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1[[quoteright:300:]]˛[[caption-width-right:300:The Music/{{Superchick}} within.]]˛˛Tricia Brock (born July 7, 1979) is a Christian {{Pop}} singer and former lead singer of ChristianRock band, Music/{{Superchick}}. In 2008 she married Nick Baumhardt of ''Stellar Kart,'' and in 2012 she gave birth to their first child, Ava.˛˛----˛!!Discography˛* ''The Road'' (2011)˛* ''Radiate'' (2013)˛˛!! Tricia Brock provides examples of the following tropes:˛* BadassInDistress: "Good to Be a Girl".˛--> "I could be Franchise/WonderWoman one day, a DamselInDistress."˛* ConceptAlbum: ''The Road'' is a worship album and ''Radiate'' consists of songs for her daughter as she gets older.˛* GirlyBruiser: "Good to Be a Girl" fits this trope to a T.˛* HiddenDepths: "Good to Be a Girl".˛--> "There's more to me than what it seems. I am complex."˛* ImmediateSelfContradiction: Used in "Different".˛--> "We're not invincible, but we're unstoppable."˛* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: "Good to Be a Girl".˛--> "Fighting off the bad guys in heels and a dress."˛* LighterAndSofter: Than her work in Music/{{Superchick}}.˛* TheMaidenNameDebate: Officially she is Patricia Baumhardt, but professionally she uses either her maiden name or OnlyOneName.˛* ModestRoyalty: Subverted in "Daughter of the King" where the aforementioned daughter is the listener and the king is God.˛--> "'Cause a dress won't make a princess, and jewels won't make a queen."˛* NewSoundAlbum: ''The Road'' is this to her previous Music/{{Superchick}} work, and ''Radiate'' does it again.˛* PinkMeansFeminine: "Good to Be a Girl".˛--> "With an army dressed up all in pink."˛* ShoutOut: "Daughter of the King" references Literature/{{Cinderella}}.˛--> "'Cause the glass slipper only lasts so long."˛* SpoiledBrat: "Pity Party" is about one of these who isn't happy with everything they already have.˛* TitleTrack: "Radiate".˛* UnkemptBeauty: "Mirror Mirror" is a stab at Hollywood's idea of beauty and tells the listener that they are beautiful just they way that they are.


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