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1[[quoteright:263:]][[caption-width-right:263:Stage Cle--OH GOD.[[note]]Also note that, by coincidence, the player finished with a [[FourIsDeath 444]] combo.[[/note]]]]'''''DANGER:''' This page is [[NightmareFuel customized for advanced tropers]]. Proceed only if you have prepared yourself.''----* From the original ''[=DonPachi=]'', reserved for those who have earned 2nd loop privileges: How are {{Super Soldier}}s created? [[DeconstructedTrope They're put through seven years of committing genocide on their comrades.]]* In ''[=DoDonPachi=]'', upon unlocking the 2nd loop, finding out that your commander, Longhena, tricked you into wiping out your own fleet. He starts out by congratulating you, but then suddenly... [[WhamLine "Psych! You're dead meat!"]] After briefing you on what he's really been making you do, he then declares his intent to finish his plan by [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness having his special forces kill you]]. "SeeYouInHell!"* Hibachi's shell in ''Daioujou'' - K&#333;ry&#363; - looks downright creepy with its twitching apparatus, making it look more like it's made of flesh than metal. Doesn't help that a ScareChord greets you upon confronting it.* The Element Dolls. Consider that humans have little respect for them. Also consider that they have... [[FanService extra details that would be highly unnecessary on a robot]], such as panties. Now [[FridgeHorror imagine]] [[SexSlave what they could be used for]]. ** The reveal that the Dolls are actually [[UnwillingRoboticisation humans converted into androids]].** Pictured to the right is ''Daioujou''[='=]s Stage 4 clear screen, which consists of Exy in all her {{Stripperiffic}} glory, [[PantyShot her panties visible]]... but [[FanDisservice not only does she have blank white eyes, her head is severed and there are wires sticking out of her neck]]. The fact that she's a robot and designed to be disassembled this way hardly helps much.* The pilot's [[LatexSpaceSuit Latex Space]] [[ Suit]] in ''[=SaiDaiOuJou=]'' looks rather creepy and alien, especially in contrast to the pleasant-on-the-eyes Element Dolls. Specifically, note that the suit completely covers the pilot's face. There's something not quite human either when it comes to his emotions, as in the endings, he simply boasts about not caring about the repercussions of his actions, only being the [=DonPachi=] Squadron's AcePilot.* Also from ''[=SaiDaiOuJou=]'': Hibachi as a young-looking girl who cheerfully taunts you throughout battle? Kinda cute. [[OhCrap Inbachi]], who sounds [[TheStoic absolutely cold]] and [[EmotionlessGirl emotionless]]? [[TranquilFury Frightening in a subtle way]], perfect for the ultimate TrueFinalBoss of the series. * The end of ''Saidaioujou'' if you defeat Hibachi/"Lolibachi" reveals that she tried to turn everyone in the City of Ideal into robots, and genuinely thought she was doing a good deed by doing so.* Hibachi's themes from ''Daioujou'' onwards consist of furious-sounding gabber from hell; special mention goes to [[ ]-[|/34<#!]] for featuring what sounds like inhumanly fast rapping.----''Shutting down. GameOver.''----


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