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1* If you count the number of times Comicbook/LoisLane has been nearly murdered in horrible, horrible ways by super-villains, crooks, {{Eldritch Abomination}}s... you'll wonder how she stays sane.* [[ The cover of]] ''Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane'' #81 is an instance of [[CoversAlwaysLie lying cover]], and Superman never tries to murder Lois in-story, but... imagine you are in that situation. But today, along came ''TearJerker/InjusticeGodsAmongUs''...* Just how ''bizarre'' the Silver Age stories were, due to a combination of the Comics Code, and trying to write around Superman's ridiculous power. Imagine being a normal person who lives a normal life up until Superman appeared, then suddenly, because you're in his life, your own becomes an endless surreal acid trip of dangerous nonsense. * All the times Lois had her mind erased or changed for the plot of the week. MindRape is only scratching the surface, no wonder she became increasingly ditzy.* The cover where Superman finds a whale with Lois face on it, it's extremely disturbing, especially the face's SlasherSmile. * ''Superman's Girl Friend, ComicBook/LoisLane'' has a story in which Lois loses her eyesight after her eyes get grazed by a mugger's bullet. Her doctor helps her see again by having her undergo cataract surgery. Unfortunately, the new corneas came from a convicted murderer from Gotham City. This causes Lois to have visions of random Gotham residents silently screaming in horror before getting shot. Lois eventually figures out that [[spoiler:the visions are actually illusions created by {{Mooks}} trying to keep her from speaking against their crime boss in court]], but right before she reveals this to Superman and a judge, she sees ''herself'' in the position of one of the murder victims.----


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