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1''Literature/ATaleOf'' is a DarkerAndEdgier TwiceToldTale of ''Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon''. It uses that to its advantage by featuring several frightening scenes.----!!Examples:* The Odd Sisters are a set of creepy triplets who cause trouble for no real reason. They're the reason behind so much misery in Disney films, including Snow White's step-mother becoming wicked.* ''A Tale of the Wicked Queen'':** Grimhilde has a nightmare of an EnfantTerrible Snow White asking for her heart.** The Odd Sisters threaten a young Snow White with death. They "joke" about how they'd like to kill her, cut her up, and make a potion out of her. To make it creepier, they're her distant cousins.** Grimhilde had an [[AbusiveParents abusive father]] who loathed her. However, he died and [[spoiler:his soul became trapped in a mirror.]] While AmbiguouslyEvil, [[spoiler:the Man in the Mirror]] does torment Grimhilde and is a large reason behind her SanitySlippage.** Grimhilde was already abusive and overprotective to MyBelovedSmother standards due to her SanitySlippage, but she wasn't out to murder her step-daughter until the Odd Sisters gave her a potion. She wasn't completely in control of herself and [[spoiler:is so horrified during a moment of lucidity that she [[DrivenToSuicide prefers death over surviving]].]]** Grimhilde's fate is bittersweet. On one hand, [[spoiler:she's happy with Snow again]], however [[spoiler:she's stuck inside the Magic Mirror]].* ''Mother Knows Best'':** When Gothel tries to revive her sisters, it fails the first few times but eventually they're revived just long enough to convulse in pain, all the while screaming for Gothel to let them stay dead while black oil pours out of their mouths. It even makes the Odd Sisters scream.** Mrs. Tiddlebottom and Mrs. Pickle come across Gothel and the Odd Sisters doing a ritual involving 8 year old Rapunzel. They're down in a dark cellar, singing and surrounding two dead bodies while an asleep Rapunzel lays between the bodies. The four women are dripping blood onto Rapunzel from wounds to their hands. It's less ominous than it seems - Rapunzel wasn't going to be hurt, at least - but it's still freaky. When they're awaken from their trances by Mrs. Pickle's screaming, they start convulsing, screaming, and pouring black goop out their mouths.** Gothel describes how it feels to die by turning to dust. It's very painful.** Mrs. Tiddlebottom describes the bloody story ''Literature/{{Bluebeard}}'' as a cautionary tale.


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