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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛* Really, any of the giant creepy-crawlies. It's best not to watch these movies if you're insectophobic. Standouts include:˛** The entire [[ScaryScorpions scorpion]] sequence from the first movie. The fight between it and Anty is especially horrifying when [[spoiler:the scorpion corners Anty, holds him in its pincers and stabs him with its tail. Anty’s terrified cries make it worse since he knows he’s going to die.]]˛** Anty's first appearance. While he becomes less frightening once we get to know him, the initial shot of looking down at the camera is quite startling.˛* The kids almost getting chopped to pieces by a lawnmower.˛* Nick almost being [[EatenAlive eaten]] by Wayne after falling into his bowl of Cheerios.˛* An early version of the script was going to have five kids and that one of which would die in the sprinkler sequence. Instead, they settled with four kids and one of them, Amy, nearly drowned.˛* The [[BeeAfraid bee]]. Imagine being stuck in a flower, having a giant bee coming toward you. Those kids are lucky they didn't get stung, or that would have been EXTREMELY painful. Especially if one of them was allergic.


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