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1[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:A strange game...]]* When David first plays Global Thermonuclear War, he thinks that it's just a game. What he didn't know was that he had caused a massive OhCrap moment at NORAD, who thought that the missiles that David launched (he was "playing" as the Soviet Union) were ''real missiles'' coming from a Soviet first strike. In other words, David had almost started WorldWarIII by accident, because what he was actually doing was messing around with an early warning system.* Even more of an OhCrap is when WOPR starts attempting to NukeEm by gaining access to the launch codes for the missiles.* That scene where WOPR begins cycling through all of the different WorldWarIII scenarios. They all end in exactly the same as what's pictured here.. No winners!** '''WINNER: NONE'''


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