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1* Any of the shorts starring the Tails Doll. They're usually [[EasterEgg hidden within a short]].** Volume 1 was the debut of all this. Wait until after the credits. The doll's lines get increasingly creepier, and on the very last one, the screen fades to black with his [[RedEyesTakeWarning eyes being the last things to disappear]], followed by him laughing demonically [[JumpScare as a closeup of his head scrolls past the screen.]] [[NightmareRetardant This is mitigated]] in the Website/YouTube release, where all the clickable [[TheStinger stingers]] remain, but they play over time, usually with the file select theme from ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'' in the background. In this case, it never cuts out, though it could still be creepy to the first time viewer.** The scariest thing he says is actually one of Metal Sonic's lines, from ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'':--->[[EvilSoundsDeep "I shall become the ultimate overlord, ruling as the world's most supreme being!"]]** [[SchmuckBait If you click on the poorly-drawn Sonic with a bird on his head in Volume 2,]] [[ this short plays.]] Words appear [[GetOut warning the viewer to get away before it's too late.]] After that, Tails Doll appears, covered in blood and [[GlasgowGrin smiling]] [[SlasherSmile horrifically.]] Its [[RedEyesTakeWarning eyes turn red]] [[JumpScare and it raises its claws just before lunging at the viewer, revealing a maw full of sharp teeth.]]*** For bonus points, the music that's playing is one of the scarier songs from ''VideoGame/SilentHill1'''s OST, "Over".** The ending of ''Sonic Shorts Volume 3'' could possibly be the scariest moment. "Hello. Would you like to play? Come play with me. Play. Play." ''(doll [[CreepyDoll goes demonic]])'' "PLAAAAY. COME PLAY WITH ME MY CHILD. COME PLAY WITH MEEEEERRAAAAAR!" ''(doll lunges at screen, screen goes to static)''. *** In Volume 1 and 3, the Tails Doll is arguably less creepy in his demonic form than his normal form. He looks vaguely like Tails does, but at the same time, he isn't- making his appearance go straight into the UncannyValley.* Another one in ''Sonic Shorts Volume 4''. After clicking on Tails Dolls (that Charmy Bee disguise) in the 15th shorts, a particularly scary short appears featuring VideoGame/DrMario and Sonic: [[spoiler: it involves post-operation Sonic in [[BackAlleyDoctor Dr. Mario]]'s office. After comforting Sonic and mutters "You're one of '''us''' now", he then offers him a lollipop. The camera angle then reveals the operation was a lobotomy, and as Sonic struggles for the sucker, the respective logos of Creator/{{Sega}} and Creator/{{Nintendo}} appear, the latter ending the short.]]* In ''Sonic Shorts Volume 5'', in one of the transitions between two shorts, you can see a faint image of Tails Doll, covered in blood and bearing sharp teeth. Clicking on this [[SarcasmMode grants you the pleasure]] of seeing a dark alleyway with a flickering light as Tails Doll flashes in front of the camera. What's worse is that the shot looks like it was filmed from somebody's point of view...** Not to mention the doll's [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil4 freaky breathing]].* ''Sonic Shorts Volume 6'' has a Bubbles badnik after the credits. You can click on it to make it scream and release the spikes in its body, but the scary moment is the third time you click it, where it starts spewing blood as its spikes come out, giving a rather terrifying shriek as it fades away.* Subverted in ''Sonic Shorts Volume 7.'' Tails Doll looks like he's chasing Tails, trying to kill him. [[spoiler:But, in actuality, Tails Doll was just trying to give Tails his ring back.]]* ''Knuckles Briefs'' introduced us to the Knuckles Doll, in a similar vein to the ''Volume 5'' example.


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