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1The House of Colours is indeed a colourful place. It is painted with murals the Gods from the House of Pantheon/{{Craft}} have created. The House also sells paint to anybody who wish to make changes to their temples, especially the Master Builders Four who get their paint from here. ˛˛Guarding this house is the Trio of Colour, seen below.˛˛----˛[[index]]˛˛!!Sub-Houses˛˛* Pantheon/ColorCombinations˛* Pantheon/ColoredOutfits˛* Pantheon/CommonColors˛* Pantheon/EyeColors˛* Pantheon/GoodAndEvilColors˛* Pantheon/HairColor˛* Pantheon/LightAndDarkColors˛˛[[/index]]˛˛----˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛!The Trio of Colour˛˛[[folder:Barbie]]˛'''Franchise/{{Barbie}}, Goddess of [[PinkMeansFeminine Pink]]''' ([[IHaveManyNames Barbara Roberts]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInTheNutcracker Clara]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAsRapunzel Rapunzel]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieOfSwanLake Odette]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInThePrincessAndThePauper Princess Anneliese]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieFairytopia Elina]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieMariposa Mariposa]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInTheTwelveDancingPrincesses Princess Genevieve]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAsTheIslandPrincess (Princess) Ro (sella)]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAndTheDiamondCastle Princess Liana]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInAChristmasCarol Eden]] [[PlayingAgainstType Starling]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAndTheMagicOfPegasus Peincess Annika]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbiePresentsThumbelina Thumbelina]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInAMermaidTale Princess Merliah]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbiePrincessCharmSchool Blair Willows/Princess Sophia]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAsThePrincessAndThePopstar Princess Tori]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInThePinkShoes Krystin]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieThePearlPrincess Princess Lumina]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAndTheSecretDoor Princess Alexa]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInPrincessPower Princess Kara]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInRocknRoyals Princess Courtney]])˛[[quoteright:250:]]˛* Demigoddess (Can go up depending on her incarnation)˛* Symbol: The "Barbie" logo(s)˛* Theme: [[ "The Barbie"]] ([[SuspiciouslySimilarSong no, not]] [[Music/{{Aqua}} "Barbie Girl"]]; God helps if you play that to her...)˛* Alignment: NeutralGood ([[DependingOnTheWriter Though it can change]], but she is definitely good)˛* Portfolio: '''PinkMeansFeminine''', [[BarbieDollAnatomy Anatomically incorrect nudity]], [[NiceGirl Nice]] [[HairOfGoldHeartOfGold blonde girl]] [[EveryoneLovesBlondes and being loved for it]], [[JackOfAllTrades She]] [[TheAce can be]] [[WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs anything]]... [[DitzyGenius And still be a little dim]], ImpossibleHourglassFigure, TheBeautifulElite, TheFashionista, [[AllWomenLoveShoes Loving shoes]], [[NotSoAboveItAll Only mostly]] [[ParodySue perfect]]˛* Domains: Pink, Fashion, Beauty, Profession, Parodies of Perfection˛* Herald: Ken˛* Allies: [[Pantheon/LivingObjects The cast of Toy Story]], [[Pantheon/HairStyles Rapunzel]], [[Pantheon/{{Birds}} Odette]], good members of the House of Pantheon/{{Profession}} and Pantheon/{{Costumes}}, the good-aligned Equestrian deities([[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Applejack]], [[{{Pantheon/Friendship}} Fluttershy]], [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Rainbow]] [[Pantheon/HairColor Dash]], '''[[Pantheon/CraftingMaterials Rarity]]''', [[Pantheon/AnalysisAndRecords Twilight Sparkle]]), [[Pantheon/LightAndBrightness Sora]], [[Pantheon/FriendsAndCompanions Kairi]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Lt. Mary Sue]]˛* CommonalityConnection: [[Pantheon/PersonsOfDesire Dark Magician Girl]]˛* OddFriendship: [[Pantheon/{{Celebration}} Ebenezer Scrooge]], [[Pantheon/GenderAppearances Artoria Pendragon]]˛* Friendly Rivals with: The many Franchise/{{Disney Princess}}es not listed under allies˛* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Vengeance}} Maleficent]], [[Pantheon/MannersOfDeath Mother Gothelle]], [[Pantheon/EyeAppearances Ren Gyokuen]], [[Pantheon/{{Monsters}} the Dazzlings]] (Especially Aria Blaze), [[Pantheon/MotivationsForEvil Junko Enoshima]], [[Pantheon/VillainousAppearances Xehanort]], [[Pantheon/MentalismOther Vanitas]], Scylla˛* Pities: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalities}} Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamakura]]˛* Admirer: [[Pantheon/LoveOther Waylon Smithers]] (Platonically), [[Pantheon/IntellectualArchetypes Lisa Simpson]]˛* Barbara Roberts, aka Franchise/{{Barbie}}, is a teenager/young woman and the oldest of many sisters, and her career as a model. Barbie ascended for being the best representation of the color pink. She is all about [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick piiiink]], after all. Her logo is pink. Her Dream Car and Dream House are pink. Packaging for most of the dolls and accessories are pink. One of her first outfits, "Enchanted Evening", has a pink evening gown. Her ''signature color'' is "Barbie Pink" and nobody can use it without permission.˛* Her position is somewhat complicated in that she tends to fluctuate between her incarnations as a normal woman and [[WebAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse a]] [[Franchise/ToyStory doll]]. She also has two lesser forms as [[WesternAnimation/BarbieFairytopia a]] [[WesternAnimation/BarbieMariposa fairy]] and [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInAMermaidTale mer]][[WesternAnimation/BarbieThePearlPrincess maid]].˛** However, not all of her former roles are alternate forms. Barbie has also been [[AnimatedActors an actress]] for some of them like for the Princess of [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAFashionFairytale the Princess and the Pea]]. But even then, Barbie is fully capable of having adventures on her own.˛* Many have adapted just fine to Barbie's curious situation… Except her friends from ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'', who are very confused about it. Funnily, Barbie's Dreamhouse shrinks in size every time they come to visit to accomodate them.˛* Barbie is almost perfect and has had over [[ 135 jobs]] and counting. Of course, [[DitzyGenius her personality]] makes it really hard to believe that she was capable of doing all of that. This does take a toll on her at times. And even she has had breakdowns, like when [[FauxHorrific Malibu ran out of glitter]]. Don't steal her glitter if you know what's good for you.˛** Someone even say that she even had a job as a ''[[ Saber]]''. Barbie had to {{joss|ed}} that rumor, only saying that she was cosplaying as Artoria.˛** Barbie is mostly self-aware of this… And doesn't care because she wants to be good role model for the little girls who go to buy her products. Barbie always represented that a woman has choices. [[ "You can be anything"]], indeed.˛* Of course, she practically had a temple of sorts already with [[WebAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse her Dreamhouse]] and only had to move it to the Pantheon. Many of her friends are still baffled about the fact that her wardrobe is practically the size of ''a small country''.˛* Has a healthy rivalry with the Disney Princesses in the Pantheon, because their doll franchises are competitors. But Barbie being Barbie, she isn't mean-spirited about it, though she did point out that she beat them over who did Rapunzel first and notes how she inspired their Rapunzel.˛* Gets along with the Equestrian Deities just fine. Barbie is always kind towards horses. Twilight was somewhat amused to notice that she sounds like [[Creator/KellySheridan Starlight Glimmer]]… Though [[TheOtherDarrin occasionally]] she sounds like Aria Blaze instead. Barbie wasn't happy at all to know that her voice is similar to that of a villain.˛** To say that Rarity was ecstasic when she visited the Dreamhouse would be the {{understatement}} of the century. The unicorn has promised to make Barbie some more dresses too. Sweetie Belle has also made visits (But Rarity has told her that she '''cannot''' introduce Barbie to [[Pantheon/{{Vampires}} her vampire wrestling friends]] under no circumstances, much to the unicorn filly's chargin)˛* Became very good friends with Sora and Kairi really fast. [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAFashionFairytale It almost seems like she sees the former as an inspiration]]. This baffled Sora, who didn't expect the so-called perfect doll to see him as inspiring. Of course, the fact she has been a princess many, ''many'', '''many''', ''''''many''''' times and her pure heart means that she could be considered as a de-facto Princess of Heart, so Sora needs to keep an eye on Barbie to protect her from Xehanort and Vanitas.˛** The keyblade Wielders have been trying to see if they could build a [[WesternAnimation/BarbieAndTheMagicOfPegasus Wand of Light]]-based keyblade so Barbie can defend herself and for the time being, Barbie assumes her fairy form for quick escapes.˛* Given that being a fashionista is her first job, she didn't take it kindly when she heard about the Ultimate Fashionista Junko Enoshima, whom she considers her EvilCounterpart since the blonde schoolgirl also has other titles under her belt like Ultimate Analyst and Ultimate Despair.˛** Under the same token, she can't help but feel bad about Hajime Hinata, for having such a drastic change in order to take onto a "You can be anything" sort of mentality just he could get any talent.˛* Being the most iconic doll, Barbie has become a [[StockParodies stock parody]] over the years; WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons has Malibu Stacy [[note]]Lisa's frustration with a talking model that had the personality of TheDitz was the focus of a whole episode, inspired by a real controversy over a talking Barbie which could say, "Math class is tough!"[[/note]], and WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} had Angelica's favorite toy, the Cynthia doll. Barbie has taken this in stride and finds the name Malibu Stacy to be hilarious since her Dreamhouse used to be on Malibu before moving to the Pantheon.˛** Smithers, who is the biggest Malibu Stacy fan, was delighted to meet Barbie. He has also started to buy Barbie dolls by the loads ever since her ascension, starting with Malibu Barbie. The other fan of Malibu Stacy, Lisa, has admitted that Barbie is a positive role model for girls.˛* Against all odds, Barbie gets along just fine with Scrooge. But it's not that weird when for the ones who discovered that Barbie is [[spoiler:the descendant of]] Eden Starling, a {{gender flip}}ped version of him.˛* Has bonded with Dark Magician Girl over the fact that they are both products of a MerchandiseDriven franchise and thus their appearances change as a result, though DMG's circumstances for this are a tad different.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Char Aznable]]˛'''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Char Aznable]], God of ChromaticSuperiority''' (The Red Comet, Casval Rem Deikun, Édouard Mass, Quattro Bajeena, [[MemeticMutation a CHAR]])˛[[quoteright:250:]]˛[[caption-width-right:250:[[labelnote:Click here to see Char as Quattro Bajeena]][[quoteright:250:]][[/labelnote]]]]˛[[caption-width-right:250:[[labelnote:Click here to see Char in ''Char's Counterattack'']][[quoteright:250:]][[/labelnote]]]]˛* Intermediate God˛* Symbol: The crest of the [[ Principality of Zeon]] over a red background.[[note]]Alternatively, the head of his [[ Zaku II Commander Type]], or the [[ MSN-04II Nightingale]].[[/note]]˛* Theme Song: [[ Here comes Char!]]˛* Alignment: TrueNeutral, leaning towards NeutralEvil˛* Portfolio: [[AcePilot Piloting]], [[LawOfChromaticSuperiority The Color Red]] (according to an anonymous source, "[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Da red wuns go fasta, ya gitz?!]]"), {{Real Robot}}s, [[CoolMask Masks]], {{Heel Face Revolving Door}}s, {{Colony Drop}}s, {{Evolution|aryLevels}}, [[FountainOfExpies The Archetypical]] [[CharClone Char]], [[RedBaron Badass Nicknames]], Archetypal [[TheRival Rivals]]˛* Domains: War, Speed, Space, Liberation˛* Allies: [[Pantheon/MusicalCompositions Elzam von Branstein]], [[Pantheon/RacialAppearances Charlotte Dunois]], [[Pantheon/CharacterExpies Zechs Marquise]] (his former High Priest)˛* Followers: [[CharClone lots of them]].˛* Rivals: [[Pantheon/MilitaryTechnology Amuro Ray]], [[Pantheon/{{Teachers}} Chifuyu Orimura]]˛* Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: [[Pantheon/ActsOfHatred Rau Le]] [[Pantheon/ActsOfWar Creuset]]˛* Complicated Relationship: [[Pantheon/BeginningsAndEndings Kamille Bidan]], [[Pantheon/TyrannicalFigures Haman Karn]], [[Pantheon/NarrativeStructure Uso Ewin]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Melkor]] (his boss)˛* Finds it a little being humiliating to be in the House of Colours, to be honest with you.˛* Elzam, Rau, and surprisingly Charlotte were his former avatars, as the three of them have ascended in their own right (Special mention for Elzam since he had overridden Char's theme music on many occasions.) Among these three though, he has a soft spot for the young French deity, although many gods were not surprised about this: [[Memes/{{Gundam}} after all, he's said to like little girls.]]˛** Has been trying to get Rau to see that humanity can overcome the depths to which Rau claims it has fallen by evolving into Newtypes ([[spoiler:which he suspects that Rau has already become]]). Rau, for his part, just smiles condecendingly and points out that Char has fought and killed Newtypes himself, thereby proving in his own eyes that they are still the same [[HumansAreBastards self destructive race]] no matter what.˛* His priests wear red robes and mieters with command antennae. This [[AvertedTrope doesn't]] make them any faster, but bless them, they're trying.˛* Is a long standing leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort. However, the rise of Perfectio has actually instilled doubts in his own conviction. [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsDestiny He's seen horrors Perfectio has brought]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards and think that for such creature, it goes too far compared to his atrocities]]. If Perfectio would enter the GUAE as one of its highest ranking members...˛** [[spoiler:As such he's been secretly contacting Magneto about how it's like to quit because there's one certain person he wouldn't get along with.]]˛* [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ One alternate continuity]] has caused a bit of conflict between him and his former High Priest [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn Full Frontal]]; [[spoiler:the Char of the said [=AU=] wanted to use the asteroid Axis as a focus point of sorts to face a looming threat, while Frontal wanted to proceed with [[ColonyDrop Char's original plan]] of causing Global winter.]] For that reason, he has forced Frontal to abdicate his High Priest status until further notice. [[spoiler:This is also a side effect of his wavering commitment towards his plans after learning about Perfectio.]]˛* His high priest once went into a WebAnimation/DeathBattle against [[Pantheon/TokuBase Tommy Oliver]]. [[spoiler: Zechs Marquise won due to having more experience than Tommy.]] [[PetTheDog Surprisingly enough]], Char actually pitied him for what happened, so he opted him a place in the Pantheon proper.˛* He once challenged Chifuyu in a duel upon her ascension in the House of Profession. [[spoiler:Their fight ended in a draw, despite statistically beating her IS unit in terms of size and armaments.]]˛** It is notable however, that this duel did NOT take place in space, due to the IS's life support limitations. Both parties are eager to try this again in a less restrictive environment once the necessary upgrades are made.˛* Information has recently surfaced that, at some point, likely after that whole mess with the Titans, he used his identity as Quattro to [[ become an Admiral]] and join the fight against the Abyssal Fleet for a brief period of time.˛* Has been in a sticky dilemma for a while, because some of his High Priest candidates have been ascending to the Pantheon proper without even getting to serve; Graham and [[Pantheon/CharacterChanges the Third Meijin]] being among the more recent ascendees.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Rainbow Dash]]˛'''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rainbow Dash]], Goddess of [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows Rainbows]] and MulticoloredHair''' ([[AffectionateNickname Dashie]], [[IronicNickname Rainbow Crash]][[note]][[spoiler:only the Wonderbolts are allowed to call her that without offending her]][[/note]], [[JustForFun/PowerPonies Zapp]])˛[[quoteright:350:]]˛* Intermediate Goddess˛* Symbol: Her Cutie Mark - a cloud with a rainbow-colored lightning bolt˛* Theme Song: [[ I'll Fly]], or [[ her Fighting Is Magic theme]]˛* Alignment: NeutralGood˛* Portfolio: [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows rainbows]], MulticoloredHair, [[ActionGirl action girls]], [[BlowYouAway control of wind]], [[ShockAndAwe control of thunderclouds]], [[BrilliantButLazy extreme talent combined with laziness]], [[AwesomeMcCoolname awesome]] [[MeaningfulName and justified names]], [[CaptainCrash occasional... problems with landings]] [[MadeOfIron without any lasting injuries]], [[{{Determinator}} implacable determination]], [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic remarks]] [[FacePalm and facehooves]], [[EverythingMakesAMushroom blowing stuff up with a massive explosion]], [[HotBlooded hot temperament]], {{Pride}}˛* Herald: [[TurtlePower Tank the tortoise]], who comes with a [[ThoseMagnificentFlyingMachines magic-powered propeller]]˛* High Priestess: WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite˛* Allies: [[Pantheon/NaturePreservers Flutter]][[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} shy]], [[Pantheon/AnalysisAndRecords Twilight Sparkle]], [[Pantheon/{{Celebration}} Pinkie Pie]], [[Pantheon/{{Costumes}} Rarity]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Applejack]], [[Pantheon/HeroicRoles Spike]], [[Pantheon/FantasticalBeasts Princess Celestia and Princess Luna]], [[Pantheon/{{Monsters}} Discord]], [[Pantheon/{{Destinies}} The Cutie Mark Crusaders]], [[Pantheon/FanReaction Vinyl Scratch]], [[Pantheon/CharacterChanges Starlight Glimmer]], [[Pantheon/{{Reptiles}} the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]], [[Pantheon/{{Birds}} Ho-oh]], [[Pantheon/{{Power}} Dirk Strider]], [[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires Ryuko Matoi]], [[Pantheon/MetalAndMinerals Jesse Anderson]], [[spoiler:[[Pantheon/FantasticalBeasts Gilda]]]], [[Pantheon/{{Tastes}} Amethyst]], [[Pantheon/{{Personalities}} Bloodberry]]˛* Rivals: [[Pantheon/NonVehicularTravel Barry Allen/The Flash]], [[Pantheon/AntiVillains Harpuia]], [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Sonic the Hedgehog]], [[Pantheon/{{Abilities}} The Scout]]˛* Enemies: ˛** Equestrians: [[Pantheon/DarknessAndShadow Nightmare Moon]], [[Pantheon/BodilyForm Queen Chrysalis]], '''[[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Lord Tirek]]''', [[Pantheon/AIPersonalities The R-Dash 5000]], [[Pantheon/{{Plants}} Flowey]]˛** Other: [[Pantheon/{{Betrayal}} Starscream, Ragyo Kiryuin]], [[Pantheon/AnthropomorphicAnimals Napoleon]]˛* Conflicted Opinion: Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy.˛* Ascended to her position after [[WebAnimation/DeathBattle beating the ever-loving shit]] out of [[{{Transformers}} Starscream]].˛** Ironically, reacted to the news of her deification with an "ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!"˛* She would have preferred to be Goddess of Super Speed, what with being Best Young Flyer of the year and only pegasus ever to perform a Sonic Rainboom and all, as she is quick to tell anyone who will listen, but that position is already taken by [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Barry Allen]].˛* Brags about her newfound Godhood all the time, much to the annoyance of some gods, especially those who are loath to see those ponies joining their ranks. Nevertheless, should a catastrophe strike the Pantheon, you can bet that Rainbow Dash will be first in line to defend it.˛* "[[MemeticMutation The Pantheon has become about 20% cooler.]]" -Rainbow Dash's followers˛* Alright, sure, she let's Rarity make her an [[PimpedOutDress elegant outfits]] for REALLY important occasions (three times so far) (the Grand Galloping Gala, Royal Wedding, and Twilight's coronation). Her Gala dress is ruined now anyways. Can everyone just [[MemeticMutation stop saying]] [[ she always dresses in style]]? Seriously now? If only she could get her hooves on the one who started this... as well as that creepy earth pony impersonating her, even if that particular pony came "first".˛* May have some rivalry with Sonic The Hedgehog and Harpuia, with the latter having [[NotSoDifferent many of the same powers and some of the same flaws]].˛** Has recently gained a [[RobotMe robotic]] EvilCounterpart the same as Sonic, situated in the very same house as the Blue Blur's own at that. The two have since formed a stronger alliance in order to take them down...and yes, they completely ignore any and all [[CrossoverShipping shipping implications]].˛* When she's not flying around, she's usually seen reading a copy of JustForFun/DaringDo. When she heard about [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Jack and Annie's tree house]], she immediately flew there, pointed to her book, said "I wish I could go there" and got sucked up into one of her Daring Do adventures. Needless to say, Jack and Annie had to immediately pull her out before she caused anymore trouble.˛* Once did a WebAnimation/DoubleRainboom after using an experimental potion. The results were not pretty.˛* She and Applejack try not to be in the same room as [[Pantheon/{{Twins}} Hansel and Gretel]]. It's mostly due to the fact that Hansel sounds so ''similar'' to them. ˛* Has a kinship with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles due to having her own pet turtle named Tank. Said love for her turtle is so strong that she once tried to ''prevent winter from coming'' so Tank didn't have to hibernate.˛* Aside from messing with her friends, she has three major {{Berserk Button}}s: Don't mention [[Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}} a certain story]] around her and Pinkie, don't mention [[Fanfic/RainbowFactory a certain story]] around her and Scootaloo, and ''[[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking finally]]'', don't bring up any rumors that [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls she wore a skirt]]. [[WhatTheHellCostumingDepartment She would]] '''[[WhatTheHellCostumingDepartment never]]''' [[WhatTheHellCostumingDepartment be caught in one]].˛* May or may not be [[Film/TransformersAgeOfExtinction made of Transformium.]]˛* [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks Recent events]] have led other gods to joke that Rainbow Dash should become the new [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} God of]] [[ItsAllAboutMe Self-Aggrandization]], and they justify their claims with [[ a single song]]. Rainbow Dash, however, says she doesn't recall these events, and wonders [[HighSchoolAU where they got such an idea]].˛* After [[NoodleIncident an accident]] that resulted [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Freddy Fazbear's temple]] receiving moderate damage, somehow, [[ Rainbow ended up having to spend five nights at Freddy's]], despite protests and appeals from her friends and [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Mike Schmidt]]. In a stroke of luck, one of Freddy's heralds Foxy took a liking to her and opposed the other animatronics, including Freddy himself. At the end of the fifth night, [[spoiler:after spending days in worry for her safety, the rest of the Mane Six decided they would use the Rainbow Power on Freddy's crew in order to prevent them from ever harming anyone else again. While the animatronics did disappear, ''something'' returned them, and things happened so that all parties put the entire debacle behind them.]]˛* One day, [[VideoGame/ThemsFightinHerds a longma named Tianhuo]] approached Rainbow Dash for a duel, hoping she would satisfy her with a good fight. A good fight was indeed given, and Tianhuo was hard-pressed with to counter Rainbow's speed. The longma hopes for future matches with the pegasus in future.˛* Due to having nightmares of evil blossoms once, the pegasus has a thundercloud ready if Flowey ever shows his face around her.˛* Was once good friends with Jeff Hardy, even laughing at the time he dyed his hair to match her mane. Things went sour after the incident when Jeff became known as "Brother Nero" and teamed with his BROKEN brother to [[Fanfic/ThroughDarknessAndMirrors send Scootaloo and her friends to Limbo during the winter holidays]]. She hasn't forgiven him for that incident, especially now when he starts singing about how everyone shall fade away and classify themselves as "OBSOLETE!". She's now been on the side of Gangrel and Luna Vachon because of this (despite being weirded out by them).˛* Also in the House of [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Nature]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛!Ambiguous Rank˛˛[[folder:The Colour Out Of Space]]˛'''Literature/TheColourOutOfSpace, Eldritch Deity of [[FictionalColour Fictional Colours]]'''˛[[quoteright:350:]] ˛* Rank: Unknown˛* Symbol: Itself˛* Theme Song: [[ This]]˛* Alignment: Unknown, likely [[BlueAndOrangeMorality non-human morality]]˛* Portfolio: FictionalColour, '''StarfishAlien''', [[EldritchAbomination Barely Comprehensible]] [[TheCorruption Corrupting Influence]], MagicMeteor, BodyHorror, [[EnergyBeings Some Sort Of Energy Creature]], [[ScienceCannotComprehendPhlebotinum Inscrutable To Science]], NotOfThisEarth, CameFromTheSky˛* Domains: Colours, Aliens, Incomprehensibility, Mutation, Contamination, Meteors˛* Chronicler: [[Pantheon/{{Fear}} H.P Lovecraft]]˛* Interests: [[Pantheon/HealthAndDiseases Nurgle]], [[Pantheon/{{Contempt}} The Grox]]˛* Confuses: Its own house˛* Followers: [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP-598 ("Sentient Color")]]˛* Allies: [[Pantheon/PlanetaryAndCelestial The Sleeper]], [[Pantheon/{{Toxicity}} Phazon]]...and that's probably about it˛* On speaking terms with: The House of Pantheon/{{Toxicity}} (as much as it ''can'' be)˛* Enemies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse The SCP Foundation]], [[Pantheon/Warhammer40000 The Imperium of Mankind]], the Houses of Pantheon/NaturePreservers, Pantheon/{{Beast}} and Pantheon/{{Plants}}, [[Pantheon/ColoredOutfits Agent K and Agent J]], pretty much anything that gets too close to it˛* The Colour From Outer Space is an enigmatic creature. Arriving to Arkham, Massachusetts on a meteor the titular Colour caused mutations. Crops and livestock became frail, sickly and inedible. People were driven mad and mutated. This toxic entity's true nature was never discovered, but it was clearly imicable to the town around it and all human life.˛* Nobody's sure what the hell the Colour From Outer Space is. It's considered the most [[StarfishAlien alien alien]] Lovecraft ever made, which is really saying something. Nobody knows if the thing is even sentient, and its nature as an FictionalColour means even its own house has no idea what it is. Hell, the Grox, who are imicable to almost all life, are baffled [[AdmiringTheAbomination and fascinated by it]]. And even ''they'' find it toxic, but wish to understand it anyway.˛* Arrived through a PillarOfLight as a MagicMeteor. The SCP Foundation was notified of the strange BodyHorror surrounding it, and went on to secure and contain it. While not an official SCP, it is the kind of bizarre thing that the SCP Foundation is used to dealing with and they classed it as Euclid. The Men In Black helped with the containment.˛* The safest place in the pantheon to put the Colour From Outer Space was the House of Pantheon/{{Toxicity}}, who's long-standing tolerance to poison and other toxic elements let them resist the negative effects or just be immune. They have discovered its effects [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything are similar to radiation poisoning]]. The Lich was curious about this and wondered if it was one of the monsters before time he has spoken about.˛* Spreading itself like an infection, the Imperium of Mankind believed it was some sort of Chaos strain. However the Chaos Gods had no responsibility and the Colour From Outer Space may be strange enough even they can't touch it. This didn't stop Nurgle from becoming interested in its viral and infecting qualities. Most consider a combination of Chaos and the Colour From Outer Space to be horrific.˛* The rest of the House of Pantheon/{{Nature}} stays far away from the Color From Outer Space, being deadly to almost all known forms of life. The Nature Preservers think the Colour shouldn't exist and needs to be expunged from the pantheon. The plant residents want it gone before its infection spreads across their house. And outside the House of Pantheon/{{Beast}} wants it gone too for the damage it causes to animal life.˛* Only the House of Pantheon/OthernessAbominations seem to fully understand what The Colour From Outer Space is. They don't fear it in the slightest, regarding it less as an EldritchAbomination and more "a mere alien strange enough that normal mortals ''think'' it's an EldritchAbomination". It is one of those entities strange enough that SCP-682's murder reflex isn't triggered, at least. Phazon feels some kinship towards the Colour as they're eldritch infecting entities, albeit the Colour is a lesser being and the Colour is probably not truly aware of Phazon.˛* [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace The Doctor]] is very curious towards the Colour from Outer Space as it's one of those rare occasions where he has no idea what the StarfishAlien truly is. He'll work to stop it causing problems, and is confident that at the very least [[NonMaliciousMonster there's no evil intent]]. The Sleeper's interest was far more insidious, [[{{Expy}} as it is very similar]] and believes it to be a relation.˛[[/folder]]˛˛----


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