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1You can view the main page [[Recap/OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc HERE!]]²²OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesAToC | OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesDToG | OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesHToJ | OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesKToN | '''Tropes O to R''' | OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesSToV | OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc/TropesWToZ²²----²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:O]]²* OddNameOut: Lola is the only one who's name doesn't flow in her [[FamilyThemeNaming family's theme naming]] one way or another (perhaps a clever way of showing she is the BlackSheep of the family). Most follow an EdibleThemeNaming where they are named either after food or food related terms. Opera's quintuplet brothers don't follow the EdibleThemeNaming per se but instead follow a MusicalThemeNaming in relation to him. Lola is thus the only odd one out.²* OffingTheOffspring:²** Subverted with Charlotte Moscato; in his debut, Big Mom ripped out ''40 years of his lifespan'' for getting in her way. Then it's revealed in Chapter 901 that he ''survived'' - standing among his older and younger siblings in the family's naval forces while looking a little banged up.²** Played straight with Charlotte Opera, her fifth son, during her rampage that results from her craving for wedding cake. The irony was that he lied to cover up his own screw-ups so he could avoid getting punished.²** Big Mom also wants to kill her runaway pirate daughter, Lola, for refusing to get into a political ArrangedMarriage that will allow her to defeat the other Emperors and become the Pirate King. [[BigBrotherInstinct Chiffon had something else in mind]].²** Narrowly averted with Judge, who couldn't bring himself to kill little Sanji, his failure of a son, on the reason that [[ThickerThanWater they're family]]. That said, he has no problem fixing him with explosive slave bracelets on Sanji's wrists to ensure his compliance, putting Sanji's life (or at least, his hands) at risk. Luckily, Reiju gave him duds.²* OhCrap: ²** Pedro and Brook freak out when they overhear that Big Mom's crew have known that the Straw Hat Pirates crew are on their islands.²** Caesar lets out one when Big Mom reveals that she (or more accurately, her son Perospero) has made a replica of Caesar's lab so he can continue his work of making body-growing potions[[note]]he lied to her that he was close to finishing said work until Luffy and Law ransacked his old lab; in reality, his effort was a failure[[/note]]. It gets worse when he's given a limit of only 2 weeks to restart his work and make the potions again.²** Luffy has a brief one when he realizes that he inadvertently tied up the real Nami, who's understandably ''furious''.²** Brook is surprised when he manages to get into Big Mom's vault and set to get the poneglyph rubbings only for ''Big Mom'' to show up believing he's after the "Treasure Box". He's revealed to have ''already'' gotten the rubbings by that point, but the prospect of meeting her is still obviously bad.²** Chopper, Nami, Pedro, Carrot and Jimbei get this when they actually see Big Mom in person from the mirror word and that she's holding Brook in her clutches. Followed shortly by seeing her powers in action ''just to kill a fly that was disturbing her sleep''.²** Brulee and Diesel get this when, after the others managed to save Brook, he reveals he actually managed to get the poneglyph rubbings from Big Mom's vault.²** Caesar goes through another when he is approached by Bege thinking he's one of Big Mom's henchmen, then discovering the Straw Hats are on the same island as he is. He is also very rattled when Luffy sees through his PaperThinDisguise.²** The gate door homie get this when Capone and his crew realizes that she heard and saw their plan and Gotti cuts her face off and slices her face in half to silence her.²** Charlotte Katakuri gets a moment when his [[AbnormalAmmo jellybeans]] miss Sanji and hits the priest behind him instead... seconds before his family's MassOhCrap ensues.²** ''Big Mom herself'' gets an epic one when a bunch of Luffy clones unwillingly created by Brulee suddenly jump out of the gigantic wedding cake, ruining it.²** Nami and Chopper get one when Capone Bege reveals that if the "Big Father" castle he generated is destroyed, he dies, and the Straw Hats will be left vulnerable to the Big Mom Pirates who have them surrounded on all sides. [[FromBadToWorse Sure enough, Big Mom comes a-knocking...]]²** Smoothie has one of these in chapter 872, when she realizes Big Mom is so maddened at the thought of losing the wedding cake that she's starting to show symptoms of her syndrome again, and is on the verge of going ballistic.²** During his fight with Katakuri, Luffy retreats to disengage Gear 4th and wait out the 10 minute limit. Katakuri gives chase but Luffy manages to lose him by finding Brulee and jumping into a mirror. Just when Luffy thinks he's in the clear, he finds himself right on the island Big Mom is rampaging on ''and right in front of her''.²** Katakuri gets a small one in 891 when Luffy actually manages to counter one of his moves perfectly. He manages to knock Luffy back but cites that despite the low probability, Luffy managed to see ahead into the future to do so, which means he's starting to evolve his Observation Haki.²* OhNoNotAgain: This is basically the Big Mom Pirates' reaction when the Straw Hats' destroy the Mother Caramel photograph, knowing that Big Mom will have another fit.²* OnceMoreWithClarity: In Chapter 893, we're treated to images from Katakuri's childhood, at first giving us the impression that he suffered from FreakinessShame due to his fanged mouth. Chapter 902 then shows more of his childhood, revealing that he actually didn't have a problem with people making fun of him, since he was strong enough to beat them up. He actually started making his {{Stoic}} image after one of the goons he beat up attacked Brulee in retaliation.²* OnlyInItForTheMoney: The Vinsmoke family (save Sanji) is willing to do anything you ask... for a fee.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: ²** When Luffy asked Nami to cook for them, she would charge everyone money if she was going to feed them so Luffy decided to cook instead. But because Luffy screwed up so badly with the cooking and nearly starved everyone on the ship, Nami forbids Luffy from entering the kitchen and would rather cook for free, which shocked Luffy.²--->'''Luffy''': We aren't gonna pay you for that food!\²'''Nami''': I don't want your money!\²'''Luffy''': [[BigWhat WHAAAT?!]]²** When the Sanji Retrieval Team finally catches up to Sanji, Sanji puts on a JerkassFacade and tells them to leave, since he has explosive bracelets strapped to his wrists and he was blackmailed into marrying Pudding lest his loved ones will die (he's not telling this to them, however). It actually works, with Nami disowning him and giving him an ArmorPiercingSlap, but it fails with Luffy, who knows instantly that it's an act.²** At the same time, Luffy decides to completely forego eating and refuses to budge from the spot where he found Sanji until Sanji himself decides to return to the Straw Hats. He even refuses to eat the candy rain when it falls down on him. It really hits home how strong the Straw Hats' bond of friendship is.²** After Big Mom destroyed the only mirror the Straw Hats and the allies need to escape from the wedding, everyone reacted with a MassOhCrap, including ''[[FearlessFool Luffy]]''.²** Flampe when she realizes that Katakuri is not the big brother she once idolized.²* OutnumberedSibling: Reiju Vinsmoke is the only daughter in her family. All of her younger siblings, including Sanji, are guys and fraternal male quadruplets.²* OutOfTheFryingPan: During his battle with Katakuri, Luffy's Gear Fourth expires, leaving him without Haki for ten minutes. He then spots Brulee and uses her to jump through a mirror before Katakuri can attack him. Unfortunately for him, the mirror he picked [[ContrivedCoincidence happened to lead right to Nuts Island]], where a hunger-crazed Big Mom was currently rampaging.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:P]]²* ParentalAbandonment: Chapter 866 reveals that Big Mom was abandoned by her birth parents on Elbaf as a child. She was too much of a problem for her parents to handle due to her strength, appetite, and size, and when she caused destruction in her hometown, it was the last straw. She was subsequently taken in by Mother Carmel, who headed Elbaf's local OrphanageOfLove, and raised by her, before Carmel mysteriously disappeared. Big Mom fondly remembers Carmel because of this and keeps a photo of her that only her children knows about.²* ParentalFavoritism:²** Judge loves all of his children not named "Sanji" due to them successfully developing the SuperSoldier abilities he wanted them to after performing genetically-enhancing experiments on them. Because they are "strong" in his eyes, he lets them do whatever they want, enabling their bratty behaviors (save for Reiju) to monstrous proportions.²** According to Pudding, she's one of Big Mom's "favorites", and is excessively pampered because of it. It's revealed that Pudding belongs to a rare race known as the three-eyed tribe (though she's a half-breed) and Big Mom believes that her third eye has the power to lead them to Raftel when it opens, which Pudding says is very unlikely due to her breeding. However, Pudding is very annoyed with Big Mom's pampering and treating her like a convenient tool because of her third eye, as opposed to genuine affection. Not to mention, flashbacks revealed that Big Mom ''also'' ridiculed Pudding's third eye, and did nothing to prevent the vicious bullying she received from the other kids as a child.²** Vinsmoke Sora loved Sanji because he was the only one of her quadruplet sons who was born with his humanity intact after she secretly took a gene modification-reversing drug to protect her children from Judge, and sees him as her biggest accomplishment. Both he and Reiju also had her undivided attention because they were the only ones who visited her while she was sick and dying, come hell or high water.²* ParentalSubstitute: ²** This arc makes it clear that Sanji considers Zeff his real father, and he makes it clear to Judge (his biological father) as well.²** Mother Carmel and, later, Streusen were this for Big Mom. The former took her in "Sheep's House" orphanage after her biological parents left her on Elbaf, and the latter went on to raise her and create the foundations of Big Mom Pirates together after Carmel went mysteriously missing. It's too bad both people had a part in turning Big Mom into the insane monster she is today...²* PaperThinDisguise:²** Caesar creates an extremely terrible one when attempting to blend into Bege's crew, just spiking up his hair and passing himself as Bege's brother, "Gastino". He even keeps his "Shurororo" laugh. It's telling that ''[[IdiotHero Luffy]]'' sees through it instantly.²** Brook's disguise while destroying Mother Carmel's portrait was just him wearing his suit and a bag over his head with Luffy's face drawn on it. What helped his cover was [[{{Seers}} Katakuri]] [[NiceJobFixingItVillain telling everyone to ignore all imposters dressing up as Luffy]].²** Pekoms wears one when he attempts to help Luffy escape the Mirror world. Luffy sees through this one as well.²* TheParagon: Deconstructed with [[BrokenAce Katakuri]]. Katakuri was born with a fanged mouth, which led people to bully and shun him as a child. This gave him extreme insecurities as an adult, to the point where he constantly presents himself as a stoic, handsome, and perfect warrior because he didn't want to repeat his childhood humiliation. His family loves him and everyone respects him, but the praise he receives is hollow; they only see the person Katakuri ''wants'' them to see. Deep down, he isn't happy and feels ''incredibly'' stressed from the amount of effort he has to put up to maintain his image. The only sort of free time he has are his "snack times", where he could wind down and relax in peace. Every time someone sees his mouth or catches sight of him eating, he goes into a rage and murders them to make sure his secrets don't get out. When [[WorthyOpponent Luffy]] comes in and doesn't ridicule his "flaws", Katakuri realizes there are people in the world who don't give a shit about who he truly is, [[CharacterDevelopment and casts aside his family name and burdens so he could fight for himself]].²* PeekABangs:²** Vinsmokes Reiju, Sanji, Ichiji, and Niji all have hair covering one of their eyes. Their deceased mother, Sora, had these type of bangs as well when she was alive.²** Big Mom's 14th daughter Charlotte Smoothie has one eye covered by her bangs. Smoothie's younger sister Galette also has one eye obscured by her hair.²** Charlotte Pudding, in a variation of this, has her forehead covered by her hair. The twist that it covers her ''third eye'', which proves to be a real WhamShot revealing Pudding is tricking them all.²* PeopleJars: The Germa Kingdom grows their clone army in these which is located in a special room. Sanji, who didn't know about this room due to never having stepped foot in it when he was a kid, is horrified when he finds out, and when Yonji explains their nature to him, he very nearly has a panic attack.²* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: ²** Subverted for Sanji and Pudding. They ''seem'' like the perfect couple: great chefs with a proper appreciation for good food, Sanji is heart-eyed for Pudding for obvious reasons, and Pudding is completely "swept off her feet" by Sanji's kindness and charm. There are 2 separate subversions here: At first Sanji wishes not to marry her despite all that because he cares more for his friends. Secondly, and unfortunately for Sanji, it later all turns out to be a lie. Pudding in reality had been deceiving him and his friends the whole time. Not only does she not truly love him, but she also plans to shoot Sanji at the wedding as part of her mother's scheme to massacre the Vinsmoke family and steal their cloning technology.²** Played straight with Big Mom's daughters Chiffon and Praline, who are HappilyMarried to Capone Bege and Aladdin, respectively. Chiffon also has a son, Pez, with Bege.²* PlayingWithFire: Charlotte Oven, of a sort. He ate the Heat Heat Devil Fruit (''Netsu Netsu no Mi''), which allows him to radiate heat and make anything he touches extremely hot, as if they had been just taken out of the oven after baking. Jimbei makes it a point to Pedro not to block any attack Oven throws at him because of his power.²* PleaseWakeUp: One little boy, after Moscato got soul-ripped by Big Mom, begs him to wake up. Subverted as said boy, and a bunch of other townsfolk who mourned him, didn't know that Moscato wasn't really dead.²* PoisonousPerson: Vinsmoke Reiju can consume poisons of varying toxicity with no problem and secrete deadly poisons from her body to kill her enemies; this is where her epithet "Poison Pink" comes from. Unlike those who have poison-related abilities, like [[DeadlyDoctor Caesar Clown]], she is a very nice person who uses a JerkassFacade to protect herself from her family's abuse, and was one of two people in her family who cared for Sanji, the other person being her dead mother.²* PokemonSpeak: Downplayed. The [[AnimateInanimateObject Animated Inanimate Objects]] in Totto Land are perfectly able to speak, but for the most part, they prefer to sing the name of the item they are.²* PokeThePoodle: Charlotte Anglaise acts like a stereotypical [[GreaserDelinquents Greaser]], yet his idea of delinquency is ''not brushing teeth before bed''.²* PosthumousCharacter: Vinsmoke Sora (the birth mother of Sanji and his siblings), Mother Carmel (Big Mom's ParentalSubstitute when she was younger), and the giant hero Jorul all died before the series started.²* ThePowerOfFriendship: Sanji's love for his friends is powerful enough that he actually turns down the chance to marry a beautiful girl who's probably perfect for him, all so he can return to them. And when it seems he can't get out of it, he takes solace in the fact that his marriage will also guarantee the lives of his friends. Later on, when he meets Luffy for the second time in the arc, he finally blurts out what he planned for his friends as well as his problems... which makes Luffy decide to wreck the wedding party together for Sanji's sake.²* PrettyPrincessPowerhouse:²** Vinsmoke Reiju can deliver devastating kicks like Sanji, and consume deadly poisons like they're normal food, hence her epithet, "Poison Pink". She is capable of kicking ass because Judge psychologically and physically altered her into becoming an efficient warmonger who will lead Germa into greatness. She actually hates what she is now, and wishes to die to atone for her sins.²** In Big Mom's family, we have Charlotte Smoothie, a Sweet Commander with the highest known bounty held by any female ''One Piece'' character, and her sister, Galette, who is the Minister of Butter. Both are Devil Fruit users and accomplished fighters. After Lola was revealed to be one of Big Mom's daughters, she counts as well, despite being disowned by her own family. Any one of Big Mom's daughters who can fight count, actually.²* ProperlyParanoid: When Luffy and Nami escape their book prison thanks to Jimbei, Opera decides to cover up his failure by saying he killed them. Mont-d'Or is skeptical and sends guards to keep watch to see if his brother was lying. His suspicions are confirmed when Luffy shows up at the wedding very much alive, much to Mont-d'Or's fury.²* PropheticFallacy: During the wedding, Charlotte Katakuri receives a Haki-induced vision of Pudding collapsing in tears on her knees atop the wedding cake altar. It's quickly revealed that ''Sanji'' was the one to have made Pudding cry, [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe by being the first person to compliment her "ugly" third eye]]. Katakuri couldn't react fast enough to kill Sanji due to circumstances and the information gap in the vision. [[MassOhCrap Chaos ensues]].²* PutOnABus: Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Franky, Law, the Heart Pirates, and the samurai (i.e. everyone who was featured in Dressrosa while the Curly Hats went through this) take their turn on the bus this time around, as they are headed to Wano.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:R]]²* RaceAgainstTheClock: Upon entering Whole Cake Island, our heroes have a limited timeframe to rescue Sanji and bail him out of his ArrangedMarriage. Eventually, they have to escape Big Mom's rampage when Brook destroys Mother Carmel's picture.²* RagsToRiches:²** Big Mom goes from an abandoned child with an eating disorder, to a queen of a land of food and one of the most powerful figures in the world.²** Similarly, Streusen goes from a down-on-his-luck failure as a pirate to holding a very high position in Big Mom's crew as her head chef.²* RealityEnsues:²** If your headshot is on a wanted poster, it will give the Vinsmokes easy leverage to hunt down your true identity. Sanji found that out the hard way when his wanted poster and bounty was updated after his battle with Duval back in Sabaody Archipelago, allowing Judge to bring him back for the alliance with Big Mom.²** When Cracker's biscuits get soggy, they become edible like in real life.²** Luffy may be tough, but when confronted by Big Mom's entire force after coming off both a tough 10 hour fight with Cracker and getting beat up by Sanji (who's trying to get Nami and him to turn back). Even he can only last so long before he's ultimately defeated.²** When Capone Bege checks to see if Luffy and the gang are ready for the plan, they were already asleep. Considering they spent the entire day fighting off Big Mom's crew, searching for each other (and Sanji), and having the meeting to discuss the plan hours before the wedding, they never got a chance to rest.²** Later, when he faces off against Charlotte Katakuri, Bege points out to him ([[BadassBoast in an epic manner]]) that if he can change the future that he looks into, so can everyone.²** Pudding grew up bullied, unloved, and treated like a useful asset than a person all her life, creating a severe inferiority complex and a duplicitous nature. Thus, when she's given her first compliments, the first thing she does is go against her family and help the Straw Hats escape Totto Land.²** After the Straw Hat-Firetank Pirate Alliance saves the Vinsmokes and Bege's assassination plot fails, they end up completely surrounded and overwhelmed by the enraged Charlotte family, who are all incredible powerhouses compared to the protagonists. The only miracle they had was Whole Cake Chateau suddenly tipping over and falling...²** Even though Streusen managed to save everyone from being crushed by the Whole Cake Chateau by transforming it into whipped cream and sponge cake, the people at the bottom of the chateau are still in danger if they're instantly crushed by the falling debris, or trapped underneath the cream and cake.²** Katakuri's Haki-based foresight relies on his tremendous concentration. When he is distracted and provoked into a rage during a vulnerable moment, he loses the ability to foresee things.²** Big Mom's crew may have a lot of strong and powerful people, but when Oven tries a YouShallNotPass on Bege's tank ship, he's immediately run over due to the size of the ship.²** Big Mom ends up getting slimmer after going eight hours chasing after the Straw Hats without a bite to eat, which has not gone without comment from her own children.²** Katakuri's desire for a beloved public image, and his efforts to keep it up, puts him under ''tremendous'' stress, so he has "snack times" where he could wind down and be himself in the comfort of isolation. If he did not have even that pleasure, then he would either go insane from the pressure, or slip up when everyone's watching.²** Perosepro ends up losing his arm thanks to Pedro's attack but uses his candy powers to make a artificial arm. However this doesn't magically heal the wound and, after hours of helping Big Mom chase the Straw Hats, has to bow out to get it properly treated.²** Whenever Big Mom goes on hunger-induced rampages, it's depicted realistically and horrifically as one would expect of a gigantic creature, human or not, rampaging in a populated area. People are ''terrified'' for their lives and are at great risk of either being killed by Big Mom, or getting killed by the falling debris from the surrounding buildings. These incidents are treated ''seriously'' by Big Mom's children, many of who are the equivalent of governors of their specific territories, and they take measures to ensure the safety of the general populace. It also happened in Elbaf when Big Mom was a child; when she went on a rampage during fasting, she not only razed the village looking for food, she killed one of the legendary giant heroes with her bare hands while crazed. As a result, the giants of Elbaf are not on good terms with her, even if they forgave her thanks to Mother Carmel's persuasion.²** Engineering one's children to have no fear or empathy at all will create exactly that: monsters that are incredibly cruel and completely unafraid of dying. Because of Judge's experiments, the Vinsmoke boys are utterly messed up through no fault of their own, and are unable to become good people because they can't understand the cruelty of their actions. When the Vinsmokes are rounded up for execution by the Charlotte family, Reiju notes how Judge's actions blew up in his face horribly, as his sons accept their death and ridicule him for being "pathetic".²** When Katakuri reveals to Brulee that his reputation of being perfect since he was born is a lie, Brulee reveals she already knew. This isn't just because she saw him through the mirrors, but also because she, along with his other siblings who are within his age group, grew up with him when they were kids so they knew what he was like before doing the "perfect brother" act. But when younger siblings who are way out of his age group, like Flampe, sees his mouth for the first time, they will be shocked by it due to Katakuri keeping his true self a secret from everyone, including his own family.²* ReallyGetsAround: Big Mom has been acquiring a lot of husbands from around the world so she can produce strong children. She doesn't give a crap about said husbands, and abandons them to their fates once they served their purpose, as seen with Pound, Lola and Charlotte Chiffon's father.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Charlotte Moscato is the Minister of Gelato who was the only one brave enough to attempt calming down his mother Big Mom when she goes on a hunger-induced rampage, and when Big Mom terrorized Sweet City, [[AdaptationExpansion he helped the terrified populace evacuate to safety]]. He ended up getting scared at the last minute and Big Mom ''ripped out his lifespan'' for getting in her way. He got better, several chapters later.²* RedBaron:²** In the Vinsmoke family, aside from "Black Leg" Sanji, we have "Poison Pink" Reiju, "Sparking Red" Ichiji, "Electric Blue" Niji, "Winch Green" Yonji, and their father "The Garuda" Judge.²** In Big Mom's crew, aside from "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin, so far we have "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker, "The Scribe" Charlotte Mont-d'Or, "Demon Lady" Amande, "Crane Rider" Randolph, and "Sweeper" Bobbin.²* ReligiousAndMythologicalThemeNaming:²** Big Mom's sun and thundercloud homies are named respectively after the Titan who stole fire for humanity, Prometheus, and the thunder god Zeus from Myth/ClassicalMythology.²** In line with the other Norse connections the giants have, the giant prince who wanted to marry Lola is named after Loki from Myth/NorseMythology.²** The sun homie Mother Carmel made from the fire caused by Linlin is named after the Pandora from Myth/ClassicalMythology who incidentally was the wife of Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother.²* ReportsOfMyDeathWereGreatlyExaggerated: Prior to Chapter 862, the Big Mom Pirates believed that Luffy (and by extension, Nami) was dead...until they see him and an army of clones burst out of the wedding cake. What's more, the trope is quite literal as Opera outright lied about Luffy and Nami escaping to avoid consequences. Mont-d'Or is absolutely ''furious'' when the truth is revealed.²* RescueArc: Just like [[Recap/OnePieceEniesLobbyArc Robin's arc]] before it, the main focus of the Totto Land arc was getting Sanji back.²* ResignationsNotAccepted: ²** After over ten years of being separated from the Vinsmokes, Sanji is forcibly called back to Germa 66. What makes it worse was that his father was the one who let him leave. It makes it look like Judge completely controls his son's life. ²** Doubly so for the Big Mom Pirates; You can ''ask'' to leave, but Big Mom will take a limb or a portion of your lifespan (and it's hinted she [[ILied double-crosses them anyway]]). According to Praline, ''nobody's'' been able to leave the Big Mom Pirates, with a few exceptions, such as Lola, who ran away in secret (with [[IHaveNoSon horrifying consequences]]). According to a newspaper in Whole Cake Island, Jimbei was so intimidated that he backed down from quitting the crew, though Brook finds that incredibly unlike the Jimbei the Straw Hats know. Later, though, after Jimbei frees Luffy and Nami, he states that he fully intends to rebel against Big Mom now that he has a chance to fight back.²* TheReveal:²** In Chapter 850, not only is Charlotte Pudding revealed to be the three-eyed girl from Chapter 651, but is also as psychotic and sadistic as Big Mom is, putting on quite an act for the Straw Hats.²** Chapter 852 reveals why the Vinsmoke sons Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are complete assholes: because their father, Judge, experimented on them psychologically and physically in utero. His wife, Sora, secretly ate a drug that reversed gene-modifying surgeries so she can prevent Judge from turning her then-unborn sons into utterly remorseless and cruel {{Tykebomb}}s, but only managed to completely save Sanji, while his brothers were left with little to no humanity.²** Chapters 847 and 858 reveals why Lola badly wanted to MarryForLove in the Thriller Bark arc - years ago, she was put in an ArrangedMarriage with the giant prince, Loki, which would seal an alliance with Big Mom and the Elbaf giants, and help Big Mom become Pirate King. Even though Loki was the first one who loved Lola back despite her ugliness, she put her own desires first and ran away, putting Big Mom's plans down the crapper.²** Chapter 862 reveals Pudding's DarkAndTroubledPast. She UsedToBeASweetKid until she snapped... because everyone (including her mom) mocked her ThirdEye.²** Chapter 883, we finally see what's under Katakuri's scarf: a jaw filled with shark-like teeth akin to Jack! Also, we discover than he's NotSoStoic as his family believes.²* RichesToRags: Sanji lost his privileges as a royal Vinsmoke due to being weak and a failure in (most of) his family's eyes. However, Sanji doesn't care one bit about it because his life ''improved'' the moment he ran away from home, since his father and brothers did nothing but bully and demean him for his entire childhood.²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: ²** Pound tells Luffy and friends that when Snack, the fourth Sweet Commander, was defeated by Urouge, Charlotte Cracker amassed a gigantic fleet and attacked Urouge while Big Mom used her WeatherManipulation (read: the very weather infused with soul, courtesy of her powers) in her rage.²** Later, when news of Luffy defeating Cracker spreads, those who work under Big Mom takes up arms to avenge Cracker ''en masse''. Big Mom meanwhile summons a very violent storm in her rage. Quite fittingly, the chapter this takes place in is titled, "The Enraged Army".²** When Brulee announces Katakuri's defeat at the hands of Luffy on Cacao Island, ''everyone'' there falls into a rage and starts focusing on attacking Luffy with gusto. Unfortunately, they ignore the Vinsmokes in the process, allowing Sanji's siblings to ass-stomp them to help him and Luffy escape.²* RoseHairedSweetie:²** Vinsmoke Reiju's hair is pink, a [[PinkIsFeminine feminine color]]. She initially appeared to be as bad as her father and brothers not named "Sanji", but flashbacks revealed it to be a JerkassFacade - she actually deeply cares for Sanji, always dressing him up whenever he was beaten black and blue by his brothers, and disapproves of her family's horrific treatment of him. But she is so terrified of receiving the same abuse if she lets her true feelings show that she [[StepfordSmiler hides it with smiles]].²** The pink-haired Big Mom is a gradual subversion. She started out as a destructive, but sweet-hearted and well-meaning child, but years of living with parental figures who did nothing but enable her worst traits warped her until she became an insane and fickle Emperor who maintains an iron grip on both her family and the islands she rules. While she appears to be a gracious host, her mask hides the ugly homicidal tendencies underneath. ²** Played straight for Chiffon, one of Big Mom's daughters, who's a thoroughly gentle person and a good mother and wife despite being part of the Charlotte Family.²* RoyalBrat:²** Justified with Vinsmokes Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji. Their incredibly bratty and monstrous behaviors were the result of Judge psychologically modifying them in utero, and then enabling their cruelty and hammering his Darwinist beliefs into them until they became the "perfect" children and warriors. Niji, with his [[HotBlooded explosive temper]] and [[EvilIsPetty spitefulness]], embodies this trope the most. ²** Sanji and Reiju are subversions, with Sanji being the WhiteSheep while Reiju is the TokenGoodTeammate who still had to go along with her family's warmongering because she was psychologically altered to follow her father's orders, and hates herself for it.²** Charlotte Anana is a very young princess thanks to being one of Big Mom's daughters, yet she's also very sadistic and enjoys both playing with knives and tormenting her other siblings.²* RunOrDie: Similar to Impel Down arc, the climax of the arc focuses on the Straw Hats and the Firetank Pirates running like Hell from Big Mom's forces, with the former having to deal with a food crazed Big Mom herself right on their heels as they rush back to the ''Sunny''.²[[/folder]]²²----


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