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1%% Images removed per Image Pickin' threads:˛%%˛%%˛%% Please start a new thread if you'd like to suggest an image.˛%%˛Lots of this coming from Miles especially, [[AdultFear since he's still a kid]]. ˛˛'''WARNING: Per wiki policy, Administrivia/SpoilersOff applies to Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked!'''˛----˛[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:He's on the prowl...]]˛˛˛* [[ The opening.]] '''[[OminousVisualGlitch ALL THE LOGOS GLITCH OUT.]]'''[[note]]Except for the Sony logo, which plays out normally, although it is rendered in halftones[[/note]] And it's not helped at all by the [[HellIsThatNoise droning music getting louder and louder (and ascending in pitch) with every passing logo]]. Sweet dreams. Needless to say, this is [[RewatchBonus more threatening on a second watch]].˛* There's the much more monstrous looking Green Goblin and its portrayal of Scorpion.˛** This film's version of Kingpin is also suitably intimidating, perhaps the first take that emphasises both the mountain of a man he's supposed to be in the comics and his [[BadassNormal impressive strength]]; ''seriously'' - Fisk [[MegatonPunch hits hard enough]] that he's strong enough to finish off the Peter Parker of Miles' world. While he's ''already'' severely injured.[[note]]Note that [[GoryDiscretionShot we never see the body after this happens]].[[/note]]˛*** The punch is not only strong enough to kill Peter: it's strong enough to [[NoKillLikeOverkill crack the stone floor beneath Peter.]]˛* When Miles tries to find out about his new powers, he sees the spider that bit him. As he reaches to poke it, [[JumpScare it suddenly and violently glitches out]].˛* Everyone in (Alternate) Brooklyn gets treated to the lovely sight of a skyscraper ''[[OminousVisualGlitch glitching out]]'' thanks to the supercollider's activation.˛** This doesn't just apply to environments. ''Anyone'' outside of their native dimension can glitch out and, as Dr. Olivia Octavius states, eventually glitch out of existence. All of the Spider-Heroes aside from Miles demonstrate this throughout the movie, notably when they all meet for the first time.˛** Becomes even more terrifying when in the second trailer, Gwen says that the other Spider-Heroes ''need'' to get back to their own universes soon because she likely knows that they will glitch out and die in Miles' universe if they stay for too long.˛* The way you can almost hear the sound of Spiderman's bone's ''crunching'' when Kingpin brings his fist down on him. ˛* Doctor Octopus' eerily casual demeanor when she has Peter trapped in Alchemax and says she realizes who he is and knows he'll eventually glitch out of existence... [[{{Sadist}} and can't wait to see when it happens]].˛* Wilson Fisk's reason for opening up the multiverse? To find a replacement for his dead wife and son. Giving him such a relatable motivation only serves to make him even more terrifying, as it's a cold reminder just how easily any one of us can become a monster. Even moreso when this movie came out a few months after the third season of ''Series/Daredevil2015'', where Fisk had very similar motives (albeit there he didn't open up a multiverse, he just manipulated the FBI).˛** There's a really understated follow-on shortly after we find this out, when Doc Ock is reassuring Kingpin that the collider will work at getting his family back: "as many families as you want!" After examining Peter she knows very well that any alternates of Kingpin's wife and child she retrieves will quickly die just from being in their universe. That one line means: 1. she can't fix it, 2. ''she doesn't care'', and 3. she assumes that ''Kingpin'' won't care either. And from what we can see of the big man's state of mind, ''she might be right''.˛** Even more of Nightmare Fuel. How much would you sacrifice to save your family, if it was possible? Would you risk the world? The universe?˛* Miles being chased by the Prowler, and you can hear Miles' panting heavily as he jumps, crawls and evades the Prowler as best as he can. When the Prowler manages to catch up and tear off the side of a truck that Miles jumped on in hopes of losing him, the tears cause the truck to crash into an oncoming car, launching Miles into the air. Had it not been for his spider abilities, he would have died. ˛** Things are ramped up when Miles hides out at his uncle's place and the Prowler breaks in, capturing the heart-pounding terror of the Franchise/{{Predator}} movies. He even managed to corner Miles without realising it, solely because the kid's invisibility kicked in at just the right moment.˛** Even more frightening? The Prowler is Miles' uncle, and neither of them know the other's true identity. All the Prowler knows it that this new spider-kid is getting in his way, and he needs to be terminated. ˛** Worse is the ScareChord that follows nearly ''every move'' the Prowler makes, be it a jump scare or not. And part of it is an elephant's trumpet, giving us a sound with actual life behind it, and providing a hellish sound that makes the Prowler seem like a horrific demon.˛*** The full theme of the Prowler is even worse. And it has the aforementioned ScareChord layered onto it. Even more so, it gives the audience a second-hand feel of how ''traumatized'' Miles is, reeling from the shock that his own uncle is a ruthless assassin and Kingpin's right-hand man.˛** This isn't just an isolated incident. The Prowler chasing Miles is a consistent part of the movie, and Miles almost gets run over by a train and choked to death by his uncle during their first encounter and the neighborhood brawl respectively. Despite his relative obscurity, Aaron Davis demonstrates that he's an absolutely terrifying villain.˛** When Aaron as The Prowler has Miles in a choke hold and is visibly in distress over what to do, Kingpin tells him to finish the boy and Aaron pulls Miles' mask over his face again, giving the impression Aaron was still contemplating following orders and did it so he ''wouldn't have to see his nephew's face while killing him''. Luckily he finally decides he can't do it, but it's easy to feel scared for a second there when it appeared that he was ''still'' thinking of it. ˛* When Kingpin's henchmen arrive at Aunt May's house and a brawl ensues, Miles begins to panic because he's still not strong enough to fight back, causing the others to try and protect him. As each of the Spider Heroes get piled on, Miles inner thoughts show him panicking, likely reminding him of his universes' Peter Parker and how he died protecting him while he was still too weak to do anything. In Miles' mind, it was happening all over again, this time with five other Spider-Men willing to lay down their life so he could escape. ˛* Peni seems to be synchronized with her Sp//dr mech (like [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion the Evas]] that her story and mech are inspired by), so when Scorpion rips off one of the Sp//dr's arms, Peni can be seen wincing in pain as she grabs her own arm. ˛* Miles's battle with Kingpin is absolutely ''brutal''. While he manages to get in some good hits, it becomes very apparent that Fisk overpowers him through ''sheer strength'', despite being just a normal (if overly-large) guy, and beats Miles ''to the ground''. If Miles didn't get a HeroicSecondWind, he would most likely be ''dead''.˛** To add to this, Jefferson was watching the entire fight, not knowing that this new Spider-Man is his son Miles. So when Fisk declares that he would make sure Miles will never get to see his family again, Jefferson would have seen his son being killed in front of his eyes, ''right'' after he had just lost Aaron. ˛----


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