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1* Everything about Edward Hyde, as in most adaptations of the story. Utterly remorseless for his crimes and always willing to tease, his unpredictability is just as dangerous as his weapon of choice. What makes it worse is that aside from the maniacal grin, being left-handed, and no need to wear glasses, there's no physical difference between him and Jekyll.* In the first chapter, Jekyll mistakenly pegs Utterson as the murderer. The chapter closes on Utterson appearing behind him, ready to strike.* Chapter 2 has Hyde kill Molly on-panel, reveal that he killed all the people whose deaths they were investigating, the drug Jekyll injected to ward him off was an amplified version of the formula used to make him, and he intends to take over Jekyll's body permanently. Hyde then lets Jekyll write a letter to Utterson explaining the situation, wherein he begs him to not think of him as Henry, as it will only be Hyde. It ends on [[ this note]], taken directly from the book.-->'''Jekyll:''' This then, is the last time, short of a miracle, that Henry Jekyll can think his own thoughts or see his own face in the glass.* Chapter 4 shows Mina the maid's encounter with Hyde. She thinks he's Jekyll and goes to get his coat, which is soaked with blood. Hyde threatens to kill her if she tells.* Al's mother was killed when servants tried to take a ring that proved their ties to the Utterson name. The side-story Overtime reveals that Lord Utterson hired them to kill the family.* Chapter 9 adds onto the letter Jekyll wrote, with Utterson desperately asking Hyde if Henry's still in there somewhere and getting no concrete answer.-->'''Jekyll:''' If you see me, don't approach me thinking it's... well, me. Because all that will be left is the monster possessing my corpse.* Chapter 10 has Hyde pretend to be Jekyll. When the ruse is discovered he taunts Utterson about how everything that happened was his fault for betraying Jekyll and how, by his willingness to cover for and protect him, he's Hyde's greatest ally. He then cheerily shows Al out in the guise of Jekyll, deeply unnerving him.* Hyde [[spoiler:injected Lanyon]] with the serum in the hopes of making him more interesting. Instead he got a sociopath who [[spoiler:raises dead bodies]].* [[spoiler:Lanyon's]] evil side doesn't seem to feel things at all, and his good side is happy to defer to him.* The entire Confrontation chapter, as Hyde confronts Jekyll with the fact that they're the same body and same mind, and so it was ''Jekyll'' who killed all those people, not Hyde. It ends with him [[ hanging]] Jekyll in their mind.-->'''Hyde:''' Aaaand what do we do with murderers? Murderers... '''''HANG!'''''* Hyde's control over Jekyll is represented by strings cutting into and wrapping around his body, preventing him from moving at all.* In chapter 17, Hyde happily reminisces about his first kill, where he brutally murdered a woman for being in his way.* Chapter 17 has [[ this]] [[ moment]] when Al walks in on Hyde just after he brutally killed and dismembered someone.* Lanyon [[spoiler:resurrected Molly and other dead people without their memories]]. Chapter 25 reveals [[spoiler:Jekyll's [=HJ7=] drug is responsible.]]* One panel in chapter 25 is an animated gif of Jekyll shuddering in horror from what he's just heard. Making it more effective, and startling, is that it's the only animated page in the story up to that point.* As Lanyon makes an extended metaphor about peppered moths and social Darwinism, [[ this page]] shows someone's head cracking open and moths flying out to emphasize the comparison.* As Jekyll refuses Lanyon's demands, he reveals that [[spoiler:he laced Jekyll's food with an addictive drug to keep him compliant]], he knows Hyde's watching, and if he tries to intervene he'll be severely punished. An enraged Hyde ''swears'' to kill him someday.* In chapter 26, Hyde takes control when Jekyll is talking to Randall and threatens to dismember him.* Chapter 28 opens with Jekyll having a [[ horrible nightmare]] of a shadowy... ''thing'' with glowing eyes taunting him over something he's forgotten.----


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