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1Wormed is a Spanish technical death metal band. Characterized by their heavy use of bizarre time signatures and dissonant chords, as well as the distinctive gurgling vocals of Phlegeton and his ''very'' hard sci-fi lyrical themes, they have gained a significant cult following over the years that seems as if it might finally segue into mainstream acceptance.
3The band was formed in Madrid in 1998 by J.L. "Phlegeton" Rey (vocals), J. Oliver and Dani (guitars), Guillemoth (bass), and Andres Cobos (drums), the band quickly released the ''Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome'' demo, which created a fair bit of buzz that carried over to the ''Voxel Mitosis'' single; in spite of Dani's departure and subsequent replacement by Charly, the band maintained their momentum, releasing the ''Planisphærium'' full-length in 2003. This was met with near-universal acclaim and was almost instantly hailed as a modern-day classic. In spite of this, however, the band then entered a quiet period with no releases and few live appearances other than the occasional fest thanks to the various other obligations of the band members. It was during this time that Charly and Cobos left; while Charly was quickly replaced by Miguel "Migueloud" Angel, the band was less lucky with their search for a new drummer, and Phlegeton opted to temporarily assume those duties for the recording process of the ''Quasineutrality'' single, which was released in 2010. It was not long after that release that they finally found a new drummer in the form of Ricardo "Riky" Mena. It was also sometime around then that they inked a deal with Willowtip Records and began writing for a new album. Said album, ''Exodromos'', was released in 2013 to widespread critical and fanbase acclaim and was viewed as a more-than-worthy successor to ''Planisphærium''. No major touring plans have been announced yet, but it stands to reason that something will happen at some point. After inking a deal with Season of Mist Records in 2014, they began work on their third full-length; ''Krighsu'' will drop March 18, 2016.
6* ''Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome'' (1999) - demo
7* ''Voxel Mitosis'' (2001) - single
8* ''Planisphærium'' (2003)
9* ''Get Drunk or Die Trying: Premature Burial Tour Vol.1'' (2004) - split with Goratory and Vomit Remnants
10* ''Quasineutrality'' (2010) - single
11* ''Exodromos'' (2013)
12* ''Krighsu'' (2016)
13* ''Metaportal'' (2019) (EP)
15!!This band contains examples of the following tropes:
17* ConceptAlbum: ''Exodromos''
18* [[DeathMetal Brutal Death Metal]]: Borders on slam at some points, but not enough to actually be slam.
19* HarshVocals: A blend between pig squeals and alien-like gurgles/inhales.
20* IAmTheBand: Phlegeton
21* IndecipherableLyrics: Phlegeton's vocals are notoriously difficult to discern.
22* MinisculeRocking: "Darkflow Quadrivium"
23* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Fuses elements of brutal death, tech death, slam, progressive rock, mathcore, noise rock, ambient, and free jazz. Best described as the natural result of Devourment, Malignancy, Voivod, King Crimson, Helmet, and Aphex Twin having an orgy.
24* ProgressiveMetal: Elements of this, particularly on ''Exodromos''.
25* RapunzelHair: Phlegeton is a male example. It's so long that it actually scrapes the ground.
26* SignatureStyle: Lots and lots of weird time signatures, dissonant chords, Phlegeton's distinctive mechanical-sounding gurgles, and the occasional slam, all topped with frequent atmospheric overtones and occasional ambient passages.
27* SpecialGuest: Phlegeton has served as this here and there, most notably for Music/{{Aborted}}.
28* TechnicalDeathMetal: Less on the "weedly" side and more on the "dissonant" side.
29* TechnoBabble: Fairly common in their early material thanks to Phlegeton's less-than-stellar English.