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1Considering [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion the source material]] and the fact that one of the main characters is a {{Humanoid|Abomination}} EldritchAbomination...²----²* [[WhamEpisode Chapter 15.]] [[spoiler: [[PhysicalGod ADAM]] wakes up.]] [[OhCrap And the planet collectively shits itself in horror.]]²* In Chapter 18, a conversation between Uriel and Rei:²-->"Why do I get the feeling," he says, "That if we fraternized, I wouldn't be the man in the relationship?"\²She raises and eyebrow, stares at him for a moment, and shrugs.\²"That's not true," she says, "You'd be the man."\²She smiles, showing teeth, and for a moment he swears her eyes glowed.\²"I'd be the Rei."²* On a more serious note, there's [[spoiler:the encounter with Unit 04 in the Dirac Sea]]. "Creepy" doesn't even ''begin'' to describe that brouhaha.²* Kyoko's nightmare in Chapter 23. The fact that this could very well happen at this point in the story is even worse.²* Ramiel comes back. [[spoiler: He possesses Mari, has been her host for a LOOONG time prior to that, had three thousand people as his slaves... and killing him killed Mari. Just pure 'someone you loved and cared for isn't them anymore' horror.]]²* [[spoiler:What Iruel turned Asuka's LotusEaterMachine dream into]]. [[BodyHorror Brrr]]. It gets more disturbing than that. [[spoiler: Iruel's conversation with Shinji revealed that Iruel ''didn't actually do that to her.'' In his words: "I'm saving your girlfriend for last because, well, she can put herself through shades of Hell I couldn't think of."]]²* And then there's this line in chapter 49: [[spoiler:Asuka recognizes the place, though. It was where that very bad date happened where they fed the guy to Rei.]] WordOfGod is that this is not meant to be taken literally...which really isn't all that comforting a thought.²* Zeruel. Just Zeruel. It's just the way he's presented in the story; ''everyone'' reacts with terror at his mere presence. The other Angels are ''frightened'' of him. If it came down to it, Zeruel said that he would face the berserk and enraged '''''ADAM'''''. ²* [[spoiler:Zeruel and Chapter 66. Even if it was AllJustADream, what happens is simply horrifying.]]²* Unit-01's berserker mode, even more-so than in canon. [[spoiler:Ichi isn't the one in control while it's active, Shinji is. This becomes especially disturbing when Unit 01 starts consuming the Raziel-possessed Unit 03 much like it did to Zeruel in canon, and it's revealed that Ichi -- who has the mind and personality of a six year old girl -- could vividly sense everything that was happening and was completely powerless to stop it in any way. After that trauma, it isn't surprising that she closed herself off to the world for a ''very'' long time]].²* Now ordinarily, one would consider [[spoiler:Iruel still being alive]] an example of this. That is, until [[spoiler:Arael comes along, and silences him with imagery so vivid it makes him scream in horror]]. This may seem less nightmarish than other examples... until you remember that Iruel is the Angel who [[spoiler:mercilessly tortured the Eva pilots, taunting them and turning their simulations against them and turning their ideal worlds into such twisted nightmares as Asuka being vivisected for body parts, and who nearly drove most of them beyond the DespairEventHorizon before Mari rescued them]]. And [[spoiler:Arael reduced this callous, heartless, utter bastard of an Angel to a shrieking wreck in seconds. In summation: Arael ''terrified'' the '''''Angel of Terror''''' ]].²----


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