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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread: Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.%%[[quoteright:299:[[WesternAnimation/TheTwelveTasksOfAsterix]]]][[AC:Comics:]]* Justforkix in ''Recap/AsterixAndTheNormans'' being surrounded by vicious looking Vikings, [[NightmareRetardant until]] their leader walks towards him and demands: "Make us scared!"* Asterix and Obelix lost at sea to the point of starvation in ''Recap/AsterixAndTheGreatCrossing''. Obelix, delusional with hunger, walks off the boat in a daze and almost gets himself and Dogmatix drowned. They're only saved because they had managed to drift within eye distance of land.* The start of ''Recap/AsterixAndTheSoothsayer''. A storm is raining down on the village and a strange, creepy old man in a wolf skin enters the chieftain's home to predict the future by cutting open a fish. The soothsayer's face can also be seen in a lot of dramatic close-ups in the shadows. * ''Recap/AsterixAndSon'' is pretty comedic overall, but gets one ''hell'' of a MoodWhiplash near the end. Angered by the failed attempts at kidnapping the baby, [[spoiler: in reality the infant son of Caesar and Cleopatra]], Brutus leads a night attack against the village, ordering the troops to set fire to it using ballistas. The village quickly turns into a raging inferno, and Vitalstatistix sends his wife to lead the women and children to safety on the beach while he leads the men in a counterattack. The women reach the beach...only to find Brutus waiting for them. What really makes this bad is that in the chaos, ''the women were not given any potion'', leaving them effectively defenseless.** Brutus comes off as even more AxCrazy in this album than ever before, and vows to "put all of Gaul to the sword and fire" to capture the baby. He was not kidding.** Not immediately obvious, but... The Romans could have set the village on fire at any time. They didn't because they knew the consequences, but it's still a sobering realization.* ''Recap/AsterixAndTheRomanAgent'' has Torturous Convolvulus and his uncanny ability to sow discord:** When his neighbours realized he was getting them to fight with each other they press charges and get him thrown to the lions. At the start of the story he's in jail because ''the lions ate each other''.** When Caesar has him brought to his presence to see how good he is at sowing discord, he causes a fight among Caesar's advisors... By ''entering the room''.** The climate on the ship bringing him to Gauls-and him getting [[ButtMonkey the pirates]] to beat each other up and sink their ship by claiming he had bough off Baba.** How easily he comes close to break the bond among the villagers.* Caesar's wrath, when it hits, is [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment terrifying in his creativeness]] and determination to off the victim:** In ''Recap/AsterixAndCaesarsGift'', the titular gift: one of the soldiers who had just completed their military service and were due to receive a plot of land was a drunkard who had spent the previous night in jail for loudly insulting Caesar while drunk and disorderly, so Caesar gifted him ''the Gauls' village''.** In ''Recap/AsterixAndTheBlackGold'', Doubleosix and Surreptitius tried to plot against Caesar, resulting in him not knowing Getafix couldn't make the magic potion until after he managed to replace an ingredient... So, as a joke on them using a trained fly to deliver messages, he has them smeared in honey and stung to death by bees.** In ''Recap/AsterixAndObelixAllAtSea'' he had promised admiral Crustacius, "The silliest sausage in Rome", to throw him to the lions if he failed to recover his personal galley. The ship ends up sunk, but Crustacius has been turned to stone... So Caesar has him put in the arena as a statue "In memory of the silliest Sausage in Rome", hoping the lions one day will develop a taste for granite.*** There's an added layer for this one, because Cleopatra is present when the statue is unveiled, but while Caesar and the readers know the reasoning behind it, she isn't. It's implied by her reaction that to the outside viewer, it looks like the premiere statesman of Rome has become dangerously unhinged.* ''Recap/AsterixInSpain'''s premise actually has child abduction as a plot point, since Caesar threatens the Iberian chieftain Huevos y Bacon with his young son Pepe's life and announces he's going to send the boy into another country - which was a Roman custom to ensure their Empire woudn't crumble under disgruntled peoples. Huevos y Bacon is visibly pissed off and worried, his only consolation being [[PityTheKidnapper the Roman babysitters' upcoming suffering]].* Admiral Crustacius from ''Recap/AsterixAndObelixAllAtSea'' also was ready to use child abduction as a way to have Caesar's galley back, and his hostage happens to be a depowered Obelix. Needless to say, [[PapaWolf the Gauls]] are ''infuriated'' by the Romans overstepping their bounds.[[AC:Animated Films:]]* ''WesternAnimation/TheTwelveTasksOfAsterix'' has [[NightmareFuel/TheTwelveTasksOfAsterix its own page]].* The storm scene in ''WesternAnimation/AsterixVersusCaesar'' (the animated movie), when the pair is split up in the streets of Rome. Having Asterix nearly drowning in a dungeon, Dogmatix being flushed through the sewers facing rats almost as big as he is, and Obelix desperately searching for both of them makes this easily one of the darkest moments in all ''Asterix'' history.* The soothsayer in ''WesternAnimation/AsterixAndTheBigFight'', especially the way he cuts up a fish to tell fate from it... and then uses it as a hand puppet. It should be funny. It's not.[[AC:Live Action Films:]]* ''Film/AsterixAndObelixTakeOnCaesar'', the first live action film adaptation of the comics, is a little darker than expected especially in the arena sequence. It covers phobias for all tastes since it features snakes being thrown into Asterix's cage, him escaping at the last second from lions and crocodiles and perhaps most disturbingly of all sinking into a pool filled with thousands of tarantulas which cover every inch of him. And let's not even get started on the deformed brute that almost strangles him...----


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