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1[[quoteright:299:]] ≤ [[caption-width-right:299:"Every day I wake up and think of a reason not to do it. Every single day."]]≤≤* Pretty much any scene where Riggs is pissed off at someone or suicidal. Most notably:≤** In the first movie when he breaks free of his Shock Torture, before going after Joshua. ≤*** Earlier on when Murtaugh didn't take his suicidal tendencies seriously until he almost shot himself. Afterwards, Murtaugh's reaction screams "[[MyGodWhatHaveIDone I almost let a man kill himself]]".≤** The second movie when he finds out that [[spoiler: TheDragon of the group killed his wife.]]≤** Then, the moment he escapes from his DeathTrap where he was left to drown, [[spoiler: he sees his current girlfriend, Rika, already dead next to him in the water. The fact that little bubbles come out of her mouth and nose and [[DiesWideOpen her eyes are wide open in terror]] ''does not help''.]]≤*** "[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge I'm not]] [[KillEmAll a cop tonight, Rog.]] [[ItsPersonal It's personal]]."≤* The scene where Murtaugh learns [[spoiler: that the Shadow Company has kidnapped Rianne]]. After the failed hit on Riggs, he gets a call from dispatch, claiming that they found a body a couple blocks from his house. When Murtaugh jokes that the victim is probably blonde and has dimples, [[spoiler: the dispatcher responds "How did you know that?"]]; to reiterate, those Shadow Company bastards [[spoiler: killed a '''[[WouldHurtAChild teenage boy]]''', [[TearJerker whose family will never have Christmas with him again]]]].≤** Even better - in the theatrical cut, this happens offscreen. The Blu-Ray release actually contains a DeletedScene where Mr. Joshua surprises them. Happy Viewing!≤* Riggs' and Murtaugh's torture by the Shadow Company: Riggs is [[ElectricTorture shocked repeatedly]] and Murtaugh is beaten up and salt is put in his wounds; the whole point of this was to see what they knew about the upcoming heroin shipment, but the thing is [[spoiler: they didn't know ''jack'', making the whole thing pointless]]. ≤** The novelization ramps up the AdultFear even higher, when McAllister casually tells Murtaugh two of his men are going to become "double veterans"... [[spoiler: with his daughter. Murtaugh can't bear to tell his terrified, half-naked daughter that the expression is Vietnam War slang for a man that rapes a woman before killing her.]] ≤* [[spoiler: General [=McAllister=]'s death]]. His car is hit by a bus and catches on fire. [[spoiler: He ends up crushed under the seats, ''covered in heroin'', screaming out of fear as he tries and fails to reach a bunch grenades, which blows him and his car to Hell]]. Granted, we was an AssholeVictim, but noboby deserves to go out like ''that''. Damn.≤* Roger and Trish being duct taped by Pieter and his cronies in the second film. What doesn't make the scene better is that it's a JumpScare.≤* As Arjen Rudd is a South African diplomat, his numerous government connections seem to have their claws in ''everything'', as seen when they manage to find Leo, Riggs, and Murtaugh with little effort. ≤* One of Jack Travis' methods of disposing with failure minions is to ''bury him alive in concrete''. Even his street assoicate, Tyrone, is unnerved.≤* The final fight between Riggs, Murtaugh, and Wah Sing Ku in the fourth movie. Itís brutal, messy, bloody, and realistic, and it eventually results in [[spoiler: Ku impaled through the torso by Murtaugh, Murtaugh knocked out, and Riggs shooting Ku to death underwater.]] Easily the most intense fight in the entire series. To top it all off, itís even set in a [[DramaticThunder thunderstorm]]. Riggs even gets pinned underwater by debris until Murtaugh dives in and saves him. You might think for a minute there Riggs and Murtaugh might not make it out alive.≤----


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