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1* [[FinalBoss The Sky Fortress.]] It may not sound scary since superweapon airships have become the staple of the series, but in the first game, the Sky Fortress [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere comes from completely out of nowhere]], with no information on who built it and why. [[NothingIsScarier The lack of information]] on the Sky Fortress is what makes it truly frightening.* Crashing/getting shot down in this game can be quite scary, as the camera pans to the smoking wreck and the crash noise is VERY loud and brutal, not to mention any planes destroyed are [[PermanentlyMissableContent removed from your arsenal]].** Carrying on from this, the surprise that's waiting for you if you try to avoid the ravines, getting insta-killed by unavoidable SAM sites.*** "You have no effective countermeasures to this model of SAM; exit the ravine and you are toast."


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