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1* Milo's river adventure in the box takes a drastic turn when he goes down a waterfall. It gets even worse when night falls. The poor cat is all alone, far from home, he has no idea where Otis is and he hears all kinds of scary sounds from the forest.* The encounters with the bear.* Milo rescuing a little piglet from getting stuck in a bramble bush, despite the fact they are being watched by screech owls.* The scene in which Milo is attacked by a flock of seagulls and forced into a long fall off a cliff into the ocean below. Doubly so when including the [[ original Japanese version's soundtrack for the scene.]]* Otis nearly freezing to death while looking for food for Sandra and their puppies.* The accusations of animal abuse against the film. A behind-the-scenes feature included on the Japanese DVD maintains that all scenes were in fact handled with great care[[note]]notably, the scene where Milo is limping was created not by breaking the animal's leg but by injecting its paw with a mild anesthetic[[/note]]. Moreover, several Japanese animal welfare organizations such as the JSPCA had a hand in the production and the film's director himself was a zoologist and owned most of the animals seen in the film. They couldn't have the "No animals were harmed" disclaimer because at least one live fish was dragged around and chewed on by other animals and a mouse was caught by an owl.


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