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1* Stella's mood swings can catch others off-guard.* Stella, when she's really angry, bursts into out of control red flames. Those who have pyrophobia (fear of fire) will be caught off guard.** One of her angry moments is in volume 1/episode 1 when she's going to burn Ikki for the earlier AccidentalPervert incident.--->'''Stella''': Prepare yourself! You disrespectful, creepy, crude, perverted little commoner! I will turn you into ashes all by myself! (''[[BurningWithAnger explodes into flames]]'')* Ikki being driven to isolation by his family to the point that he is out in the snow about to freeze to death.* Shizuku's {{yandere}} moments, especially when she learns about Ikki and Stella's relationship. In the anime, Shizuku has a blue aura and snowflakes around her.* Bisho and his gang taking the women and children hostage and Stella doing a ShamefulStrip in front of him.* Shizuya appearing from the shadows to defeat Bisho after Ikki outsmarts the latter by [[AnArmAndALeg cutting off his arm]] (which was pretty graphic).* Shizuya beating the crap out of Ikki at the end of volume 1 while intentionally avoiding fatal wounds just to drag out his suffering caught quite a few people off-guard. Near the end, he was even going to shoot Ikki right in the heart. Good thing Ikki had a HeroicSecondWind at the last moment and caught the arrow.* Kuraudo injuring Kaito to the point that the latter ended up hospitalized.* The whole Ethics Committee situation is arguably one of the darkest parts of the series. Ikki can usually think through opponents with terrifying powers, but he's nearly helpless against a KangarooCourt that wants to completely ruin his life, start a media campaign against him, isolate him from his friends, and slowly poison him. Since every member of the committee has a vested interest in slandering him, he can't say anything without them using InsaneTrollLogic to make him look more guilty, meaning he has to constantly choose his words as wisely as possible. By the time Ikki's match with Touka is about to start, he's barely hanging on to life and is in yet another HeroicBSOD due to fatigue, poison, and the shock of being rejected by his own father. The hearing portion of this arc is actually scarier than the prospect of facing [[OneHitKill Touka]] in a duel, since the former is similar to real life persecution while the latter's lightning fast swordplay is fantasy.* Amane Shinomiya:** Whether or not he did it intentionally, Amane's luck powers cause several of Kiriko's patients to end up in critical condition, just because he wished to get to his and Ikki's match as soon as possible. One can only imagine what his wishes did to his previous opponents who lost by default.** He outright admits that he wants to watch Ikki suffer and break as he tries to climb his way to the top. There's even an illustration of his NightmareFace on the very same page as that statement.** At the end of Volume 7, [[spoiler:he crucified Shizuku to the wall with his swords]]. Volume 8 makes this worse [[spoiler:when he publicly humiliates Shizuku by revealing her {{Yandere}} love for Ikki in front of the security cameras. This can easily remind readers of Shizuya Kirihara's public bullying of Ikki and is far darker to boot.]]


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