your resolve is steeled for when you meet your 'catalyst', if you have one. If you don't think you're ready, it will inconvenience them.# The Phantom Thieves of Hearts will not be held accountable for any injuries or trauma incurred if you take a trip without any of them, even if you are accompanied by previous clients of theirs who have become Persona-users. That said, doing so is near impossible anyway without the [=MetaNav=] (unless you have somehow convinced Goro Akechi to take you there and guide you). If you ''do'' manage to acquire a Persona despite all that, good for you.[[/folder]]께Note: '''etc.''' means they can have any Persona since they're {{Player Character}}s in their main games. At least in regards to VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} onwards (having the Fool Arcana), since the playable characters from the games before that can ''all'' change their Personas, though only within certain Arcanas.께''Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona'' Deities:께[[folder:Persona-users by Arcana]]께Note: Those in italics got their Personas ''after'' ascension to the Pantheon.께|| '''Arcana''' || '''Persona-user''' |||| The Fool || [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi, Aigis]] (post-''The Answer''), [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Yu Narukami]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ren Amamiya]] |||| The Magician || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Yuka Ayase]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Junpei Iori]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Yosuke Hanamura]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Morgana]] |||| The Priestess || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Maki Sonomura]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Fuuka Yamagishi]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Yukiko Amagi]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Makoto Niijima]] |||| The Empress || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Yukino Mayuzumi]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Mitsuru Kirijo]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Haru Okumura]] |||| The Emperor || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Naoya Toudou]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Akihiko Sanda]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Kanji Tatsumi]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Yusuke Kitagawa]] |||| The Lovers || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Lisa Silverman]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Yukari Takeba]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Rise Kujikawa]], [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ann Takamaki]] |||| The Hierophant || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Kei Nanjo]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Shinjiro Aragaki]], ''[[Pantheon/{{Detectives}} Ryotaro Dojima]]'' |||| The Chariot || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Masao Inaba]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Aigis]] (pre-''The Answer''), Chie Satonaka, [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ryuji Sakamoto]] |||| Justice || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Hidehiko Uesugi]], [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Katsuya Suou]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Ken Amada]], ''[[Pantheon/FamilyDynamics Nanako Dojima]]'', [[Pantheon/{{Upbringing}} Goro Akechi]] |||| The Hermit || [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Futaba Sakura]] |||| Wheel of Fortune || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Jun Kurosu]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Naoto Shirogane]], [[Pantheon/{{Machinery}} Labrys]] |||| Strength || [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Koromaru]] |||| The Jester/The Hunger || [[Pantheon/OtherCriminals Tohru Adachi]] |||| The Hanged Man || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Baofu]] |||| Death || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Eikichi Mishina]], [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Reiji Kido (P2)]] |||| Temperance || none |||| The Devil || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Reiji Kido (P1)]] |||| The Tower || none |||| The Star || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Ulala Serizawa]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Teddie]] |||| The Moon || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Maya Amano]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Shinjiro Aragaki]] (Social Link with Kotone Shiomi) |||| The Sun || [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Tatsuya Suou]], [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Akihiko Sanada]] (Social Link with Kotone Shiomi), [[Pantheon/{{Personalities}} Sho Minazuki]][[labelnote:*]]Although his Persona Tsukiyomi is of the Moon Arcana, inherited from his Plume of Darkness self[[/labelnote]] |||| Judgment || [[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia Eriko Kirishima]] |||| The Aeon || [[Pantheon/{{Persona3}} Aigis]] (Social Link pre-''The Answer''), [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Marie]] ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Investigation Team]][[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives With the exception of one, this Team acquired their Personas through the TV World]].께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Yu Narukami || Izanagi, Izanagi-no-Okami, etc. || Powerful elemental (inc. [[NonElemental Almighty]]) attacks, Victory Cry[[labelnote:?]]Recover full HP and SP after a successful battle[[/labelnote]], Mind Charge[[labelnote:?]]boost next magic attack by 250%[[/labelnote]], Angelic Grace[[labelnote:?]]Doubles evasion rate against all attacks but Light/Darkness/Almighty[[/labelnote]], and great physical power. (Izanagi-no-Okami) || Yu got his Persona via [[Pantheon/PlainNeutral Izanami]] rather than the TV World. |||| Yosuke Hanamura || Jiraya, Susano-o, Takehaya Susano-o || Wind and Phsyical attacks, with added Silence and Confusion skills, Hit/Evasion buffs, Youthful Wind[[labelnote:?]]Moderately restores party's HP and raises Hit/Evasion rate for 3 turns[[/labelnote]], single-target Healing skills, Dekaja[[labelnote:?]]remove all enemy buffs[[/labelnote]], Trafuri[[labelnote:?]]100% chance to escape normal battles[[/labelnote]], Auto-Sukukaja[[labelnote:?]]Begin with Sukukaja at the start of the battle[[/labelnote]], Megido, Green Wall[[labelnote:?]]Add Wind resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns). [[/labelnote]], and Makara Break[[labelnote:?]]Break all enemies' Makarakarn[[/labelnote]]. || |||| Chie Satonaka || Tomoe, Suzuka-Gongen, Haraedo-no-Okami || Physical skills (attack one, attack all, or CounterAttack), damage- and crit rate-increasing abilities, Dragon Hustle[[labelnote:?]]Increases all allies' Attack, Defense and Hit/Evasion rate for 3 turns[[/labelnote]], single-target Ice skills, Mabufu, Mind Slice[[labelnote:?]]Medium phys damage to all foes w/ chance of Confusion[[/labelnote]], Hama(on), and Tetra Break[[labelnote:?]]Break all enemies' Tetrakarn[[/labelnote]]. || |||| Yukiko Amagi || Konohana Sakuya, Amaterasu, Sumeo-Okami || Healing (inc. status and revival) and Fire skills, Burning Petals[[labelnote:?]]Target all version of Trisagion[[/labelnote]], Mudo(on), Valiant Dance[[labelnote:?]]30% chance to enrage all foes[[/labelnote]], Matarunda[[labelnote:?]]Enemy Party Attack Down[[/labelnote]], Red Wall[[labelnote:?]]Add Fire resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns).[[/labelnote]], Spirit Drain[[labelnote:?]]Drain SP from one foe[[/labelnote]], Mind Charge. || |||| Kanji Tatsumi || Take-Mikazuchi, Dairoku Tenmaou, Takeji Zaiten || Physical and Elec skills, [[RegeneratingHealth Regenerate 3]], Rakukaja[[labelnote:?]]Defense Up[[/labelnote]], Matarukaja[[labelnote:?]]Party Attack Up[[/labelnote]], The Man's Way[[labelnote:?]]Chance of causing down and dizzy to all foes.[[/labelnote]], Power Charge[[labelnote:?]]Boost next physical attack by 250%[[/labelnote]], Masukunda[[labelnote:?]]Enemy Party Hit/Evasion Rate Down[[/labelnote]], Blue Wall[[labelnote:?]]Add Elec resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns).[[/labelnote]], Atom Smasher[[labelnote:?]]Phys attack to all foes with chance of Fear[[/labelnote]], Fast Heal[[labelnote:?]]faster recover from ailments[[/labelnote]], Media(rama). || |||| Rise Kujikawa || Himiko, Kanzeon, Kouzeon || EnemyScan, communications, item tracking, post-battle recovery, successful fleeing of battles, and strengthening All-Out attacks. (standard form) [[ Combat Form skills can be found here]]. || Himiko has [[VideoGame/Persona4ArenaUltimax a combat form]] for when Rise feels like battling as well. She's also the only one whose Persona is seen opening communications with non-Persona-users, though it can be assumed that others can do the same. |||| Teddie || Kintoki-Douji, Kamui, Kamui-Moshiri || Healing (inc. status) and Ice skills, Marakukaja[[labelnote:?]]Party Defense Up[[/labelnote]], Matarukaja[[labelnote:?]]Party Attack Up[[/labelnote]], Poison Skewer, Gigantic Fist, Traesto[[labelnote:?]]return to entrance[[/labelnote]], and Kamui Miracle[[labelnote:?]]Anything could happen (1) All allies and/or all foes' HP and SP fully recovered; (2) All allies and/or all foes downed; (3) All allies and/or all foes inflicted with random status ailment; (4) Nothing[[/labelnote]], Auto-Rakukaja[[labelnote:?]]Begin with Rakukaja at the start of the battle[[/labelnote]], Revival skills, Marakunda[[labelnote:?]]Enemy Party Defense Down[[/labelnote]], Life Drain[[labelnote:?]]Drain HP from one foe[[/labelnote]], White Wall[[labelnote:?]]Add Ice resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns).[[/labelnote]], Mustard Bomb[[labelnote:?]]Phys attack to all foes with chance of Enervation[[/labelnote]], Dekunda[[labelnote:?]]remove debuffs on party[[/labelnote]]. || |||| Naoto Shirogane || Sukuna-Hikona, Yamato-Takeru, Yamato Sumeragi, [[LightNovel/PersonaXDetectiveNaoto Amatsu-Mikaboshi]] || Physical, Expel, Curse, and Almighty attacks, -rakarn (Reflect) skills, [[PlayingWithFire Agidyne]], [[BlowYouAway Garudyne]], Shield of Justice[[labelnote:?]]Shields the party from all damage once.[[/labelnote]], [[RegeneratingHealth Invigorate 3]][[labelnote:?]]Gradually recover SP.[[/labelnote]], Heat Riser[[labelnote:?]]all -kaja buffs on one ally[[/labelnote]], Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Myriad Arrows, and Tetraja [[labelnote:?]]Null one instant kill attack once on one ally[[/labelnote]], and Mind Charge. (Sukuna-Hinoka line). Ability Tune[[labelnote:?]] alter the strength and range of another Persona's abilities[[/labelnote]] (Amatsu-Mikaboshi) || Naoto is one of few Persona-users to have manifested a second Persona not related to the previous one in the form of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. ||[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Investigation Team cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' || '''Glasses''' |||| Yu Narukami || depends on his current Persona || two-handed sword || Simple, gray, rectangular, few embellishments |||| Yosuke Hanamura || Absorb Wind, Block Fire, Weakness Electricity || twin knives or kunai || square, vibrant orange |||| Chie Satonaka || Block Light, Absorb Ice, Weakness Fire || greaves (self-taught Jeet Kune Do) || oval, bright yellow, thick |||| [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Yukiko Amagi]] || Absorb Fire, Block Electricity, Weakness Ice || steel-rimmed fans || half-rimmed, thin, red |||| Kanji Tatsumi || Absorb Electricity, Resist Physical, Weakness Wind, || folded-up chair, shield, or plates || black sunglasses, rests on the bridge of his nose |||| Rise Kujikawa || None || none, staff when Himiko is in Combat Form || pink, oblong, rests on the bridge of her nose |||| Teddie || Absorb Ice, Block Wind and Dark, Weakness Electricity || claw weapon || over his costume's eyes |||| Naoto Shirogane || Block Fire, Reflect Light and Dark || handgun || light blue, second thinnest next to Yukiko's ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives]]쾆his team uses Evokers to summon their Personas, which awoke for them during the Dark Hour.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/SupportMagic Makoto Yuki]] || Orpheus, [[VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth Messiah]], etc. || (Cut +) Fire attacks, Dekaja (buff removal) (Orpheus). Almighty, Strike, and healing skills. (Messiah) || Unique to even others with the Wild Card ability, Makoto is capable of combining the abilities of two of his Personas to perform Fusion Spells depending on the two Personas he's using. |||| [[Pantheon/GameDesign Kotone Shiomi]] || alternate Orpheus, [[VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth Messiah]], etc. || Same as above. || Because of the new way Fusion Spells worked in her game, Kotone does not share the same ability to use them the way her male counterpart can. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Regret}} Yukari Takeba]] || Io, Isis || Wind, Healing, and Revival skills, Charmdi[[labelnote:?]]cure Charm[[/labelnote]], (Me) Patra[[labelnote:?]]Dispels Panic, Fear, and Distress[[/labelnote]], Tarukaja [[labelnote:?]]Attack Up[[/labelnote]], Marakunda [[labelnote:?]]Enemy Party Defense Down[[/labelnote]], Myriad Arrows, Primal Force[[labelnote:?]]Severe Phys damage to one[[/labelnote]], and Tetrakarn [[labelnote:?]]Reflect Physical attacks[[/labelnote]]. || |||| [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Junpei Iori]] || Hermes, Trismegistus || Physical and Fire skills, with passive regen, Tentarafoo, Power Charge[[labelnote:?]]Boost next physical attack[[/labelnote]], and CounterAttack. || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Tastes}} Akihiko Sanada]] || Polydeuces, Caesar || Elec, debuff, single target Healing, and Charge skills, and Fist Master[[labelnote:?]]Bolster Akihiko's fist attacks[[/labelnote]]. || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} Mitsuru Kirijo]] || Penthesilea, Artemisia || Ice skills (up to Niflheim) with basic Healing, Spirit Drain[[labelnote:?]]steal enemy SP[[/labelnote]], Tentarafoo [[labelnote:?]]Panic foes[[/labelnote]], Mind Charge[[labelnote:?]]Boost next magic attack[[/labelnote]], Marin Karin [[labelnote:?]]Charm one[[/labelnote]], Angelic Grace[[labelnote:?]]Doubles evasion rate against all attacks but Light/Darkness/Almighty[[/labelnote]]. || Penthesilea and Artemisia after her have limited scanning abilities and communication power that require special equipment, but still pale to Lucia/Juno's. |||| [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics Fuuka Yamagishi]] || Lucia, Juno || EnemyScan, communications, luck-based health or SP recovery, Healing Wave[[labelnote:?]]Party recovers 15% HP upon going to the next dungeon floor.[[/labelnote]], and Escape Route. || Is the only intel-type Persona showcased[[note]][[CutscenePowerToTheMax even if only in just one cutscene]][[/note]] to have sturdy defensive abilities. She also has the longest recorded communications range compared to other Persona-users like her[[note]]even noted to be better than Rise's[[/note]], can bolster it with other Persona-users of her type, and can even communicate across dimensions. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Firearms}} Aigis]] || Palladion, Pallas Athena, etc. || Physical and buff skills, Dekunda[[labelnote:?]]remove debuffs[[/labelnote]], Diarahan[[labelnote:?]]full heal HP[[/labelnote]], and Samarecarm[[labelnote:?]]revive w/ full health[[/labelnote]]. (Pallas Athena) || After somehow inheriting the Wild Card ability from Makoto, Aigis is just as capable of using multiple Personas as he. |||| Koromaru || Cerberus || Fire and Curse skills, High Counter, Evil Touch/Smile[[labelnote:?]]induce Fear[[/labelnote]], Life Drain[[labelnote:?]]drain HP[[/labelnote]], and Ghastly Wail[[labelnote:?]]instant KO foes in Fear state[[/labelnote]]. || Koromaru isn't actually an ascended deity like the rest, but serves as Ken's herald. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Children}} Ken Amada]] || Nemesis, Kala-Nemi || Pierce[[labelnote:?]]physical attack stronger on downed foes[[/labelnote]], Revival, Healing, Expel, and Elec skills, Rebellion[=/=]Revolution[[labelnote:?]]increase crit rate[[/labelnote]], Makarakarn[[labelnote:?]]Reflect one magic attack exc. Almighty[[/labelnote]]. || |||| [[Pantheon/IntrovertFlaws Shinjiro Aragaki]] || Castor || Physical skills, CounterAttack, Evil Smile[[labelnote:?]]induce fear[[/labelnote]], and passive regen. || |||| [[Pantheon/RoboticsAndMachinery Labrys]] || Ariadne[[spoiler:/Asterius]] || Physical skills and charging them (Ariadne)[[spoiler:, plus Tetrakarn and Fire skills (Asterius)]] || Unlike the rest in this list, Labrys got her Persona in the TV World. [[spoiler:If possessed by Shadow Labrys, her Persona turns into Asterius]]. ||[[/folder]]께[[folder:S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' |||| [[Pantheon/SupportMagic Makoto Yuki]] || depends on his current Persona || one-handed sword[[note]]by default, but he can choose any other weapons SEES use save for guns and knives[[/note]] |||| [[Pantheon/GameDesign Kotone Shiomi]] || depends on her current Persona || naginata |||| [[Pantheon/{{Regret}} Yukari Takeba]] || Reflect Ice, Resist Dark, Weakness Electricity || bow and arrows |||| [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Junpei Iori]] || Block Fire, Resist Light, Weakness Wind || broadsword or baseball bat |||| [[Pantheon/{{Tastes}} Akihiko Sanada]] || Block Electricity, Weakness Ice || gloves and knuckles (boxing) |||| [[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} Mitsuru Kirijo]] || Block Ice, Resist Light, Weakness Fire || rapier |||| [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics Fuuka Yamagishi]] || None || none |||| [[Pantheon/{{Firearms}} Aigis]] || Block Pierce, Resist Wind, Weakness Electricity || finger guns and various armaments |||| Koromaru || Block Fire and Dark, Weakness Light || knife |||| [[Pantheon/{{Children}} Ken Amada]] || Block Light, Weakness Darkness || spear |||| [[Pantheon/IntrovertFlaws Shinjiro Aragaki]] || None || battle axe |||| [[Pantheon/RoboticsAndMachinery Labrys]] || Block Nuclear, Resist Gun and Light, Weakness Psy (Ariadne)[[spoiler:, Block Curse, Resist Fire and Psy, Weakness Ice (Asterius)]] || double-ended axe ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Phantom Thieves of Hearts]][[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} This team acquired their Personas via the Metaverse.]]께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Catalyst''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Ren Amamiya || Joker || Arsene[[spoiler:, Satanael]], etc. || Curse and Physical skills. (Arsene) [[spoiler:Maeigaon[[labelnote:?]]Heavy Curse attack on all foe[[/labelnote]], Megidolaon[[labelnote:?]]Severe Almighty damage to all foes[[/labelnote]], Survival Trick[[labelnote:?]]Survive one insta-death attack with 1 HP left[[/labelnote]], Riot Gun[[labelnote:?]]Severe Gun damage to all foes[[/labelnote]], Cosmic Flare[[labelnote:?]]Severe Nuclear damage to all foes[[/labelnote]], Heat Riser[[labelnote:?]]all -kaja buffs on one[[/labelnote]], immunity to all Mental ailments, Victory Cry[[labelnote:?]]Fully recover HP and SP after victory[[/labelnote]], Sinful Shell (to kill Yaldabaoth)]] || Suguru Kamoshida || |||| Morgana || Mona || Zorro, Mercurius || Wind, Healing, and Revival skills, alongside Lucky/Miracle Punch, (Me) Patra [[labelnote:?]]Cure Dizzy[=/=]Forget[=/=]Sleep[=/=]Hunger[[/labelnote]]. and Masukunda[[labelnote:?]]reduce foes' agility[[/labelnote]]. || None || Being [[spoiler:a resident of the Velvet Room]], he did not acquire his Persona the usual way. |||| Ryuji Sakamoto || Skull || Captain Kidd, Seiten Taisei || Physical (two with chance of inflicting Forget or Despair and Elec (with chance of Shock) skills, (Ma)Tarukaja[[labelnote:?]]boost ally attack[[/labelnote]], and Charge[[labelnote:?]]boost next physical attack[[/labelnote]]. || Suguru Kamoshida || |||| Ann Takamaki || Panther || Carmen, Hecate || Fire (with chance of Burn) and single-target Healing skills, Concentrate[[labelnote:?]]boost next magic attack[[/labelnote]], (Ma)Tarunda[[labelnote:?]]reduce foes' attack[[/labelnote]], Dekaja[[labelnote:?]]remove foes' buffs[[/labelnote]], Dormina[[labelnote:?]]sleep one foe[[/labelnote]], Tentarafoo[[labelnote:?]]confuse enemy party[[/labelnote]], and Ambient Aid[[labelnote:?]]increase chance of status ailments in rain or special weather[[/labelnote]]. || Suguru Kamoshida || |||| Yusuke Kitagawa || Fox || Goemon, Kamu Susanoo || Physical and Ice (with chance of Freeze) skills, (Ma)Sukukaja [[labelnote:?]]raise ally agility[[/labelnote]], Speed Master[[labelnote:?]]auto-Sukukaja[[/labelnote]], Mind Slice[[labelnote:?]]Medium phys damage to all foes w/ chance of Confuse[[/labelnote]], and CounterAttack. || Ichirusai Madarame, his mentor || |||| Makoto Niijima || Queen || Johanna, Anat || Physical, Nuclear, Healing skills, [[labelnote:?]]Medium phys damage to all foes w/ change of Dizzy[[/labelnote]], Energy Shower [[labelnote:?]]cure mind-based ailments[[/labelnote]], Defense Master[[labelnote:?]]Auto-Rakukaja[[/labelnote]], and (Ma)Rakukaja[[labelnote:?]]raise ally defense[[/labelnote]]. || Junya Kaneshiro || |||| Futaba Sakura || Navi/Oracle || Necronomicon, Prometheus || EnemyScan, communications, after-battle recovery, Treasure Skimmer[[labelnote:?]]detect rare item in enemy[[/labelnote]], Position Hack[[labelnote:?]]chance to immediately Hold Up the enemy at the start of a fight[[/labelnote]], Active Support[[labelnote:?]]cast -kaja buffs/Heat Riser, healing, SP recovery, Charge, or Concentrate on party[[/labelnote]], Emergency Shift[[labelnote:?]]switch out KO'd allies with backups[[/labelnote]], and Final Guard[[labelnote:?]]nullify a fatal attack once per battle[[/labelnote]]. || corrupted memories of Wakaba Isshiki, her mother || Futaba's Shadow is a rare example of a Shadow [[DarkIsNotEvil representing positive emotions]], namely her will to live and love for her mother. She was helpful, and Futaba had to overcome the negative perspective of her mother. |||| Haru Okumura || Noir || Milady, Astarte || Psy, Amrita[[labelnote:?]]cure all ailments[[/labelnote]], and Reflect skills, Triple Down[[labelnote:?]]3 Light Gun attacks[[/labelnote]], Fast Heal[[labelnote:?]]faster recover from ailments[[/labelnote]], One-shot Kill[[labelnote:?]]high crit Severe Gun attack[[/labelnote]], boosted ailment recovery, Climate Decorum[[labelnote:?]]double evasion chance during special weather[[/labelnote]], and Heat Riser[[labelnote:?]]all -kaja buffs on one[[/labelnote]]. || Kunikazu Okumura, her father || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Upbringing}} Goro Akechi]] || Crow || Robin Hood[[spoiler:, Loki]] || Physical, Bless, Curse, and Almighty skills[[spoiler: alongside Maragion]]. || Unknown || [[spoiler:Despite bearing the Wild Card, he can only use two Personas.]] ||께%% Traitor or not, Goro Akechi is still a member and will be categorized under Phantom Thieves of Hearts.[[/folder]]께[[folder:Phantom Thieves of Hearts cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Phantom Thief Outfit''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ren Amamiya]] || GentlemanThief || depends on his Persona || knife and pistol |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Morgana]] || [[{{Pun}} Cat]] Burglar || Block Wind, Resist Bless, Weakness Electricity || curved sword and slingshot |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ryuji Sakamoto]] || Skeletons/Pirates || Block Electricity, Resist Fire, Weakness Wind || bludgeon and shotgun |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Ann Takamaki]] || ClassyCatBurglar || Block Fire, Resist Electricity, Weakness Ice || whip and machinegun |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Yusuke Kitagawa]] || Ronin/[[ Inari Ōkami]] || Block Ice, Resist Wind, Weakness Fire || katana and assault rifle |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Makoto Niijima]] || [[PostApunkalypticArmor Punk Biker]] || Block Nuclear, Resist Curse, Weakness Psy || knuckles and revolver |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Futaba Sakura]] || Cyber Hacker || None || none |||| [[Pantheon/{{Thieves}} Haru Okumura]] || Musketeer || Block Psy, Resist Ice, Weakness Nuclear || halberd and grenade launcher |||| [[Pantheon/{{Upbringing}} Goro Akechi]] || Fancy Military || Resist Bless, Weakness Curse (Robin Hood) || lightsaber and blaster ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Persona-users of Sumaru City]][[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure All of them at some point or another played the Persona game and were granted their Personas by Philemon.]] Unlike the groups that came after them, they all can take in multiple Personas, but are limited by Arcana affinities unlike Wild Cards.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Tatsuya Suou || Vulcanus (Prime), Apollo, etc. || Nuclear and Fire skills, Balzac[[labelnote:?]]enrage one target[[/labelnote]], Gigantic Fist, Tarukaja, and Dekaja[[labelnote:?]]buff cancel[[/labelnote]]. || |||| Maya Amano || Maia (Prime/Custom), Artemis, etc. || Ice, Water, and Healing skills, Crescent Mirror[[labelnote:?]]Huge Almighty damage to all enemies.[[/labelnote]], Diarahan, [[labelnote:?]][[/labelnote]], Grydyne[[labelnote:?]]high Almighty damage to an enemy group.[[/labelnote]], Hypnotic Wave [[labelnote:?]]Put all enemies to Sleep. (44% chance)[[/labelnote]], Recarmdra[[labelnote:?]]Sacrifice self to revive and recover full HP to all allies[[/labelnote]], Tetrakarn. || |||| Lisa Silverman || Eros (Prime), Venus, etc. || Earth, Healing, Water, and Charm skills, Foamy Lover [[labelnote:?]]Deal high Earth + Light damage to all enemies. May charm.[[/labelnote]], Makarakarn || |||| Eikichi Mishina || Rhadamanthus (Prime), Hades, etc. || Water and Dark skills, Tetraja, Bloody Honeymoon[[labelnote:?]]Deal high Water + Light damage to all enemies. May confuse.[[/labelnote]], and Marin Karin. || |||| Jun Kurosu || Hermes, Chronos, etc. || Wind skills, Sukukaja, Recarm, Illuzone[[labelnote:?]]Deal Almighty illusion ailment to one enemy.[[/labelnote]] (Hermes), (Ma)Garudyne, Wing Flap[[labelnote:?]]Deal medium Havoc damage to all enemies.[[/labelnote]], Heartfelt Prayer[[labelnote:?]]Recover high HP for all allies. Usable only in battle.[[/labelnote]]Magarudyne, Cross Fortune[[labelnote:?]]Deal high Wind + Light damage to all enemies. May cause status ailments.[[/labelnote]], Samarecarm || |||| Katsuya Suou || Helios, Hyperion etc. || Fire skills, Shot and Strike skills (both), Patra, Zio (Helios only), Fata Morgana[[labelnote:?]]Put a group of enemies under an Illusion. (52% chance)[[/labelnote]], Heat Kaiser[[labelnote:?]]Inflict huge Nuclear damage to a group of enemies.[[/labelnote]], Justice Shot[[labelnote:?]]Reduces an enemy's HP to 1. (48% chance)[[/labelnote]], Mahama || |||| Ulala Serizawa || Callisto, Asteria, etc. || Earth skills, Zan[[labelnote:?]]small Almighty damage[[/labelnote]], status effect skills (Charm, Mute, Poison) (Callisto), Garudyne, Alluring Mazurka[[labelnote:?]]Renders all enemies Charmed. (44% chance)[[/labelnote]], Dream Needle[[labelnote:?]]Small Throw damage + Sleep effect to an enemy. (42% chance)[[/labelnote]], Me Patra[[labelnote:?]]Recovers all characters from Sleep and Illusion.[[/labelnote]], Twinkle Nebula[[labelnote:?]]Huge Wind damage to all enemies.[[/labelnote]], Dekaja (Asteria) || |||| Baofu || Odysseus, Prometheus, etc. || 99 Needles[[labelnote:?]]small Throw damage to an enemy.[[/labelnote]] (both), Wind skills, Illuzone, Invitation to Sleep[[labelnote:?]]Put a group of enemies to Sleep. (52% chance)[[/labelnote]] (Odysseus only), Soothing Melody[[labelnote:?]]Partially restores HP to all characters. Usable only in battle.[[/labelnote]], Zandyne Magic Seal[[labelnote:?]]Renders a group of enemies Mute. (24% chance)[[/labelnote]], Makakaja[[labelnote:?]]Magic power up[[/labelnote]], Baptism by Thunder[[labelnote:?]]Large Lightning damage + Electrified effect to a group of enemies. (30% chance)[[/labelnote]], Wiseman Snap[[labelnote:?]]Inflicts huge Throw damage to an enemy.[[/labelnote]], Magdyne[[labelnote:?]]large Earth damage to an enemy.[[/labelnote]] (Prometheus only) || ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Persona-users of Sumaru City cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' |||| Tatsuya Suou || depends on his current Persona || two-handed sword || || Maya Amano || depends on her current Persona || dual pistols || || Lisa Silverman || depends on her current Persona || knuckles (boxing) |||| Eikichi Mishina || depends on his current Persona || guitar case machine-gun || || Jun Kurosu || depends on his current Persona || flowers |||| Ulala Serizawa || depends on her current Persona || knuckles (boxing) |||| Katsuya Suou || depends on his current Persona || single pistol |||| Baofu || depends on his current Persona || Qigong-infused coins ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Persona-users of St. Hermelin High]][[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia All of them at some point or another played the Persona game and were granted their Personas by Philemon.]] Well, it's only assumed for Reiji and Maki. Unlike the groups that came after them, they all can take in multiple Personas, but are limited by Arcana affinities unlike Wild Cards.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' ||께|| Boy with Earring[[labelnote:*]]Naoya Toudou/Yūya Narumi/Jihei Suzakuin[[/labelnote]] || Semen Kongou, Amen Ra, etc. || || |||| Maki Sonomura || Maso, Verdandi, etc. || || |||| Masao "Mark" Inaba || Ogun, Susano-o, etc. || || |||| Kei Nanjo || Aizen Myouou, Yamaoka, etc. || || Yamaoka is [[spoiler:the spirit of Kei's late butler]]. |||| Yukino Mayuzumi || Vesta, Durga, etc. || || |||| Eriko "Elly" Kirishima || Nike, Michael, Gabriel, etc. || || Elly is the only one who has two Ultimate Personas. |||| Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi || Nemhain, Tyr, etc. || || |||| Yuka Ayase || Houri, Frey, etc. || || |||| Reiji Kido || Bres, Mot, etc. || || ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:The Persona-users of St. Hermelin High cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' ||께|| Boy with Earring[[labelnote:*]]Naoya Toudou/Yūya Narumi/Jihei Suzakuin[[/labelnote]] || depends on his current Persona || one-handed sword and SMG || || Maki Sonomura || depends on her current Persona || bow and handgun || || Kei Nanjo || depends on his current Persona || broadsword/katana and sniper rifle |||| Masao "Mark" Inaba || depends on his current Persona || axe and shotgun || || Yukino Mayuzumi || depends on her current Persona || throwing razors and shotgun |||| Eriko "Elly" Kirishima || depends on her current Persona || rapier and rifle |||| Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi || depends on his current Persona || spear and machinegun |||| Yuka Ayase || depends on her current Persona || whip and handgun |||| Reiji Kido || depends on his current Persona || knuckles (boxing) and rifle ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Other Ascended Persona-Users]]쾆hese Persona-users don't belong in any of the above established groups.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/OtherCriminals Tohru Adachi]] || Magatsu-Izanagi || Atom Smasher[[labelnote:?]]Phys with Fear chance[[/labelnote]] Maziodyne[[labelnote:?]]Elec on all[[/labelnote]], Ghastly Wail[[labelnote:?]]KO on Fearful[[/labelnote]], Magarudyne[[labelnote:?]]Wind on all[[/labelnote]], Megidolaon[[labelnote:?]]Almighty on all[[/labelnote]], Power Charge[[labelnote:?]]charge next Phys attack[[/labelnote]], Heat Riser[[labelnote:?]]Buff one overall[[/labelnote]], Vorpal Blade[[labelnote:?]]Phys on all[[/labelnote]]. || Adachi got his Persona via Izanami. |||| [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Marie]] || Kaguya || Expel skills, fast status recovery, and Mediarahan. || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Personalities}} Sho Minazuki]] || Tsukiyomi || Physical skills, Life Drain, Spirit Drain, and Abyssal Wings[[labelnote:?]]Severe Curse damage to all foes.[[/labelnote]]. || His Persona actually came from his Shadow made sentient by a Plume of Dusk. ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Other Ascended Persona-Users cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' || || [[Pantheon/OtherCriminals Tohru Adachi]] || Block Light and Dark, Resist Gun, Weakness Nuclear || handgun || || [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Marie]] || Block Light and Dark, Resist Wind, Weakness Fire || handbag, weather powers || || [[Pantheon/{{Personalities}} Sho Minazuki]] || Resist Physical And Light, Weakness Nuclear || dual swords || 께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Non-ascended Persona Users]]께[[VideoGame/{{Persona}} St. Hermelin High students]]:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' || '''Addt. Info''' || Kenta Yokouchi || Mara || |||| Yuriko Yamamoto || Thanatos || |||| Michiko Matsudaira || Nemesis || |||| Kumi Hirose || Hypnos || |||| Tomomi Fujimori || Night Queen || ||께SEBEC:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Takeda || unnamed |||| Takahisa Kandori || [[Pantheon/PersonalityMisc Nyarlathotep]] || Nyarlathotep was actually manipulating Kandori. ||께[[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} Tatsuya and Maya's enemies]]:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' |||| Joker || Joker-Nyarlathotep |||| Tatsuya Sudou || Reverse Vulcanus, Joker |||| Junko Kurosu || unnamed |||| Anna Yoshizaka || Reverse Aeshma |||| Ginji Sasaki || Reverse Eros |||| Takashi Hanya || Hannya |||| Ixquic || Reverse Pairika |||| Youichi Makimura || unnamed |||| Yasuo Inoe || Reverse Shax |||| Hiroki Sugimoto || Reverse Rhadamanthus |||| JOKER || Joker ||께''Persona: Tsumi to Batsu'':|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' |||| Kazumi Kiba || Yama |||| Rihito Shimizu || Archangel |||| Keito || Indra |||| Narui || Bishamonten |||| Rinne || Varuna||께[[Anime/PersonaTrinitySoul Ayanagi Investigation Squad]] Persona Users:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' |||| [[Anime/PersonaTrinitySoul Shin Kanzato]] || Abel |||| Ryō Kanzato || Cain |||| Jun Kanzato || Seth |||| Takurō Sakakiba || Spartacus |||| Megumi Kayano || Diana ||께%% non-canon or not, they're still Persona-users께[[Anime/PersonaTrinitySoul Marebito]]:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' |||| Tōma Shikura || Nebuzaradan |||| Yuji Kimoto || Utnapishtim |||| Saki Tachibana || Nebudchadnezzar |||| Soutarou Senou || Guukyou |||| Wakasa Kusu || Qin Shubao |||| Shiiba Kusu || Yuchi Jingde |||| Taichi Udo || Hermod |||| Mareya Kujo [[spoiler:a.k.a. Keisuke Komatsubara]] || Gozanze ||께[[Anime/PersonaTrinitySoul Others]]:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Yumi Tasaka || unnamed || Her Persona had been attempted to be forcibly consumed and was permanently damaged from the event. |||| Kanaru Morimoto || Astarte, Ashtoreth || |||| Ayane Komatsubara || Aditi, Devi || ||께''Velvet Room Attendants'':\콮y default, all Velvet Room Attendants ([[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Elizabeth, Theodore]], [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} Margaret]], and [[VideoGame/{{Persona5}} Caroline and Justine]][[spoiler:/Lavenza]]) have the Wild Card ability just like others with The Fool Arcana. 께[[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Strega]]:\쾆heir Personas have been artificially created because of the Kirijo Group. Because they weren't awakened naturally, they must take suppressants to keep the Personas from killing their owners, but it has lethal side-effects.께|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' |||| Takaya Sakaki || Hypnos |||| Jin Shirato || Moros |||| Chidori Yoshino || Medea ||께Other Independent Persona-users:|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Metis]] || Psyche || In a sense, she's also the Shadow of Aigis. ||께''LightNovel/PersonaXDetectiveNaoto'':|| '''Persona User''' || '''Persona''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| Touko Aoi || Kushinada-Hime || Kushinada-Hime allows Touko to see ten minutes into the future. |||| Sousei Kurogami || Tsukuyomi || Tsukuyomi allows Sousei to hear the conversations of the deceased. ||께[[/folder]]께[[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} TV World]] 'clients':[[folder:TV World Clients]]쾉hile the term "client" actually fits for most, a few actually just ended up being chucked/kidnapped into the TV World (though it's rarely done due to the risks outweighing the "rewards"), requiring the Investigation Team to rescue them, and sometimes inadvertently getting them Personas as a result. Also, given that the TV World is open for anyone to enter, some aren't even known to the Team. However, since Personas are limited in their use, there are actually less clients than you think.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Apple Bloom]] || [[Literature/{{Neverwhere}} Islington]] || Healing and Fire skills, and physical attacks. || Apple Bloom is the first confirmed non-humanoid deity ([[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Koromaru]] is actually the first, but he's not ascended as a deity) to acquire a Persona. First kidnappee. Takes the form of a bennu bird. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Scootaloo]] || [[Literature/AmericanGods Mr. Wednesday]] || Elec skills, physical attacks, and status ailments. || Takes the form of a thunderbird. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Sweetie Belle]] || [[Literature/{{Stardust}} Yvainne]] || Ice skills and Buffs, and a basic claw attack. || Takes the form of a [[ pomola]]. |||| [[Pantheon/PlainNeutral (Insert Name Here)]] || Varied, etc. || Any possible skill out there. || Due to their malleable nature, INH somehow has the Wild Card ability just like Kotone, Makoto Yuki, Yu, and Ren, and is capable of using ''any'' possible Persona. Somehow, they are also capable of having Sensor-types like Fuuka's, Rise's, and Futaba's, though it's very rare. However, their malleable nature can also sometimes render them without a Persona. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Plants}} Heartcatch Pretty Cure]] || Mirage Pretty Cure || || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} Vincent Brooks]] || Gilgamesh || Physical and Electric skills, Diarahan[[labelnote:?]]full HP heal[[/labelnote]] || Thanks to his cameo in the ''Persona 3 Portable'', thus connecting his game to the ''Persona'' timeline, Vincent can summon his Persona in the Pantheon proper. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro Kisaragi]] || [[Fanfic/TheFriendshipAsylum Serpent]] [[Fanfic/HorseshoesAndHandGrenades Gentaro]]/Sota/[[spoiler:Ophiuchus Zodiarts]] || Dark skills, Debuffs and Poison || After finally defeating his darker self in a clash, Gentaro fused with his alternate self. But Gentaro, being Gentaro, decided to befriend himself (don't ask how ''that'' works) and cemented his new friend with his handshake. Has two forms: a black cloaked pompadour-less Gentaro with snake scales on his face, and a larger serpentine form when pissed off. Gentaro and Sota can split off from one another, but doing it for too long flips their personalities. |||| [[Pantheon/LoveOther Tomoyo D]][[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires aidouji]] || Seshat || Mazionga, Mahama, Megido, Mediarama, Null Mute, Ziodyne[[labelnote:*]]Just like the Thoth Persona, [[FridgeBrilliance given Seshat's connection to him in myths]].[[/labelnote]] || Seshat can also do EnemyScan and map areas, but unlike Mitsuru's Artemisia she has no communication capabilities. |||| [[Pantheon/GamingNarratives The Human Child]]/Frisk || The Fallen Child/[[spoiler:Chara]] || Slash, Bash, and Gun attacks, Tarunda, Rakunda, and Healing skills. || Frisk's Shadow is a special case in that even if they "beat" and accept them, their Shadow is able to refuse to become a Persona. However, thanks to [[ an alternate interpretation of them]], and extra heaps of Determination, Frisk is able to succeed in making [[spoiler:Chara]] their Persona anyway just by convincing them. Since then, Frisk has become more battle-active, though still retains their no-kill philosophy. |||| Pacifist![[Pantheon/GameDesign Iji Kataiser]] || [[ Adrestia]] || Almighty and reflect-based skills. And basic Gun/Pierce attacks. || Pacifist!Iji came to face her Shadow, which took the form of herself piloting a [[spoiler:Komato]] Annihilator exoskeleton, reflecting the berserker she could've been. The Persona resembles a white-clad Tasen Soldier with a blindfold, a Spartan shield on its back, a beam balance behind it with scales, and a Nanogun in hand. |||| [[Pantheon/FamilyDynamics Nanako Dojima]] || [[ Throne]] || Healing and Expel skills, and Agidyne. || Nanako and her father are the first deities from their series to get a Persona ''after'' ascension to the Pantheon. Second kidnappee. As if to reflect her youth, her Throne is more simplistic in appearance and less menacing. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Detectives}} Ryotaro Dojima]] || Shiisaa || Elec and Physical skills, Balzac[[labelnote:?]]enrage one target[[/labelnote]], Rakukaja, Tarunda, Null Rage || Ryotaro and his daughter are the first deities from their series to get a Persona ''after'' ascension to the Pantheon. Second "client" to have accepted their Shadow ''without'' needing it to be beaten up first. His Shiisaa is twice the size of regular Shiisaas (big enough to ride on), and is colored black, blue, and gray in contrast to the reds, golds, and greens Shiisaas usually have. |||| [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Fighter McWarrior]] || Sloth || || Fighter didn't overcome his ordeal in the traditional way (he didn't even get it), but with strength. This ignorance also helped in brute-forcing his way to acquiring his Persona. |||| [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Max Caulfield]] || Norn || Wind and Healing skills (up to 2nd level), Auto-Masuku[[labelnote:?]]cast Sukukaja at the start of the battle[[/labelnote]], Sukukaja[[labelnote:?]]raise defense of one target ally[[/labelnote]], Amrita Drop[[labelnote:?]]cure one of any status ailment[[/labelnote]], Recarm || Unlike most Shadows, due to the nature of Max's time rewind powers, there were several Shadow Maxes that berated her for every choice she made or didn't make. Unlike the Norn Personas Makoto Yuki, Kotone, Yu, and Ren can summon, this Norn is silver[[labelnote:*]]as if to indicate its inferiority to other Norns[[/labelnote]]. |||| [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles Shield Knight]] || The Protector || (Ma)Rakukaja[[labelnote:?]]defense up[[/labelnote]], (Sama)Recarm[[labelnote:?]]revive a fallen ally[[/labelnote]], Earth (Magna) skills, summon dirt blocks as platforms/barriers || Shield Knight's Shadow took the form of the Enchantress that she had become when she was possessed. After becoming a Persona, "The Protector" still looks like her, but her color scheme is more like that of Shield Knight herself. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Abilities}} Made]][[Pantheon/{{Touring}} line]] || Badeline || Shooting beams of dark energy, bashing into foes, multiplying herself while doing that, [[spoiler:and granting Madeline a second air dash while inside her]]. See Addt. Notes. || Technically speaking, while "Badeline" can be considered Madeline's Shadow, she's not a Persona as per the rules of the TV World and can be summoned outside it. Also, [[spoiler:while Madeline's hair is blue from dashing, Badeline can't materialize]]. |||| [[Pantheon/GamingStyles The Tactician]] || [[ Victoria]] || All -kaja skills, Heat Riser, Dekunda[[labelnote:?]]negate stat debuffs[[/labelnote]], Rebellion[[labelnote:?]]increase crit rate of one target[[/labelnote]], Revolution[[labelnote:?]]increase crit rate of all allies[[/labelnote]], Tetraja[[labelnote:?]]null one instant-kill Expel or Curse skill[[/labelnote]] || The Tactician's Shadow represented the interpretation that s/he only cares about a [[ThePerfectionist perfect]] no-deaths record rather than caring for his/her troops. |||| [[Pantheon/CouplesArchetypes Rei]] || [[ Aceso]] || All Healing skills, Recarm, Dekunda, Amrita[[labelnote:?]]cure all status effects[[/labelnote]], Expel skills || ||께%% || [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Tucker Foley]] || [[Recap/DannyPhantomS1E6WhatYouWant Tucker Phantom]] || || ||께%%께%% || [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Knight Gundam]] || Neo Black Dragon/Satan Gundam || See to the right. || || This Persona is unique in three ways: One, he appears to have his own personality independent of Knight Gundam. Two, he is actually recorded to be Knight Gundam's [[spoiler:[[EvilTwin brother]]/[[LiteralSplitPersonality evil half]]]]. Finally, it is (so far) the only recorded Persona able to fuse with its master ([[spoiler:in this case, the fusion results in the Superior Dragon Gundam, their "true" form]]. ||%% || [[Pantheon/ScientistsAndGeniuses Alphys]] || Shoggoth || EnemyScan, communications, after-battle recovery, defensive buffs for allies. || || Shadow Alphys took a form similar to [[spoiler:the Amalgamates she inadvertently created]]. The Persona, an intel-type like Fuuka's, Rise's, and Futaba's, takes the form of a blob mass eith eyes that shapes itself akin to a sandbag barricade with eyes looking out from the outer side, and screens on the inner side for Alphys to receive data from. Shoggoth can also eject parts of itself to serve as shields for allies. ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Scott Pilgrim]] || Nega-Scott || || || ||께%% || [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Rainb]][[Pantheon/HairColor ow Dash]] || Iris || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Applejack]] || Pomona || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/LandAndSeaTravel Jack Atlas]] || ??? || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Happiness}} Pinki]][[Pantheon/{{Celebration}} e Pie]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/RabbitsAndRodents Angel Bunny]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/NaturePreservers Flutt]][[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} ershy]] ||unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Plants}} Aki Izayoi]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearanceOther Yusei Fudo]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Cuphead]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Mugman]] || unnamed as of yet || || ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:TV World Clients cont'd]]콲ue to the page limits of page rows, extra folders have been made to cover other things.께A (*) means they were already using weapons before awakening their Persona.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Reason for Getting''' || '''Affinities''' || '''Weaponry''' || '''Glasses''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Apple Bloom]] || She was kidnapped by a mysterious shadow whose identity is still unknown. She got her Persona in the process of her rescue operation. || Absorb Fire, Weakness Ice, Balanced Stats || toy knife || hard-bridge pince-nez, red frame, yellow ribbon, ear mount || || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Scootaloo]] || After Apple Bloom's Persona awakening, the other two CMC wanted to follow suit and because it felt wrong for only '''one''' of them to have this ability. || Absorb Electricity, Weakness Wind, Physical-Oriented || toy sword || hard-bridge pince-nez, purple frame, orange ribbon, ear mount |||| [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Sweetie Belle]] || After Apple Bloom's Persona awakening, the other two CMC wanted to follow suit and because it felt wrong for only '''one''' of them to have this ability. || Absorb Ice, Weakness Fire, Magic-Oriented || toy lyre || hard-bridge pince-nez, pink frame, white ribbon, ear mount |||| [[Pantheon/PlainNeutral (Insert Name Here)]] || They felt like it. || depends on their current Persona || varies || standard |||| [[Pantheon/{{Plants}} Heartcatch Pretty Cure]] || || || Their Pretty Cure powers* || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} Vincent Brooks]] || Having encountered his Shadow before but having to flee before he could accept it, Vincent thought it might be time to face it once more, this time with help. || || || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro Kisaragi]] || || || his Kamen Rider Fourze form and Astroswitches* || |||| [[Pantheon/LoveOther Tomoyo D]][[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires aidouji]] || Her feelings of being powerless in the wake of everything else in the Pantheon (as well as the secret she keeps from Sakura even in canon) eventually came to a head, and even if she might not be able to help Sakura any more than usual after this, she just wants her to know the truth, even though she can't spit it out. || Reflect Light, Resist Electricity, Weakness Dark and Wind, Low SP Pool || Replica of Sakura's (First) Magic Staff || pink, with side decorations themed on Sakura's (Second) Magic Staff |||| [[Pantheon/GamingNarratives The Human Child]]/Frisk || They wanted to visit the Fallen Child (who was found here, despite not even being the same person), never having had the chance to otherwise. || Block Dark, Average Stats All Around || (toy) knife, gloves, ballet shoes, notebook, empty revolver, or frying pan* || replica of their [[ Cloudy Glasses]] |||| Pacifist![[Pantheon/GameDesign Iji Kataiser]] || She wanted to come to terms with how technical her pacifism was after pressure from her PacifistRun followers. || Resist Physical, Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Light, Weakness Psy, Above-Average Stats All-Around, Below-Average SP Pool || Nanogun (and basic kick)* || translucent biker shades, silver tint, and blocky arms |||| [[Pantheon/FamilyDynamics Nanako Dojima]] || She got kidnapped by the Darkness of Limbo and was sent to her TV World dungeon. || Absorb Fire, Block Light, Weakness Dark, Magic-Oriented || toy scimitar || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Detectives}} Ryotaro Dojima]] || He and the Investigation Team (plus Marie and Adachi) encountered his Shadow in the process of rescuing his daughter. || Block Electricity, Resist Ice and Fire, Weakness Dark, Physical-Oriented || handgun and tonfa* || |||| [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Fighter McWarrior]] || He thought of trying out this "TV World". || || sword* || He's lost his. |||| [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Max Caulfield]] || Plagued by the consequences of the choices she may or may not have made, and because her first encounter with her alternate self didn't really get concluded, Max decided to finish it. || Absorb Wind, Block Dark, Resist Ice, Weakness Electricity, Magic-Oriented || crowbar || |||| [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles Shield Knight]] || To rid herself of the nightmares of her past as the Enchantress. || Block Dark and Earth, High Endurance, Low Luck || buckler and giant round shield* || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Abilities}} Made]][[Pantheon/{{Touring}} line]] || Madeline wanted to find a way to help "Badeline" manifest outside her temple, having been created by the magic of Celeste Mountain and thus limited there. The Court of the Gods gave her a test to prove her dedication. Once she passed, they granted Madeline's wish. Ever since the trip, [[spoiler:her hair's pink now unless Badeline exits from her.]] || Block Dark, Resist Wind and Ice, Weakness Light || none (Air Dash skills) || mountaineering goggles |||| [[Pantheon/GamingStyles The Tactician]] || Given that (Insert Name Here) earned a Persona, s/he considered giving it a try as well, and to face his/her alternate interpretation. || No Weaknesses or Resistances || staff || simple round scholar-type glasses |||| [[Pantheon/CouplesArchetypes Rei]] || Rei had faced her Shadow before and denied it the first time around. After hearing of some whose Personas can be used in the Pantheon proper, and having come to terms with what Best Friend said, she decided to try again. || Magic-Oriented || baton || oblong lens, thin, yellow ||께%% || [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Tucker Foley]] || He decided to go here under [[spoiler:Mike Haggar]]'s suggestion during [[spoiler:his lessons on being a good mayor]]. || || || ||께%% || [[Pantheon/{{Fear}} Monika]] || After her encounter with Ashi, she had a crisis of faith in regards to possible redemption, and these doubts formed into her Shadow. || || || ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} Curly Brace]] || Quote suddenly wondered whether or not she harbors even a little resentment and envy [[spoiler:on him for not remembering their terrible memories]]. || || || ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:TV World Visitors]]께Just because the criteria for obtaining a Persona is now limited doesn't mean others are barred from entering and encountering their Shadows.께!!Failed Clients께A list of those who came here to face their Shadows and didn't get a Persona.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Reason for Going''' || '''Addt. Info''' ||께|| [[Pantheon/AncientBeasts Princess Luna]] || [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E13DoPrincessesDreamOfMagicSheep Having faced something similar to Shadows]], Luna considered giving the TV World a try. It did work for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, after all. || The first example of a failed Persona awakening. She doesn't mind, of course. Her Shadow took the form of the Tantabus in her shape. |||| [[Pantheon/HeroicArchetypes Ness]] || He wanted to give this a try, having faced his nightmare at his Magicant, which was like TV World Shadows. || |||| [[Pantheon/GameDesign Kain Highwind]] || Having had to deal with a rampant dark self [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIVTheAfterYears once already]], he didn't want to take any chances and requested a trip here to confront it. || Is the first "client" to have accepted their Shadow ''without'' needing it to be beaten up first. |||| [[Pantheon/TimePlacement Samurai Jack]] || He wished to test his resolve. || |||| [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles Cpt. Martin Walker]] || He hoped this would set him straight. || Unfortunately, save for the version who [[spoiler:survived and left Dubai]], all encounters have ended in disaster and the Investigation Team has since refused any further trips with him. |||| [[Pantheon/HealthAndDiseases Plague Knight]] || He wanted to give this Persona thing a try. || While not successful, he still felt a bit fulfilled and would later help Shield Knight in getting hers. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Conduct}} Commander Sam Vimes]] || He wished to see what The Beast would look like in the TV World. || |||| [[Pantheon/OutlooksOnLife Megamind]] || || |||| [[Pantheon/LearningTools Scott Pilgrim]] || After hearing of this place, he wanted to check out his Shadow and see if there are any differences between it and Nega-Scott. || |||| [[Pantheon/MainHouse Wade]] [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Wilson]]/[[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} Deadpool]] || He was bored, and decided to go by himself to pass the time. || |||| [[Pantheon/HairStyles Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red]] || Given what he went through for a while, he wanted to see what a Shadow of himself would be like. || |||| [[Pantheon/AncientBeasts Princess Celestia]] || [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS7E10ARoyalProblem After a certain nightmare]], Luna decided her sister should have her turn at the TV World. Her Shadow took the form of Daybreaker. || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Sadness}} Sam and Dean Winchester]] || The Investigation Team wanted to give them something to smile about, after everything they've been through. || While they didn't get Personas, they do have the defenses that come with them that apply for all main series Persona-users (which normally doesn't happen for clients). |||| [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} 9]][[Pantheon/TechnologicalExperts S]] || Labrys decided to run an intervention (alongside Aigis and the rest of SEES) so his emotions can get sorted out. || Shadow [=9S=] had the same hacking abilities as his original, and used them on Labrys. [[spoiler:Which proved to be a bad idea once Shadow Labrys came to the fore]]. |||| [[Pantheon/OtherEmotions 2B]] || [=2B=] decided she would accompany [=9S=] on his trip. || She was meant to be a tag-along, but it turns out the dungeon the party went to was not only his, but hers as well as they encountered Shadow [=2B=]. ||께!!Tag-Alongs께A list of those who came here while accompanying TV World clients despite the risks of running into ''their own'' Shadows if they're closely related to the client. Any who do end up facing their Shadows go to the above list, and those who acquire Personas go to the list above that.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Whom They Were Accompanying''' || '''Addt. Info''' ||께|| [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Applejack]] || The Investigation Team || She accompanied the Team during the rescue mission on [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Apple Bloom]]. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Colors}} Rainbo]][[Pantheon/{{Weather}} w Dash]] || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Scootaloo]] || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Costumes}} Rarity]] || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Sweetie Belle]] || |||| [[Pantheon/GameDesign Cecil Harvey]] || [[Pantheon/GameDesign Kain Highwind]] || |||| [[Pantheon/GameDesign Rosa Farrell]] || [[Pantheon/GameDesign Kain Highwind]] || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Sakura Kinomoto]] || [[Pantheon/LoveOther Tomoyo D]][[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires aidouji]] || |||| [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Shovel Knight]] || [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles Shield Knight]] || |||| [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Robin]] || [[Pantheon/GamingStyles The Tactician]] || Given that their "Shadow" has ascended into the Pantheon as [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Gr]][[Pantheon/{{Demons}} ima]], therefore preventing them from awakening a Persona, they deduced that they could be considered "safe" compared to the Tactician's other allies. |||| [[Pantheon/CouplesArchetypes Zen]] || [[Pantheon/CouplesArchetypes Rei]] || ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Deities with TV World Shadows]]쾆hese deities can potentially obtain Personas from the TV World should they accept their Shadows:께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona/Shadow''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/EyeAppearances Murasaki]] || unknown || It's not certain whether or not Murasaki has a Persona, but she has faced her Shadow before in a dream where she agreed with her, and has entered the TV World once where she never saw her Shadow. Some believe that she is supressing it so that she doesn't repeat the same incident what happened when she awoke to the Root of Calamity. |||| [[Pantheon/PowerLevelsAndAppearance Miyabi]] || Abyssal Miyabi || While she has "accepted" her in the past, she feels like she might manifest again if she sways too far in the search for power, at which point she would at as a reminder why ''not'' to pursue pure power. |||| [[Pantheon/{{School}} Yuki Jojima]] || [[spoiler:Gemini Zodiarts]] || |||| [[Pantheon/GamingGenres The Marked Ninja]] || [[spoiler:Ora]] || |||| [[Pantheon/MagicalItems The Toa Nuva]] || unnamed as of yet, formerly Shadow Toa |||| [[Pantheon/CombatOther Ranma Saotome]] || unnamed as of yet || |||| [[Pantheon/AnalysisAndRecords Twilight Sparkle]] || [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls Midnight Sparkle]] || While technically originating from her AlternateSelf in the human world, Twilight acknowledges the name as fitting for her own inner darkness. This Shadow also applies for [[Pantheon/SchoolActivities her EG counterpart]]. |||| [[Pantheon/HeroicRoles Spike]] || [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E10SecretOfMyExcess Spikezilla]] || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Swords}} Luke]] [[Pantheon/{{Mentalities}} Skywalker]] || unnamed as of yet || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Soul Eater Evans]] || Little Ogre || |||| [[Pantheon/TechnologicalExperts Agatha Heterodyne]] || "The Other" || |||| [[Pantheon/NaturePreservers Flutt]][[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} ershy]] || [[FanFic/PonyPOVSeries Fluttercruel]] |||| [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Kairi]] || Naminé || Unlike most Shadows, Kairi's Shadow isn't at all malicious. [[Pantheon/PowerMentalities She disappeared from here moments before her own ascension to the Pantheon]]. |||| [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearanceOther Homu]][[Pantheon/BladedWeapons ra's]] [[Pantheon/OtherCriminals Crim]][[Pantheon/{{Tics}} son]] [[Pantheon/PhysicalAppearance Sq]][[Pantheon/{{Accessories}} uad]] || Scarlet Selves || While the Scarlet Selves are not really Shadows, their mental assault they tried to use on them make them very similar to such. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Siblings}} Luigi]] || [[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario Mr. L]] || While Luigi probably won't get a Persona from this, the process will likely unlock his hidden potential when he was Mr. L. |||| [[Pantheon/SocialAndRecreationalWork Grant DaNasty]] || Nasty Grant || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Guts]] || The Beast of Darkness || While Guts can keep it reined in, his home setting has made it difficult for him to defeat it and make it into a Persona of his own: a theory many hold is that should he do so, it would become [[Myth/CelticMythology Cu Chulainn]] of the Chariot Arcana. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Sonic the Hedgehog]] || [[Anime/SonicX Dark Sonic]] || |||| [[Pantheon/FantasticalBeasts Princess Celestia]] || [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS7E10ARoyalProblem Daybreaker]] || |||| [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Tucker Foley]] || [[Recap/DannyPhantomS1E6WhatYouWant "Tucker Phantom"]] || |||| [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Isaac]] || ???/[[FanNickname Blue Baby]] || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Conduct}} Thief]] || Greed || Thief only escaped his Ordeal by getting Black Mage to deal with it. |||| [[Pantheon/TimePlacement Philip J. Fry]] || [[Recap/FuturamaM1BendersBigScore Lars Fillmore]] || Lars Fillmore originated as a doomed paradox duplicate of Fry that ended up maturing. Now, he exists as a representation of Fry's potential for maturity. [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation And he also vanished here when he ascended to the Pantheon]]. |||| [[Pantheon/LoveOther Steve Smith]] || [[EvilTwin Steve-arino]] || Steve is incapable of accepting his Shadow due to said Shadow wanting to kill him. While that's normal behavior for most Shadows, Steve-arino seems to not need to go berserk first. ||께[[/folder]]께[[VideoGame/{{Persona5}} Metaverse]] 'clients':[[folder:Metaverse Clients]]께Due to the new rules limiting Personas by those who don't come from the same domains under Philemon and Nyarlathotep's watch, acquiring them in the Metaverse is not a priority, and there are far less of them than those who got theirs in the TV World, but sometimes "jobs" have been taken on behalf of certain deities.께!!Clients께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Reason For Code Name''' || '''Target''' || '''Reason for Targeting''' |||| [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles N]] || Eden || N chose his CodeName after [[Literature/TheBible the titular paradise garden]], which he had hoped would come from his initial dream to segregate Pokémon and humanity. || [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics Ghetsis Harmonia]], his "father" || He wanted to know ''why'' and ''how'' Ghetsis became the monster of a man that he is today. |||| [[Pantheon/TechnologicalExperts Agatha Heterodyne]] || ??? || ??? || [[Pantheon/PersonalityMisc Klaus Wulfenbach]] || Unlike usual heists, Agatha doesn't wish to have Klaus's distorted desires stolen, but instead subtly convinced to not prioritize on her capture. ||께!!Clients Who Awakened Personas께|| '''Deity''' || '''Persona''' || '''Skillset''' || '''Thief Outfit Motif''' || '''Weaponry''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles N]] || [[ Francis]] || Fire, Electric, and Healing skills, Fortify Spirit[[labelnote:?]]resistance to all ailments[[/labelnote]], Firm Stance[[labelnote:?]]halve all damage at cost of evasion[[/labelnote]] || [[UsefulNotes/TheCrusades Crusader]], with old Team Plasma motifs || short sword and buckler and crossbow || ||께%% Pending Clients 1 (they're ready; they're just not picked yet):%% || '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Possible Persona''' || '''Potential Skillset''' || '''Catalyst''' || '''Possible Thief Outfit Motifs''' || '''Additional Notes''' ||께!!Pending Clients (can't be picked ''yet'' or ''ever'' for varying reasons):께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Possible Persona''' || '''Potential Skillset''' || '''Catalyst''' || '''Possible Thief Outfit Motifs''' || '''Waiting For'''[[note]]Why the client can't get their Persona yet[[/note]] |||| [[Pantheon/NonVehicularTravel Chell]] || || Hua Po || Fire and Buff skills. || [[Pantheon/{{Trickery}} GLaDOS]] || || Due to an agreement to avoid each other, Chell getting a Persona this way is highly unlikely. |||| [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics Lúcio Correia dos Santos]] || DJ || [[ San Martin]] || Healing, Wind, and buff skills. || Vishkar Corporation || || More infromation on the corporation is required. ||[[/folder]]께[[folder:Metaverse Client Blacklist]]께Unlike the Investigation Team, there are deities the Phantom Thieves of Hearts do not wish to accept as clients due to moral reasons, and because Masayoshi Shido's Conspiracy (of which Goro Akechi as part of) orchestrating mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns have soured their opinions on allowing any of their potential clients to use their new Personas exclusively for murder. Especially since Futaba Sakura and Haru Okumura have lost parents (a mother and father respectively) as a result of these shutdowns.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Catalyst''' || '''Reason Why Not''' |||| [[Pantheon/ActsOfHatred Arya Stark]] || [[Pantheon/{{Contempt}} Cersei Lannister]], [[GottaKillThemAll among others in her list]] || She has a '''''list''''' of people she wants dead. Enough said. |||| [[Pantheon/AntiHeroes Night Raid]] || [[Pantheon/TyrannicalFigures Prime Minister Honest]] and his government || Assassinations are par for the course for them. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Hunters}} Ezio Auditore]], [[Pantheon/AssassinsCreed and all others in the Assassin Brotherhood]] || the Templar Order || He's an assassin, plain and simple, and the impulse to assassinate a target would be hard to resist or justify not doing. [[Pantheon/GeneticEngineering Desmond]] [[Pantheon/{{Nationalities}} Miles]] is presently trying to make a case against this with Ren: a Templar who is inflicted with a Change of Heart [[YouHaveFailedMe would be a dead man walking]] anyway. |||| [[Pantheon/FamilyDynamics Nohr Royal Siblings]] || [[spoiler:Impostor!]]King Garon (Xander), their concubine mothers (Camilla, Leo, Elise) || Camilla has a casual stance on killing for her family's sake (especially for Corrin), Xander and Leo are too pragmatic to hold on to the Phantoms' rules, to single out Elise would try and convince them to include her siblings if she's approached, and there might be unforeseen ramifications should the [[Pantheon/ColoredOutfits Hoshido Ro]][[Pantheon/HeroicAppearances yal Siblings]] find out (especially since it might be hard to get them to keep quiet, especially for Camilla). ||께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Metaverse Code Names for Other Folks]]께Not all who enter the Metaverse are Persona-users who got theirs there, or even Persona-users at all. For their safety, the following deities take up code names as well when venturing in the Metaverse with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.께[[AC:The Investigation Team]]께[[ While the Phantoms and Team have brainstormed code names for them]] [[VideoGame/PersonaQ2NewCinemaLabyrinth once before]], it was decided that a new set be selected for their trips in the Pantheon's Metaverse. 께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Sidearm''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Yu Narukami]] || Sensei || pistol || Yu chose this since that's what he technically was to his team. Incidentally, it's one of Ren's choices for Yu's code name, others being [[VideoGame/Persona4Arena Kingpin]] and Yasogami Wolf[[note]]However, the latter's too long, and the former can implicate [[Pantheon/CriminalActions Wilson Fisk]].[[/note]]. |||| [[Pantheon/ExtrovertCharacterization Yosuke Hanamura]] || Ninja || pistol || Yosuke chose this because his Initial Persona, Jiraiya, was based on a ninja. %% Or would Gale/Storm fit him better given his element and style? |||| [[Pantheon/{{Legwear}} Chie Satonaka]] || Dragon || pistol || Inspired by her love for kung fu movies. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Yukiko Amagi]] || [[TheFourGods Firebird]] || pistol || To complement Chie's code name. |||| [[Pantheon/IntrovertCharacterization Kanji Tatsumi]] || Weaver || pistol || It sounds like a tough name while at the same time hinting to his talents. He's not taking any appending/variation of "Skull"; Ryuji already has that. |||| [[Pantheon/SupportiveCombat Rise Kujikawa]] || [=ComSat=] || none || Based on her Persona having a satellite motif. "Idol" was too on the nose, and she's not taking variations of it such as "Diva". |||| [[Pantheon/FriendshipDynamics Teddie]] || Ursa || rocket launcher || |||| [[Pantheon/InvestigativeWork Naoto Shirogane]] || Prince || tonfa || From her title as Detective Prince. Since she already has a handgun as a primary weapon, a melee weapon is her sidearm. |||| [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Marie]] || Haze || summoned hailstones || In reference to her original purpose. ||께[[AC:The Shadow Operatives/S.E.E.S.]]께[[ While the Phantoms and S.E.E.S. have brainstormed code names for them]] [[VideoGame/PersonaQ2NewCinemaLabyrinth once before]], it was decided that a new set be selected for their trips in the Pantheon's Metaverse. Especially since Labrys wasn't among them at the time.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Sidearm''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} Mitsuru Kirijo]] || Empress || Evoker || Named after her arcana, and based on her usual disposition. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Firearms}} Aigis]] || Gen Seven || N/A || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Tastes}} Akihiko Sanada]] || Boxer || Evoker || |||| [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics Fuuka Yamagishi]] || Beacon || Evoker || She herself wouldn't use it as a weapon, but can pass it to someone who needs one. |||| [[Pantheon/RoboticsAndMachinery Labrys]] || Gen Five || pistol || |||| [[Pantheon/{{Regret}} Yukari Takeba]] || Archer || Evoker || %% After the Featherman character she played as. |||| [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Junpei Iori]] || Slugger || Evoker || |||| Koromaru || Shiba || none || Named after his breed. |||| [[Pantheon/{{Children}} Ken Amada]] || Lancer || Evoker || |||| [[Pantheon/NiceAndNasty Shinjiro Aragaki]] || Brood || Evoker || ||께* Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi [[spoiler:are currently illusions and upholding their duties as the Great Seal]], so they're not in the list.께[[AC:[[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure The Persona-users of Sumaru City]]]]께The ''Innocent Sin'' party decided to take up bird names from the Featherman masks they wore once before. The ''Eternal Punishment'' party have been convinced to do likewise.께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Sidearm''' |||| Tatsuya Suou || Hawk || |||| Maya Amano || Swan || none |||| Lisa Silverman || Argus || |||| Eikichi Mishina || Owl || none |||| Jun Kurosu || Condor || |||| Ulala Serizawa || Parrot || |||| Katsuya Suou || Eagle || |||| Baofu || Magpie || ||께[[AC:[[Pantheon/FormsOfMedia The Students of St. Hermelin High]]]]께No sidearm column for them since they already possess two weapons. 께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' |||| The Protagonist || || || Maki Sonomura || || || Kei Nanjo || |||| Masao Inaba || |||| Hidehiko Uesugi || |||| Yukino Mayuzumi || |||| Eriko Kirishima || |||| Yuka Ayase || |||| Reiji Kido || ||께[[AC:Others]]께|| '''Deity''' || '''Code Name''' || '''Weaponry''' || '''Addt. Info''' |||| [[Pantheon/{{Crime}} Carmen Sandiego]] || none || her various tools || Confident in her skills, she doesn't feel a need to use a codename. |||| [[Pantheon/GamingStyles Garrett]] || || bow and arrow, blackjack, etc. || |||| [[Pantheon/MentalismOther Razputin Aquato]] || Diver || Psychic powers || He dives into mental worlds with his powers, hence his code name. It's also ironic given he can't swim. ||%% These parts are for Pantheon Story-related reasons%% || Pacifist![[Pantheon/GameDesign Iji Kataiser]] || Peace Gun || To reflect her role and stance in regards to conflict. Partly inspired by ''Literature/TheDarkTower''. ||%% || Berserker![[Pantheon/GameDesign Iji Kataiser]] || Wild Gun || To reflect her role and stance in regards to conflict. ||께%% || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Apple Bloom]] || Asar || This name is taken from a LARP session she played. ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Sweetie Belle]] || Sedna || This name is taken from a LARP session she played. ||%% || [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} Scootaloo]] || Xolotl || This name is taken from a LARP session she played. ||%% || [[Pantheon/FamilyDynamics Nanako Dojima]] || Nataraja || This name is taken from a LARP session she played. ||%% || [[Pantheon/OtherCriminals Tohru Adachi]] || Rick || As a "kid-friendly" variant for "Dick". ||께[[/folder]]께----


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