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1The Sub-House of Aliens branched off from the House of Pantheon/{{Otherness}} due to becoming rather packed, then rebranding themselves as the House of Extraterrestrials with approval from the Court of the Gods. A place that has adapted to the alien species that now reside there, giving the House a look of biomes that often mishmash together. Watch where you step; you may never know if the floor is going to eat you.²²[[Pantheon/PlainNeutral The Men]] [[Pantheon/ColoredOutfits in Black]] and [[Pantheon/PantheonProtectors the SCP Foundation]] are watching this house very closely, in case its members step out of the line that they have established.²²----²[[index]]²!!Sub-Houses²* Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialAbilities²* Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialAppearanceAndBiology²* Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialBehaviour²[[/index]]²²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²!The Divine Alien Ambassadors²They are chosen to speak for the House of Extraterrestrials.²²[[folder:E.T.]]²'''[[Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial E.T.]], God of InnocentAliens''' ²[[quoteright:292:]]²* Lesser God²* Symbol: [[FullMoonSilhouette A silhouette of E.T and Elliot flying his bike in front of a full moon]]. Alternatively, the “E.T.” logo.²* Theme: [[ Flying Theme]]²* Alignment: NeutralGood²* Portfolio: AlwaysWithYou, [[ButNowIMustGo “I’ll be ...right here.”]], ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve, DisneyDeath, [[ADogNamedDog An Extraterrestrial Named “E.T.”]], [[TheEmpath Share a Psychic Bond with Elliot]], ExposedExtraterrestrials, FullMoonSilhouette, [[HealingHands Healing Finger]], HeartLight, GreenThumb, InnocentAliens, InnocentBlueEyes, MeaningfulEcho, MessianicArchetype, [[PsychicPowers Has Telepathy and Telekinesis]], UglyCute²* Domains: Aliens, Friendships²* Allies: [[Pantheon/ValuesAndEthics The Iron Giant]], [[Pantheon/BodyImages Totoro]], [[Pantheon/BodyImages Pippi Longstocking]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace The Doctor]], [[Pantheon/TimePlacement Kung Fury]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Clark Kent/Superman]], [[Pantheon/HeroicAttitude Dorothy Gale]], [[Pantheon/{{Speech}} Yoda]], [[Pantheon/FormsOfImmortality Peter Pan]], [[Pantheon/{{Advertising}} Hello Kitty]], [[Pantheon/{{Power}} Goku]], [[Pantheon/SpiritualAndMentalPowers Martian Manhunter]], [[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} George Lucas, Odysseus]], [[Pantheon/SingersAndPerformers Michael Jackson]], [[Pantheon/CouplesRelationships WALL-E and EVE]], [[Pantheon/PeopleOfFaith Tassadar]], [[Pantheon/AirBasedTravel Ki]][[Pantheon/SocialAndRecreationalWork ki]], [[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires Senketsu]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Mary Lennox]], [[Pantheon/PlanetaryAndCelestial Buck Rogers]], Most good-aligned children²* Enemies: Most evil-aligned aliens, [[Pantheon/{{Laughter}} King Ghidorah]]²* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/HardwareAndSoftware R.O.B.]]²* GoodCounterpart to: [[Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialAppearanceAndBiology Roger Smith]]²* Observed by: [[Pantheon/ColoredOutfits The Men in Black]], [[Pantheon/{{Logic}} Fox Mulder and Dana Scully]]²* The time has come for E.T. for depart Earth. After Elliot helped him on his journey home, E.T. left him with the words “I’ll be....right here” before boarding his ship. Before long, the ship landed on near one of the Pantheon’s vacant temple, where E.T. eventually settled in. Later, he was told that every now and then he can still visit Elliot and his friends and vice versa.²** [[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken Rumor has it]] that when he returned home, he was greeted by three other aliens of his kind who kick him to another planet.²* Many gods like to compare E.T.’s friendship with Elliot with the Iron Giant’s friendship with Hogarth, which is why the extraterrestrial gets along well with the giant.²** Same goes for Totoro, whose friendship with Satsuki and Mei is sometimes brought to the comparison.²** Peter Pan sometimes hangs out with the extraterrestrial, talking to him about several traits they have in common (such as the ability to make children fly).²* He often hangs out with most good-aligned deities, particularly the Doctor and Goku. He especially gets along well with Superman and Tassadar as they all happen to be aliens who are viewed as {{Messianic Archetype}}s.²** At one point while he was on Earth, he appears to ''recognize'' Yoda. Perhaps he was glad to see another alien who isn’t that tall.²*** While on the topic, some gods believe that it’s because of this that [[ E.T. is a Jedi]]. Neither the extraterrestrial or any actual Jedi have anything to say about it.²** The Martian Manhunter has taken a liking for E.T. as the two seem to share the power of telepathy (E.T,’s being notable when he gets Elliot drunk).²* As he is one of the most recognizable figures in [[TheEighties 1980’s]] pop culture, E.T. became closely acquainted with Kung Fury.²* Befriended Hello Kitty as she played a similar role in [[WesternAnimation/HelloKittysFurryTaleTheater a play]] loosely based on his adventures.²* Michael Jackson also had a close relationship with E.T. as he had the pleasure of [[ telling the alien’s story]],²* While most video game gods are cautious of him, mainly due to [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames the infamous]] [[VideoGame/ETTheExtraTerrestrial video game adaptation]], they don’t have anything against him. Although that game’s reputation forced [[Pantheon/GamingStyles the Angry Video Game Nerd]] to [[Film/AngryVideoGameNerdTheMovie review it once]]. [[spoiler:Who ultimately said it '''''wasn't''''' the worst game ever, but rather something that, in spite of its myriad flaws, was innovative for its time (as it was put together in just '''5 weeks''').]]²** One such god who isn’t fond of the alien is R.O.B. As the Savior of Gaming, the robot sees his game as the one that started UsefulNotes/TheGreatVideoGameCrashOf1983.. ²* Both Odysseus and Dorothy have a soft spot for the extraterrestrial as they both relate to his journey to return home. He also admires [[Pantheon/{{Meals}} Stocking Anarchy]], given his fondness for candy.²* As an alien botanist, he sometimes visits the House of Nature collecting flora samples and bringing dead flowers back to life.²* He doesn’t seem to have a liking for King Ghidorah, especially when it’s revealed that the alien kaiju had once tried to absorbed the souls of children.²* He is also on good terms with Kiki after she was surprised to see how he could make a bicycle fly.²* E.T. noted that [[SignatureScene the moment where he and Elliot fly his bike past the moon]] has been impersonated by many others.²* He also hangs out with George Lucas every now and then given [[Creator/StevenSpielberg his director’s]] close friendship with him. Lucas was flattered by his presence that he gave the alien’s species an EasterEgg appearance in [[Film/ThePhantomMenace one of his films]].²** There was one time where E.T.’s film ended up [[GeorgeLucasAlteredVersion going through a number of edits and alterations]], [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks which didn’t go well with its audience]]. Apparently, such changes led [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark the South Park kids]] to form a club to stop filmmakers like Lucas and Spielberg from changing their films.²* Some people see Roger Smith as E.T.’s EvilCounterpart given the former’s reliance on [[ThePowerOfHate cruelty]] and [[DisproportionateRetribution needlessly ruthless revenge]] as opposed to the latter’s empathy towards people.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Liara T'soni]]²'''[[Franchise/MassEffect Liara T'soni]], Goddess of [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe Alien Babes]]''' (Dr. T'soni, [[spoiler:The Shadow Broker]])²[[quoteright:350:]]²* Lesser Goddess²* Symbol: A glowing hand²* Alignment: NeutralGood²* High Priestess: [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Justicar Samara]], though mostly because she is also an asari²* Herald: Feron²* Followers: [[Manga/UruseiYatsura Lum]], [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Vina]], [[VideoGame/SigmaStarSaga Psyme]]²* Portfolio: [[OneGenderRace Single Gendered Races]], PowerPerversionPotential, RubberForeheadAliens, [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe Hot Alien Babes]], Having Three Stages of Life, BizarreAlienBiology²* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Commander Shepard]], [[Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialBehaviour Urdnot Wrex]], [[Pantheon/MentalismOther Legion]], [[Pantheon/MedicalMiscellaneous Mordin Solus]], [[Pantheon/JusticeBringers Garrus Vakarian]], [[Pantheon/BodyParts Tali'Zorah vas Neema]], [[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} Javik]], [[Pantheon/GameCharacters Kaidan Alenko, Ashley Williams]], Yrel, [[Pantheon/CharacterExpies Origami Tobiichi]]²* Domains: Transformation, Celestial, Rune, Knowledge²* Fascinated with The Ancients and any other {{Precursors}}.²* Yes, she can mate with ''anyone''. Now stop asking that! And her 'head tentacles' are cartilage-based crests that grow into shape, so they do ''not'' "flop around"!²* After [[TookALevelInBadass taking her second level in badass]] the G-Man has been mysteriously nervous around her.²* Liara is not easily angered and is generally a quiet and shy individual, [[BerserkButton but anyone who attempts to harm]] [[UndyingLoyalty Commander Shepard]] will face a RoaringRampageOfRevenge from her.²* [[spoiler:As the new Shadow Broker]], she's got dirt on just about every other god out there. Which goes in favor of many Good-aligned Gods, considering Liara was non-human, thus her having the dirt of [[Pantheon/PersonalityMisc Nyarlathotep]] means that she can operate without his manipulations and may be able to come up with extra measures to counter him. [[MostWritersAreHuman The big guy just laughed off the suggestion with a single comment]], but if Liara has learned anything from Commander Shepard, this doesn't faze her one bit.²** [[spoiler:She ''did'' have to build it back up from scratch, though (with help from her allies in the Pantheon); she had been forced to wipe most of her resources when [[Pantheon/EvilActions The Illusive Man]] sent Cerberus straight to the Shadow Broker's base.]]²* Liara goes along well with [[Pantheon/ReligiousPractice Lightning]] due to sharing the same [[Creator/AliHillis voice actress]].²* Was very excited when Kaidan ascended as she now has another biotic on the Pantheon that she actually got along with.²* Yes, Liara's kind has the ability to mind-meld, [[PsychicLink which does exactly as it implies]]. No, it's not something she does freely for just anybody.²* Sees a kindred spirit in Origami Tobiichi, who endured the loss of a loved one and shared a desire to [[{{Revenge}} right the wrongs to herself and others]], though Origami is glad Liara ultimately remained on a nobler path. Liara, realizing how much suffering Origami has endured, has become a mother figure to her and promised never to let Origami suffer again.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Zim]]²'''[[WesternAnimation/{{InvaderZim}} Zim]], God of [[AmusingAlien Funny Aliens]]'''²[[quoteright:180:]]²* Demigod(thinks he's a Greater God)²* Symbol: His PAK²* Theme Song: [[ The Invader Zim opening theme]]²* Alignment: He ''thinks'' he's LawfulEvil. In reality, he's StupidEvil²* Portfolio: VillainProtagonist, [[SmallNameBigEgo Thinks He's A Big Shot]], LethallyStupid, AmusingAlien, [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld Older Than Any Living Human]] [[PsychopathicManchild But Acts Like A 10 Year Old]], [[LaughablyEvil Laughably]] StupidEvil, LittleGreenMen, AwesomeBackpack, [[PaperThinDisguise Totally Not An Evil Alien]], [[SuperOCD "GERMS!!!"]], '''EvilIsHammy''', [[KillItWithWater Water Hurts]], TheNapoleon, GeniusDitz, [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds Destroying The Wrong Armies]], NotSoHarmlessVillain²* Domains: Invaders, Cyborgs, Aliens, Snacks, Incompetence, Destruction²* Followers: [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Tony]], [[Franchise/StarWars Greedo]], [[Series/DoctorWho Strax]]²* Allies: Are you kidding?! Asides from [[Pantheon/{{Consumption}} GIR]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Plankton]] and [[Pantheon/VillainousArchetypes Doctor Drakken]], ''nobody's'' stupid enough to partner up with him in earnest.²* VitriolicBestBuds with: [[Pantheon/ExtraterrestrialAppearanceAndBiology Roger the Alien]], [[Pantheon/{{Betrayal}} Starscream]]²* TeethClenchedTeamwork with: [[Pantheon/{{Celebration}} Nicholas St North]]²* Rivals[[note]]almost all are one-sided[[/note]]: [[Pantheon/{{Disguises}} Octodad]], The Harvesters, The Daleks, Babidi, [[Pantheon/EvilActions Chou Chou]]²* Enemies: Anyone who tries to destroy the world (only Zim gets to do that!), and all humanity. More specifically, '''[[Pantheon/{{Unpopularity}} Dib]]''' ([[EnemyMine Most of the time]]), [[Pantheon/PlainNeutral The Men in Black]], [[Pantheon/GeneticEngineering Mewtwo]], [[Pantheon/{{Logic}} Willy Wonka]], [[Pantheon/HealthAndDiseases Nurgle, Typhus]], [[Pantheon/{{Celebration}} Robot Santa]], the House of Toxicity, Water and Ice²* Opposed by: The House of War, [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds and for good reason]]²* The Irkens are a fearsome, militaristic race that have conquered thousands of worlds on the flimsiest of pretexts. Yet for every great empire, there's always a malcontent to drag them down. Zim is exceedingly passionate towards his people's cause, however [[TheMillstone he's ruined numerous conquests]]. In order to get him off their back, he was tricked into a mission to conquer [[InsignificantBluePlanet the barely heard of Earth]]. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity did ensue]].²** The true Zim is his PAK, his body being a meat shield. He can't live more than ten minutes without it, so avoids anyone with the ability to short circuit it.²* He used to be a follower of [[Pantheon/{{Vengeance}} Eric Cartman]]. Also happens to [[Creator/RichardStevenHorvitz sound like]] [[Pantheon/{{Mindsets}} Billy]], though as incompetent as he is most agree he's ''still'' smarter than Billy.²* Zim immediately tried to become part of the GUAE, if not its leader than [[TheStarscream Melkor's eventually backstabber]]. Even Melkor laughed at how [[BigBadWannabe out of his depth he was]], since he's [[LethallyStupid a walking snafu]]. The GUAE also balked at his desire to have the Almighty Tallest part of them, and told him to his face that "tallness equaling importance and rank" is a preposterous idea. They're trying to pawn him off to another Grand United Alliance, in hopes his incompetence will bring them down.²** He will side with the GUAG in order to stop the GUAD. He won't let anyone destroy the world, that's his job!²* [[PaperThinDisguise Uses a rather simple disguise]] of a toupee and false contacts to appear human. In his defense the humans of his Earth are dumb and weird-looking for the most part to recognize the faults of this disguise. Unless you're [[Pantheon/{{Mindsets}} Billy]] most of the pantheon knows he's alien, but because he's bad at his job of conquering the world nobody pays it much mind. He has been stalking Octodad for his supposed disguise, [[spoiler:unaware that everyone's playing along]].²* So far the only villains he's able to get along with is Plankton and Doctor Drakken, in part because they're about as incompetent as him. He also has somewhat of a friendship with Starscream, if only because both of them are sick of being seen as incompetent and aspire for greater ambitions. Given they're funny and amoral aliens, him and Roger get along. ²** Is competing with the other conquering aliens in his House. [[UnknownRival None pay much attention]] except for Babidi and [[SmugSnake that's not saying much]].²* Chooses not to visit the House of Food, as he finds Earth food utterly inedible(except waffles). This has little to do with his alien biology, but how much of a PollutedWasteland [[CrapsackWorld his version of Earth is]]. He is also incredibly vulnerable to water, though this may be partly his actual biology rather than the water on his Earth being toxic. He fears the likes of Nurgle and Typhus, due to being a massive germophobe.²* He once tried to take over the world by being an imposter of Santa Claus. However his AI Santa suit [[GoneHorriblyRight became too aware]], becoming an EldritchAbomination he and Dib had to force off the planet. To prevent this experience happening again, he will reluctantly team up with Nicholas St North to face evil Santas like Robot Santa.²* Doesn't like Mewtwo. He has had a bad experience with [[GoneHorriblyRight exceeded expectations]], particularly when he put GIR on duty mode.²* Despite his massive incompetence, [[NotSoHarmlessVillain he can be dangerous on rare occasion]]. Perhaps his crowning moment of villainy was when he took over Mars(a spaceship in his universe) and almost crushed humanity, had Dib not have a Mercury spaceship. That, or "Dark Harvest"...[[BodyHorror Uuu]][[NightmareFuel ghhh.]]²* In the comic adaptation, he has [[TookALevelInBadass become more competent]] and successful, though usually at petty things. [[spoiler:He actually managed to succeed at conquering the Earth in future and genuinely impressing the Tallest, however this was undone due to the actions of his present self [[EnemyMine and Dib]] ]].²* To this day, he remains genuinely unaware that the Tallest just wanted to get rid of him and how hated he really is among his people. Anyone who tries to prove otherwise will get their eardrums full of '''"LIES! LIES TO TRICK THE MIGHTY ZIM!!"''' Most don't bother because [[SmallNameBigEgo his delusions of grandeur]] are hilarious. ²* Despite Dib being his archenemy one of the few people actually interested in stopping his plans of destroying Earth, Zim was secretly glad to hear of his ascension. After all, destroying the planet wouldn't be as fulfilling if Dib wasn't there to try and stop him.²[[/folder]]²----


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