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1* The People [[WouldHurtAChild ordered the death of children]]. During the Fowl Manor Incident, Julius Root paid the ransom for Holly Short in order to get her out from Fowl Manor. Once she was away and safe, the plan was to use a Bio-Bomb to kill Artemis Fowl and Juliet Butler, both less than eighteen years old (Artemis not even reaching puberty), along with Butler and Angeline Fowl, a woman so mentally ill she doesn't even recognize her own son.≤** Angeline wouldn't have died due to [[spoiler: her pill-induced sleep releasing her from the time-stop, rendering her out of the blue rinse's range.]]≤*** However, the People didnít know that, and were fully ready and willing to kill her.≤* There is a civilization of advanced formerly mythical creatures living in the center of the Earth that have the ability to watch anything and everything we humans do. They can also turn invisible, mesmerize people, and they wield lasers.≤** They're also able to cut you off from the rest of the world with time stops, make people drop dead for no explainable reason with bio-bombs (you know how people drop dead from terror? Maybe it was the doing of the {{Fair Folk}}), and the majority of them view humans as inferior, if not outright okay to kill if it wasn't for the {{Masquerade}}.≤** Somewhat lessened when you realize that they are shit-scared of us, because HumansAreWarriors and HumansKillWantonly. Unlike them, we have no compunction about killing them either. Not to mention that all their weapons are relatively non-lethal (with the exception of plasma cannons and missiles), while even a small 9 mm bullet can easily pierce through Fairy suits and kill a fairy even with healing magic. Also Haven City only has a population of ''ten thousand'' people and it's one of their largest cities, which gives you perspectives on how big their populations is. Odds are the entire population of New York City can ZergRush and defeat the entire fairy race no problem, or just a well-placed nuke. Also, the bio-bombs when used by the LEP aren't used so much as a tool of warfare than as a method of assassination - still bad, but not as if collateral damage is completely acceptable.≤*** That realization doesn't really help when you know that bio-bombs would be considered '''illegal''' under humanity's laws of war--and, in fact, it's the only one that has both been banned and whose ban seems to have been overall ''followed''...and that one of the amazingly common outcomes of a group being shit-scared of someone or something is [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill to make really really]] '''''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill really]]''''' [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill certain that it is dead]]...and there's every reason to suspect that for most of the fairies, they'd see it as a GuiltFreeExterminationWar.≤* [[AllTrollsAreDifferent Trolls]]. Huge, bloodthirsty beasts with very long claws, no qualms about eating fairies or humans, and who are tough enough to take multiple gunshots to the chest and head (hell, tough enough to survive updrafts from magma). Oh, and they have intelligence on par with great apes. They make most apex predators on the surface look harmless by comparison.


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